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My little trip with Japanese sex toys

April 13, 2014
by AkaiHebi

Oh girls just wanna have fun

I’m not exactly sure that’s what Cyndi Lauper sings about with the world-famous song “Girls Just Want To Have Fun“, but fact is that girls want, can and should have fun too !

For years now I’m a regular Japanese sex-toy user, and I do complain that the Japanese sex industry has so much to offer to boys and men, so much I just can’t get a taste of everything available ! Dozens of brands appeared, onahole makers are hunting for talented illustrators on Pixiv so that to the ever improving material and sensations matches an arousing packaging with mostly anime-like characters, when it’s not directly getting the inspiration from an anime series to make parody toys. There sure are anime series who girls love or specialize for a female audience, but then where are the toys for girls ? No not “standard” dildos and vibrators, anime-themed toys ! In fact, there are so few, I can’t imagine that can be enough to satisfy the half of the world population.

Earlier today, I got a mail from a young lady who points out, accurately, that there are lots of super cute play things for boys, asking me if there are toys for girls too. There are, but so few it’s no wonder they can be hardly found, it’s a bit like the industry doesn’t allow girls to get interested in it. Shame on you, I stand for gender equality and that also applies to anime sex toys !

The three related categories on Amazon Japan are:

At first sight, you understand that the product pages focus on the content and very little on the packaging. In fact, the packaging is often as boring as the one of Melt. It’s okay to show exactly how it looks like, but hey, why not add some fantasy ? Otaku girls also can get wild on anime characters ! Luckily, it’s not like there’s nothing at all. There’s Tamatoys:


And there’s EXE:


Not totally nothing for Magic Eyes, but pretty dull:


And that’s it ! I hardly saw anything else on the mega-shop called Amazon, and it’s almost all sold on little shop J-List !! If there is one onahole for each otaku boy, then 0,003 % of otakus are girls, that’s impossible !

Really, I wanna raise the publicity of this market, I want that no otaku girl feels left behind once again by the industry, not with the huge amount of “standard” toys that could as well be found in western countries, but with the prideful anime industry Japan is world-famous with. I wanna point out that the little available nowadays depicts girls on the packaging, not hot bishonen or handsome vampires or manly cowboys or whatever floats the girl otaku’s boats ! Hey, Japan sex toy industry, put your shit together and bring some joy to your waiting customers.

When I started Onahole Review on WordPress in 2012, I thought on nothing big just posting for fun. The blog is still not big and operated for fun, but maybe with the 12000 monthly visits I can have a slight influence. Onaholes sure can be fun for girls too but hey it wasn’t conceived like this and shouldn’t be an excuse to do nothing about the lack of anime sextoys for girls. There are girls reviewing vibrators and dildos on the internet, the are otaku girls on the internet, maybe there are girls who want to review anime vibrators and dildos on the internet a bit like I do with onaholes, if so then tell me about it, I can at least offer some visibility.

There will be supply if the industry knows about an unfulfilled demand, and girls should also have joy :)


April 12, 2014
by AkaiHebi

Golden Lotion


The best onahole is worth nothing without a matching lube. And when it comes to lube, I think I found my new favourite: Golden Lotion, by Rends !

It comes in a little 145 mL bottle with pump, which is very convenient to put the lube at the entrance of the onahole: pump once or twice, and there you go ! No wasting of lube.


Low stickiness but very good gliding performance, so you can enjoy every little nub in your toy. Don’t feel like taking a shower after playing in your bed ? No problem, like Finish & Sleep Lotion you can just wipe it and leave it on you for the night. Hardly any smell, and I didn’t feel any burning on my skin, it lasts quite good for a water-based lube. While I got a Finish & Sleep standard lotion, I can say it’s similar but well improved. Rends’ other lube, Peace’s, is much more “stringy” and more recommended as multi-purpose lube (including sexual intercourse), Golden Lotion really specializes for onahole use. Ingredients include antibacterial, antifungus, antivirus, antiodor, stuff for blood circulation, aloe vera extract, and…  placenta extract ?!! Hey NLS, you sure you translated well ?! :D

Only regret: 145 mL only :( I want a refill barrel !!

Golden Lotion
, by AkaiHebi
1 Feeling and pleasure
1 Materials and cleaning
0.7 Packaging and addons
0.9 Price
Overall score: 100 %
As of today, my favourite !

April 6, 2014
by AkaiHebi

New tools, improvements, and more !

Hey everybody, how ‘ya all doin’ ? :)


  1. J-List Onahole Browser
  2. Testing J-List affiliate links
  3. Paypal and Dogecoin donations
  4. Currency price selecting for prices
  5. Added store: Queen Cat Adult Toys

I’m pretty excited about all this new stuff, let’s dig in !

J-List Onahole Browser

→see here, and also in the “special pages” menu on the right:


On this page, a neat Javascript code (God, I hate Javascript) that loads and shows a full list of onaholes from J-List, including picture, description, price and stock ! No excuse to miss any novelty there :) And no sorry, I won’t be able to do this kind of scripts for NLS or Amazon, there are just too much onaholes there, and they keep them on sale anyway, there’s no point. Which leads us the next item:

Testing J-List affiliate links

Since I don’t have the money lastly for new onaholes (even when there are quite a few), I’m exploring different means to keep Onahole Review updated, this includes affiliate links to J-List. Lemme explain that for you. As you may have seen, products also sold on J-List have new links, with this icon before them: g and saying “affiliate link”. When users make purchase on J-List through these links, I’ll get 15% as account credit. With this, I may be able to buy onaholes I’d rather not buy normally, including crowd-selected Tamatoys’ ;) So if you don’t fancy making direct donations to me through Paypal or Bitcoin or Dogecoin, you can make an indirect donation by buying stuff on J-List you would buy anyway as regular customer.

NOTE: this is experimental, let’s see how it works with the ~100 users going to J-List from here each month. I’ll never bug you with banners and ads, and if it makes no sense then I’ll just remove it.

Paypal and Dogecoin donations

I don’t like Paypal, but if you insist, …

You surely heard about Dogecoin, the Bitcoin-related currency with the wow shibe with quite some success on Reddit. Since Dogecoin has hardly any commercial weight for now, huge supply and low intrinsic value, it’s good for tips and microdonations. And the community aspect is very important to me too 8-)

Currency price selecting for prices


I know you are many Americans browsing my blog, but oh maybe you do wanna know the prices in Bitcoin, or wonder what the prices in other currencies are. From this menu, you can select which currency to use for prices. Default is US Dollar, you can set to Euro, Yen, Bitcoin and Dogecoin. A feature I wanted for quite some time now, and I finally have the experience to code this for you :)


Paving the road for Bitcoin and Dogecoin business too :P

Added store: Queen Cat Adult Toys

And finally, when applicable, I added links for products sold on Queen Cat, to add some competition to ToyDemon :)  Note: I also tried to add Wanta, but their website is soooooo miscoded that it’s an extreme pain to extract prices from the pages. So be it, I won’t insist.

That’s all forks ! Feel free to share in comments and boards :)