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Our little trip with Japanese sex toys

2015 March 5
by AkaiHebi
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Internet decides: onahole poll #6

The previous 2 months were lots of fun. Winter is coming to an end, let’s not waste any more time and see what’s going to be next !

puni hole dx hard

2015 March 5
by AkaiHebi

Puni Ana DX hard

The depicted characters are fictional, non-human and ageless illustrations of aesthetic arts. In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse of real human beings or animals. This review is about a plastic rubber toy regardless of fantasy illustrations, without warranty or liability. It's the buyer's sole responsibility *to or not to* import the packaging according to local law about such fictional contents. Thanks for your understanding !

puni hole dx hard

Finally ! 100 onahole reviews in two and half years later: Puni Ana DX hard is my first “onahip” ! Thank you NLS for this new year’s extra :)

I took me lots of time to review this one, since I never had a large onahole / onahip before, and.. my current living circumstances didn’t allow me to have enough privacy to peacefully use and clean it. For long I’ve had plans on upgrading to something bigger, so when I asked NLS and they agreed, I was joy. I selected some onahips like Puni Fuwa Mocchi (simple + 2000), Open my Pussy Cocolo, Squishy Sisters, finally settling to Puni Ana DX, a very popular onahip made by EXE (aka Outvision aka G-Project aka PPP) that has loli bonus points.


Unlucky me, at that time Puni Ana DX was out of stock. So finally, I choose Puni Ana DX  hard edition (which didn’t seem much different than normal edition, aside the potential better material quality -and I love it’s tan-). Carefully asking NLS to remove the packaging, and it was maybe a good move since:


..customs took a peek inside. The bubble wrap was unaltered. The CD..  shit, I skipped that one. Things could turn so bad, that’s not even the whole story. The included CD ! It contains a PDF file with hentai drawings…


.. and a web page with the same drawings:


It’s lolicon fap material. You may prefer asking the shop to remove the CD to avoid any mishap with customs or anyway if you’re not into such content :) Anyway, I was safe and lucky. Take no chances if you live in Canada or Australia or any other country that jumps too quickly to wrong conclusions when seeing such content at their customs service: get the onahip and lube only. Moving on.



Tomoko-chan got quite interested in my new toy. It’s nicely heavy, 2.1 kg of a rather firm TPE material.


Those buttocks / dat ass. It’s really nice to grope them while pounding hard the holes. 1.5:1 scale Japanese craftsmanship.


Now this is extremely useful: a “flush” hole ! You know, large onaholes are already a pain to clean properly. With onahips, it can be a nightmare UNLESS it has such a hole on the other side, so the nasty stuff can simply flow out with water. Quick note: in normal use this hole is perfectly okay, but sometimes I noticed that cum and lube started bubbling out from there when I was having a “second round” or been pushing on it’s belly. So if you use it on a table or desk, place a towel below. Just like in my pictures :)



Includes the already mentioned “Maruku’s cover girl collection” CD (“pressed in Korea”, it says too.. North Korea ?), and a 360mL bottle of a kinda thick lube. Thick is good since it doesn’t flow out so easily, but it’s less good because it reduces the sensations. I recommend using the included lube for your handfree fun. If you have some “cowgirl” fun, then you can use a thinner lube (that will leak over your balls and stuff, take that into consideration). Time to dig in !



The internal structures are very close to what G Project’s NUKO-NUKO provides. But in two tunnels, and so better <3 The pussy tunnel starts with a short slope, leading to rather tight wavy trip with lots of little bumps. It’s a bit like Eroman but softer. The ass tunnel feels really like NUKO-NUKO, it’s more straight but with ribs.

Either tunnel ends in a part with bumps (which I think are more for lube-retaining purposes than sensations, unless your penis is above 20cm -in which case you’d be shooting your stuff right outside), and then out the flush hole.

It is possible to create a light vacuum by blocking flush + (other) hole. Now about the noise.. yeah it makes some “clapping” noise, take that into account if you need total silence for your private time. Or you can try to be real slow with it.

Material smells a bit at the beginning, but it fades away after a few washes. It feels really nice and gets only slightly sticky. Using talc or corn starch for extra smooth surface recommended ;)  And so far I see no damage, but I think the flush hole could be a weak spot (see how I clean it in the video below).

Lastly, about the price: it is definitively a very good price, taking into account it’s weight and material quality. And in sensations too, handfree masturbation is really a thing. Very good price. If you’re looking for a good start in onahips, Puni Ana DX is the way to go !

Youtube mirror | music track: City Nights by jradford

bonus: fun with Tomoko-chan on xHamster ←yeah that’s porn


2015 February 25
by AnonymousD

Smooth and Flat Idol Cadet

The depicted characters are fictional, non-human and ageless illustrations of aesthetic arts. In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse of real human beings or animals. This review is about a plastic rubber toy regardless of fantasy illustrations, without warranty or liability. It's the buyer's sole responsibility *to or not to* import the packaging according to local law about such fictional contents. Thanks for your understanding !


Hellow fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you Smooth & Flat Idol Cadet, an onahole made by Out Vision. NLS sent it to me for a review, so let’s get to it!

Yes! Another onahole from the “Smooth & Flat” series, well, there are only 2, altough there is a 3rd one but it’s a softer version of the “Girl’s Laboratory” from what I’ve read. The “Girl’s Laboratory” had a nice story behind it, too bad this one doesn’t. This time, it’s not a laboratory developed girl solely for your sexual pleasure, but it’s an idol! A lolicious idol! Now, let’s get the the onahole ;)

Here is what the box looks like.

1_1359526962_m_StfHW IMG_20150216_141011 IMG_20150216_141023

The drawing is very cute, striped high socks and twintails, classic <3. It’s well presented, showing on the front the loli you’re gonna fuck, and her insides on the side.

IMG_20150216_141058 IMG_20150216_141113

Taking a look inside of the box, which is quite big for the onahole, it has a carton protection-like-case, so it won’t get squashed in the way to your home. And check out this:


The onahole was inside a plastic bag, inside of another plastic bag. Plastic bag-ception. Lol.

I’d also add that it comes with a small sample of lube, which is nice, but again, I would have preferred a bottle, specially since it has a big box like that which can hold a decent sized bottle.

1_1359526974_2_bU9VB 1_1359526974_3_GzsAC IMG_20150216_141259

The design it’s a big ugly. The flat chest kinda looks like the one of a shota, more than a loli, and it has 2 ugly balls to resemble nipples… yeah. Also the entrance isn’t very beautiful, not realistic looking like, for lubrication is decent, but not good. Some other onaholes, like Virgin Push have a good labia to hold the lube so you can lube the tip of your penis.

The onahole is big enough, not too deep not too short, but it always depends of your size, but for me, it’s perfect. The durability looks nice, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna break anywhere except for this little part


But well, that will only affect esthetically, so it’s fine.

Now, what all you wanna hear, the feeling… oh god this is great.

1_1359529583_6_OmRtD 1_1359526975_4_ld6Qu

It doesn’t have a super stimulating feeling inside, but what makes it awesome it’s the tightness! It’s so tight and soft!! Now, many onaholes are tight, but from all 20+ I’ve tested so far, very few can make it right when it comes to tightness without killing your boner. This onahole is tight and soft at the same time, it has a perfect proportion of both so you won’t feel uncomfortable. The tight section is only at the beginning , so the first few strokes might be a little hard, but after that, it’s perfect. It does not require much lube, which is also a plus. The very bottom part lacks a bit of inner structure design, and it doesn’t feel very special, but the first half is pretty good.


Another thing that I love about it, is when you’re about to cum, I always like putting my penis deep inside and squeeze with the hand the trunk of the penis for a harder ejaculation, well, this onahole does it for you! When you go deep inside and you’re ready to shoot, since the first section of the onahole is the super tight one, it presses really nice againt the canal of the penis, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

In conclusion, this is a great onahole which I recommend, it’s tightness and softness are perfect, but it lacks a bit of stimulation inside, it needs more pronounced bumps. Also, the price is a little bit expensive for what it offers, a bottle of lube would have been nice.