Ju-C 5 Super Soft

Aaah summer, the beach, the warmth, the rolling sound of the waves, … the pooping seagulls, the sticky sand, the scorching sun, the screaming children, the foot-stabbing urchins,.. From G-Project comes this onahole, bringing you the positive summer mood into […] Read More

Ju-C 4U

G-Project. This onahole brand still remains in my top5, with good quality products featuring cute packaging. It’s been some time I didn’t review any of their products, so I picked one of their “Ju-C” series: Ju-C 4U. Packaging For the […] Read More


You know, sometimes I’m much more attracted by the box of the onahole rather than the onahole itself, and that’s the reason why I bought this product in the first place. Uuuh, what did I just say ? I’m such a weird […] Read More


You know, it really didn’t take many of their products to make G Project one of my favorite makers, Ju-C PUTI is the one onahole to make it clear. *click scroll scroll scroll…  click scroll scroll scroll..*  Wait what, only […] Read More


Outvision. Red (1) is hard, blue (2) is soft. Let’s take a look at the soft version. Lots of details. To note since it’s kinda rare: plastic box. What’s written on it in english ? “Feel good. Feels right. Ju-C […] Read More

Mini Reviews

Sometimes we get so many toys that we get overwhelmed and can’t review them all, but we still wanna share our thoughts about them, without writing a whole complete review, so this page is for that! If you wanna quickly […] Read More

Astro Piston

Hello everyone ! As masturbation technology brings us little by little closer to sexbots, one gotta be curious what the industry can provide already. Among the electric-powered sextoys around, you’ll find toys that vibrate and produce heat, toys that turn, […] Read More

Shipping Trouble

  Hey everyone, My name is Cr4zyDuck and from now on I’ll be reviewing onahole products on this blog ! I’m a french student of 20 years old, also the youngest reviewer of the team but the most important thing you got to […] Read More