ORB Warmer

*creak* The light! Oh the glorious light! What day is it? *checks phone* It’s already been over 3 months!? Wow, I was really preoccupied. I’m still alive I see. Let me check my notes…and there are no notes…that’s fine. In […] Read More

USB Onaho Warmer

Update Feb. 10, 2014: you may want  (I added warnings and reports you may want to check) One step closer to the “real thing”. Until recently, I was fucking ice cold plastic too. But these days are over: now I’m […] Read More

Mini Reviews

Sometimes we get so many toys that we get overwhelmed and can’t review them all, but we still wanna share our thoughts about them, without writing a whole complete review, so this page is for that! If you wanna quickly […] Read More

Puni Ana DX

In today’s article, I’ll finaly be reviewing THE most popular and famous onahip of the moment. Made by the awesome staff of EXE and aimed to satisfy the lust of thousand of fellows lolicons over the earth, I’m truly pleased […] Read More

Squishy Sisters

Today is finaly the time for a new lolicious review of a very unique and special onahip designed by RENDS JAPAN. You’ve probably already heard of this brand through product such as the New USB Onaho Warmer, the A10 Cyclone, the VORZE […] Read More