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bumpy sisters

2014 September 16
by AkaiHebi
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Bumpy Sisters

bumpy sisters

It was about time I get something from A-One, but when I saw these I kinda wishlisted right away. Bumpy Sisters ! Oh, the one I got is the miko, on the left.

The younger sister (巫女妹 – Miko imōto) is a shinto shrine maiden with handheld clustered suzu bells, while the elder sister (シス姉 – Shisu ane) is a christian nun with garterbelt. God, what a family ! They have everything needed to seal away the evil inside you !



Don’t ask why the standalone artwork only is censored. Beats me. Reimu Hakurei and Maria Takayama, that’s what A-One had in mind, didn’t they ? ;)  Our friend AnonymousD got himself the elder sister (nun), there are slight differences between the two but I think he has some words about his :)

Bumpy Sisters are non-penetrated TPE-molded onaholes with two little hills up there depicting small chests, also a little “bellybutton” and the basic shape of a pussy (a slit). The younger sister has slightly bigger boobs while the elder has a clit outside.


It fits nicely in the hand and the material is stretchy, which is important since -you guess- the small length makes you poke at the bottom. So be gentle if you don’t want to break through :) It keeps some unpleasant plastic odor even after wash, knowing A-One I can tell there has been some improvement in materials, it’s very much like Super Fella 3’s. Quality is therefor a bit lower “Magic Eyes grade”. But for that price, it’s pretty honest.


As you can see, there’s some space between the entrance and the channel. Make sure there’s no water left in there, and let it dry in a Toy Bag [warning: this link is not for the weak of heart]. The cleaning is easy, stretch it open and let water flush the nasty stuff out, you can also turn inside out :)

The structures are different so if you happen to buy both, you’ll have various sensations ! Younger sister is more smooth, while elder sister has more pronounced ribs making the toy more intense. There is a bit of vacuum, feels really nice. The entrance is a bit annoying, so I recommend putting some lube around the slit for easier penetration.

The younger sister gives very soft and smooth feeling, pretty much like C-moon, but with some more tightness. You see there are 3 “chambers” and gliding through each of them is heartmelting. I love to fantasize it’s actually her soft mouth wrapping around my dick, slowly “sucking the evil out from there” :mrgreen: That’s why I usually use it for the “first shot”: the softness is just headspinning as I keep myself at the verge of orgasm for a few minutes, until I can’t take it anymore and just fill it with demon juice deep inside. After that, I grab a more intense and tight onahole and keep up the play for the second -and stronger- shot, usually 30 minutes after. Thank you, Miko imōto !

Bumpy Sisters
, by AkaiHebi
0.7 Feeling and pleasure
0.6 Materials and cleaning
0.9 Packaging and addons
1 Price
Overall score: 80 %
Cute sisters with soft pussies, good to get the party started !
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2014 September 5
by AkaiHebi

Internet decides: onahole poll #3

Hello and welcome to the third poll !

Internet boys and girls, I have a problem. I can’t keep up to the pace :) With the previous poll I already got quite some stuff (still have Bumpy Sisters and La Bocca Della Verita waiting). And my wishlist on J-List is pretty empty (Tied Up Girl being not restocked meanwhile). So I had to find what may be worth…

(see post end)

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Order the items above ?

Now for the big part :) I think I’ll just do that kind of poll later on, up to me to find where to get stuff. The choices with links are the things I wishlisted, custom choices are in grey ! P-Please be gentle ^^

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Buy what ?


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2014 August 29
by AkaiHebi

Sujiman Kupa Roa ~ Hard Edition

Sujiman Kupa Roa ~ Hard Edition

What some onahole makers did is releasing “hard” versions for some of their most popular products. Magic Eyes did it for Girl in the Box, but also for Sujiman Kupa Roa aka “Open My Pussy Roa” ! This one was really long in my TODO list, and you voted for it so I bought it from J-List with the sales commissions :)


The packaging evolved a bit, basically the colors got changed. I approve this move, even with the “HARD” label hiding the panties we saw before. More is going on inside: Magic Eyes selected a new material, harder and less stretchy. Another aspect is that it smells less than the normal edition, if I recall well. A welcomed improvement :) The color is a bit different too, it’s like a light tan. Measures are the same than the normal version.



The structures are exactly the same, nothing new here. How does it feel ?

.. sorry Roa, I had to cut you open to check out your insides.

Roa inside

I swear I thought mine was defective. Really. It does feel good, but to me it was very frustrating because the hole is just too shallow. I end up poking out at the top of it, and I’m just halfways in.


As 14cm / 5.5″ in length yeah I’m over Japanese standards. But the toy not being very stretchy it ends up in a disaster. You see the hole ? The penis head is supposed to reach just at the cervix part, so it can achieve vacuum effect. For me, it just failed. I’m not bragging anything, Roa is short and not really intended for westies and the hard edition really makes it clear by resisting your forceful thrusts. For harder onaholes, you just want to feel them cling to your shaft from tip to root, squeezing the shit out of it (see Virgin Age Admission / ZEX Ibo Tornado / My Student). I take a wild guess: if you’re below 12cm / 4.7″, then I think you’ll get way better results than me, soooooo ..  give it a shot :)

The cleaning process is a regular “flush-out” to not damage it, drying inside is a bit tricky since -well- it’s tight. At least there is not much to dry ^^ Aside the too-small hole length, I’m fairly positive about the material: go ahead Magic Eyes, but do new great stuff with it !

Sujiman Kupa Roa ~ Hard Edition
, by AkaiHebi
0.3 Feeling and pleasure
0.8 Materials and cleaning
0.9 Packaging and addons
0.7 Price
Overall score: 25 %
Nice material but too short for me, it killed the fun
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