Piston magic
Inflatables & Dolls

Piston magic

Nah, that’s not a hug pillow. Let’s call it an “experience enhancer”. So that you see what’s the point: (the photo studio of NLS, common serious everyday business πŸ˜€ ) Take this; unfold place favorite onahole in tunnel blow up with pump; profit. Mostly effective when you don’t have porn to watch: you see something…


Put in & Pull out Fairies

“mini” and “special”. Yet another onahole maker: MODE-design. Let’s see the tiny version, “mini”. Lacks of ribs or bumps. Doesn’t lack of suction effect. The internal structure doesn’t make it a “must-have”, the material seems ok, the size is convenient and the packaging is cute. Here comes the big question: can a “westie” enjoy it…