Onahole Review

Our little trip with Japanese sex toys

Unboxing #5


Finally, the (actually not so-) long awaited packet :)

Yes, that makes 3 RIDE JAPAN onaholes. New vendor, my beloved hi-quality standard TPE material, outstanding inner structures, but still a quite aggressive material/weight/price ratio. I’m looking forward to it :)

See ya !

Reminder of previous note:

I think I spent way enough money for this summer. Maybe I’ll still order new bedsheet and dakimakura covers, but then I need to make some money or I’ll starve to death. And my balls need some rest anyway, or they’ll turn blue.

À propos onahole reviews: there’s a guy you should follow if you don’t already do, it’s Triple X Branded Reviews (his Youtube and his Twitter ). He’s sponsored and gets free samples, but his reviews are credible and also pretty fun. Worth a look :)

Author: AkaiHebi

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  1. Woaaahh, that is sure a huge packet! I try to not exceed the 1500g because of the shipping costs.. can you link me with anything you got please? @.@¬

  2. You ever use a prostate massager before? I tried one once, but found it not all that comfortable. If it’s not your first time, got any tips?

    • Tried this out just this morning, wasn’t really great. I don’t think I have trouble locating my prostate and I do feel sensitive spots, but maybe I need more “training” ’till I achieve dry orgasms. (do I have to stroke, tap, or just press against the prostate ?)

      For the time being, I enjoy the massively improved intensity of a “regular” orgasm when my anus is contracting around a toy or my finger :) Not doing this often but it’s always awesome.

      • When i saw the anal toy, here were my reaction: O.O
        Me, except a thermometer to mesure a ferver, or a suppository against a disease symptom, a never put anything in my “dropping” hole lol
        Huuuu, maybe i wanted to try it once or twice but never do.
        Mainly because what it come out from this hole when you (or I or anybody ^^ ) make a “big” drop in the toilets lol
        And to clean the anal toy, well i better shouldn’t detail it ^^’
        Now, i am only talking for me.
        I say i won’t put it in my “yaoi” hole (well, i don’t know if Rika talked about real hole or if it was another hole [a fictive one] as Kodaka said to Yukimura. Oups, hope that wasn’t a big spoiler ^^’ [well not really or is it ?]).
        But, anybody who want to put it in their hole, i will not stop them ^^

        • Of course I only play with my asshole when it’s über-clean, just after a good shower :) I’m not into scat at all. Don’t be afraid to experience new stuff, just insert your finger (or even 2 fingers) about 2cm inside and then fap ’till you come. In the shower if you need privacy and cleaning :)

        • Well, i cannot clean mine until 2 cm inside and, i am so digusted of scat that i will don’t dare (if it stay some of it even after cleaning, heurk).
          (i could say “shit” and not “scat” but that is quite too vulgar. at leats, you know i am talking about the “dropping stuff” in toilets lol. some english progress to do ^^’ )

          Nothing i can help about it ^^’ (well, i don’t want, so…)

      • I believe you’re supposed to move it back and forth. Some people jerk off, others don’t.

  3. Well, talking about anal sex, i didn’t often use the anal hole of my “Puni Ana DX onahole”.
    Beside, if i had a sex doll with 3 holes (one for vaginal sex, the second for anal sex and the last for oral sex), i would use only the vaginal one.

    Anal sex with someone, i will not, because there is scat, this is tight and doesn’t lubricate (well, not sure that is the word, i wanted to say “there isn’t “human” lotion”. something like that ^^ ) and because i don’t want me or anybody do anything on my anal hole (or put anything in it ^^’ ).

    Oral sex, i don’t think it tastes as good as salt and condensed milk.
    Even if it help a young seiyuu in “Koe de Oshigoto!” ^^
    So i think it is only true in eroges (and hentai manga and anime).
    But, i didn’t try to taste my “milk” and won’t dare so, i cannot tell ^^’
    That’s why i didn’t ask a real girl to make a blowjob on me ^^’
    I don’t even think i will accept if she wants.
    Furthermore, i won’t make a cunilingus on her because i am not sure it tastes as good as apple juice ^^

    In some words, i only fantasize on vaginal sex.

    And here, i was only talking about the “3 holes” (yeah, there are maybe better word but, you jst understood),
    i didn’t expose many little details (like kisses, cuddles etc…) even if those are in my fantasies ^^

    I didn’t find any girlfriend yet and, with my wishes, i am not sure i could stay with a girl during years.
    Because, i don’t want any child (that could be boring, exasperating and exhausting for me)
    and i don’t want to marry with her (i haven’t any good thinks about wedding. Who is the idiot guy who established something so binding ?) because love is a link strong enough for me. As strong as it remains.

    Reality sucks so much >.<

  4. I’ve been into anal play for a long time but only recently bought an actual prostate massager:

    http://en-nls.com/quickview.php?pid=14122&c2=13001013 (miracle)

    It works really well. I’ve always been able to cum handsfree (with or without anal stimulation) and have never experienced a dry orgasm. For me anal enhances or creates a normal ‘gasm.

  5. *I have Leaf, not miracle. The purple one.

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