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The Team, Authors, Guest Reviewers, and how to become one


⭐ admin manager, author


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artist, illustrator

Guest authors:

Wanna write your own sex toy review ? You can either:

  • write a quick review and publish it yourself on the Product Reviews forum
  • make a “one-shot” review and send it to the blogadmins, and it gets published on the blog under your chosen nickname after approval (can be text, video, comic strip, …)
  • becoming permanent blog author is on admin proposal for a restricted number of committed users

Reviews on the blog are published under Creative Commons license, are personal subjective or objective opinions, are not paid, inform if the reviewer received the product in exchange for a review, don’t include ads or tracking code, show with πŸ’° icon links to shops that include affiliate tag.

The mascot characters on the blog


  • name: Naho γͺほ
  • age: 21
  • blood type: B
  • location: Yorokobitani ε–œγ³ θ°· [pleasure valley]
  • creator: RenRen

β†’find posts about Naho

Naho is the cheerful mascot of the blog. Naho appears on random occasions, helping out the team by crosschecking articles, and posing to be drawn by RenRen. Naho lives and studies foreign languages at Yorokobitani metropolitan university and dreams of traveling the world to meet new people. Well-educated and smart, Naho is in fact quite perverted and very eager to explore new kinks. Don’t get fooled by her innocent facade !


  • name: Hiraku ひらく
  • age: 19
  • blood type: A
  • location: Nijiheiya θ™ΉεΉ³ι‡Ž [rainbow plain]
  • creator: RenRen

— work in progress —

Hiraku is the childhood friend of Naho, living in the Nijiheiya countryside. Hiraku and Naho still meet each other from time to time, more often now that Naho passed her first exams. Shy and introverted, Hiraku only opens up to Naho -especially for everything sexual. Together they share lots of secrets !

Blog banners

How Onahole Review’s blog started and evolved


It all started in July 2012 on a WordPress.com blog. Nothing big, nothing fancy, nothing commercial: AkaiHebi just wanted to post his feelings about the onaholes he got. You know, some people write travel books about their holidays somewhere to share with friends, some people blog about the meals they get in restaurants, some people post about the TV shows they like/dislike.. That’s kinda the same here, but with onaholes. The blog moved out from WordPress.com, because some features just aren’t possible with it, like embedding video streams (self-hosted). And they can insert ads in the blog, which means visitor tracking by advertisers and that’s not cool (let alone the fact of the ads annoying people while they surf). Shared-hosting is easy and cheap (and faster !), so why not πŸ™‚ The blog remains non-commercial and independent, to keep exploring and improving with best cost efficiency.

Starting end of 2015, Onahole Review is running on a team of authors and admins from around the world !

Blog policies, the rules we apply to ourselves

We all love an open, safe, honest and fast web. So:

  • no ads, interstitials, prerolls, autoplays, popups, cryptocurrency mining, Flash animations, gross GIFs, inline-keyword hijacking, retargetting, tracking cookies, newsletter subscription popups, Facebook profiling, sponsored background pictures and all the other crazy stuff Adblock is made against.
  • we strictly limit visitor tracking to our needs and safeguard visitor’s privacy in the most efficient ways (see next section about privacy).
  • a little sign ( πŸ’° ) tells you if a link to a shop is an affiliate link (making us earn sales commissions). We also link shops we are not affiliate with. The earned money helps us buy new stuff and pay the hosting bills.
  • we are not professional journalists: we post what we want, if we want, when we want, how we want. Our opinions are not for sale. If we want to post something that isn’t a sextoy review, we are free to do so anytime.
  • bloggers never get things for free: if we blog in exchange for a provided product without charge, we tell so with an appropriate banner. We blog on those products exactly as if we bought them at full price and shipping costs, and any company asking for special treatment (like native advertising) gets turned down. Product providing acts as a contract: either we proceed with a complete, accurate and honest review within a reasonable delay (usually within 2 months to ascertain product durability), or pledge to reimburse the full costs to the provider and deny such perk to the author in case of abuse. Please contact us if you wish to send us products for review: contact form

About visitor privacy protection and general safety


Matomo tracking preference for your current web browser:

Bloggers around the world wish for everyone to enjoy their sexuality without shame or concern. Until we get there, Onahole Review took some steps to safeguard visitor privacy:

  • strong encrypted HTTPS connections so your ISP can’t know what you do and say here [certification authority: Let’s Encrypt]
    • no external content and dependencies (even Gravatars and Emojis are cached locally)
  • no advertising, no social tracking buttons (Facebook’s “Like”, Twitter’s “Share”,…)
  • own Matomo instance (open source Google Analytics alternative) with DNT setting taken into account, logs kept 33 days, last byte of IP address anonymized
  • no personal info on comments and votes used or communicated to third parties in any way; IP kept 3 days for comments and until poll end for votes
  • donations possible through the decentralized Bitcoin network using the Bitcoin digital currency (we can accept other currencies like Ethereum, Monero, Dash,..)
  • for added user-side privacy in your allday surf, recommended are Mozilla Firefox with uBlock Origin addon, or Vivaldi. You can push it further using the TOR Browser to prevent your ISP from spying and circumvent censorship.

Censored content, warnings about some countries

While we at Onahole Review are very progressive, LGBTQQIAAP+ friendly, international humans and basically citizens of the internet, some countries don’t like what we do and/or say. To them, we are depraved, obscene and disgusting perverts and a danger to their youth, public morals, or whatever. While we usually don’t mingle with local politics, we hope citizens of those countries keep an open mind and use democratic power to safeguard and improve individual freedoms, open sexuality, free speech and privacy protection. Because all humans deserve it πŸ™‚

Japan: ~3% of visitors

While Japan historically has way less taboo related to sexuality than other countries, recent laws tend to limit freedom of expression. For example: genitalia are deemed “obscene” and must be censored, resulting in the famous “pixelated/blackbarred pussies and dicks” in Japanese porn movies, but also police crackdown on artists who challenge the ban with cheeky artwork. Nevertheless, we at Onahole Review hardly give a fuck about this legislation and we don’t censor our own content even if we cover Japanese products that are.

Canada, Australia, UK, Sweden, France, South Africa, New Zealand…

In those countries where many people can speak English, drawings “depicting characters with childlike characteristics engaging in sexual behavior” are considered child pornography and prosecuted as such. Illustrations on onahole boxes can therefor lead to legal trouble for customers although such cases are quite uncommon according to the information from the community. Nevertheless, Onahole Review informs at the very begin of our reviews if customers should consider buying the product without it’s illustrated packaging to remain out of any trouble.

Russia:  ~2% of visitors

We are pretty concerned about the situation in Russia, because aside of limited freedom of the press, the legislator also introduced strong laws against “gay propaganda” and whatever is deemed “obscene” on the internet, causing big insecurity for Russian people and also websites. In this context, the Russian internet authority, Roskomnadzor (Роскомнадзор), contacted our ISP on 28 April 2016 asking for the removal of one review. The complaint didn’t specifically said what was wrong with it, although we think it could be related to the product illustration. In compliance, we set a redirection to an information page and moved the review to a new URL. Failure to comply with the Roskomnadzor’s request would certainly have caused a DNS ban: this easy censorship forces Russian ISPs to tell “such website does not exist” when their customers request access to the website. It can easily be circumvented by using custom DNS servers, for example Google’s public DNS servers:  and  or Quad9 public DNS servers: or the DNS servers provided by APNIC and CloudFlare:

While we did comply with the first report, on 17 June 2016 we received yet another report from the Roskomnadzor for another review, to which we decided to not comply to protect our freedom of expression in all other countries. And, we banned the Roskomnadzor’s IP range ( AS196641 ). For Russian visitors, we temporarily set up a redirect to an information page. Since then we didn’t hear anything from Roskomnadzor, but are prepared for any event 😈

various countries in Central America, Maghreb, Asian Continent, Southeast Asia

Many countries in these locations outlaw anything related to sextoys, pornography, masturbation, etc. Some even apply death sentence for infringers. We have good hints countries like China, Iran, Turkmenistan, Cuba, Pakistan and India block access to Onahole Review (the poor internet connectivity of central Africa makes us unable to point out a censorship there). Overall we recommend people in those countries to be very careful about their privacy and to always use TOR Browser to connect to the web, citizens and simple tourists alike.

Stay safe and remain free πŸ™‚

The story behind onaholes, and how this is a thing in Japan and otaku culture


“Onahole” or “onaho” comes from γ‚ͺγƒŠγƒ‹γƒΌ “onani” (masturbation) and ホ “ho” /  ホール “horu” (hole, English transcript). It can be seen as a wordplay with ε₯³ “onna” (woman) but the word doesn’t come from that. It’s simply “masturbation hole”. A masturbator. γ‚ͺγƒŠγƒ›γƒΌγƒ«.

Bonus words:

  • バむブレータ  “baibureta” (vibrator)
  • ディルド  “dirudo” (dildo)  (historically: εΌ΅ε½’  “harigata”)

You just can’t have all existing onaholes. Too much of them, way too much. Japan’s sex industry is literally flooding the market with new products, to meet everyone’s taste: and they will keep it at this pace, since the market keeps growing quickly and even extends outside Japan. Why ? Simple: Japan’s society is very busy, it’s not uncommon for a man to come home see his family only on weekends, or even less often. Japanese people also have a different point of view about sex than western people, sex isn’t really aimed for pleasure, but rather on the sole “reproduction duty”. And since having a baby is a burden to women who work, more and more couples are becoming “sexless”. But that doesn’t mean they turn away from any sexual activity: remember that Japan is a small country regarding it’s population, quite often a single house hosts 3 generations (kids, parents, grandparents, sometimes even great-grandparents). If you want some intimacy (alone or with your girl/boyfriend or more people), you head to a love hotel. Or videoclubs and internet cafes where you rent DVDs, BDs, and enjoy your time with onaholes, vibrators, plugs, dildos, nipplepatches, soap, tissue, internet access, … whatever you want.

Sex toys made by/for western people tend to be more “spice-up” toys for couples, for example in BDSM. Of course you won’t find toys with packaging depicting manga/anime characters, it either depicts some porn star, or nothing. It really lacks of fantasy and fun. Western toys are more preliminary toys than lifelike/themed/fun sensation toys, but this may change in the future. The magic of the internet is to bring together people you couldn’t have met before, and we must pretty much thank the internet for growing our general interest for Japan and it’s culture. Just happens we got interested in Japan’s sex innovations too, and once you bite in the “forbidden fruit” there’s no coming back to boring “westy” toys πŸ˜‰ But some toys are bad ideas, and that’s also what this blog is for: the crap we experienced. We share our opinions and give you some hints on how to bring more colors and fun and sweet stuff to your masturbation πŸ™‚

Step by step, bringing sex-positivity to the world and debunking masturbation taboos.

Getting started with onaholes and other Japanese deliciousness


No need to rush it, just follow the flow. Start with an onahole easy to maintain, affordable and durable, and check your reaction to it. You will want to try something new and crazier after an few months, exploring different kinds of stimulation until you have your “favorite five” onaholes that make you the most happy. Then, if you feel like it, you can push it further with onahips, electro-masturbators, silicone dolls, virtual-reality devices, sexbots…   Start small, keep exploring, follow the innovation and find your own paradise !

Omocha Dreams published this guide to help you choose an onahole type, structures, lube, usage, cleaning and techniques, in English, French, Spanish and German. Recommended to all beginners πŸ™‚

πŸ”° For your first onahole suggestion, please read this forum thread.

If you’re more experienced user already, here some onaholes AkaiHebi suggests for your collection:

About the way blog authors rate the reviewed onaholes and products

The rating is rather subjective and reflects our honest personal opinion and experience about a product, and may not match everyone’s. Ratings may wildly vary depending on multiple factors and shouldn’t represent an average for the majority of people at a given time. They just sum up what we think about the toy, good or bad, and you may agree or disagree based on your own personal experience, so feel free to share your own opinion in comments or Product Reviews forum πŸ™‚

Safety and hygiene recommendations for healthy fun times


Since we talk here about items in which you stick a part of your body in, or that go into your body, some safety must be. General rules are:

  • maker identification and hygiene compliance  (beware of shady companies)
  • seller having genuine toys (beware of counterfeit and ripoffs, especially on marketplaces, discounters and auction sites)
  • materials, and possible allergy (beware of latex !)
  • toy cleaning before and after each use (bacteria and mold are your enemies) here a good video tutorial

Materials should be a major concern, exclude any toy containing phthalates, bisphenol A, or other toxic materials usually found in jelly-like toys (sometimes together with the normally safe unless allergic latex, so be careful). Don’t be lightweight about it: risk of cancer and fertility disorder, and severe short-term health issues like chemical burns causing excruciating pain. An usually safe bet are toys made entirely of TPE (for penis toys) or medical-grade silicon. Extra-precautions if the toy goes inside your body: choose only non-porous medical-grade silicon, metal, waxed wood or glass and clean it very well (boiling water, dishwasher, sanitizing with antibacterial soap or digluconate chlorhexidine). Also, you can try a flame test: if a toy marketed as “pure silicone” catches fire and burns like a torch, then it’s not silicone.

Always use water-based sexual lube, in good amount, and not too much (a teaspoon-worth should be enough for medium-sized onaholes). Never use silicon, oil and petroleum (vaseline) -based lubes with TPE toys unless the toy is specially crafted to be compatible. If you notice itching, irritation or skin falling off, stop at once and seek medical advice.

If the onahole is flexible enough, it’s possible to turn it inside-out. Like this you can easily wash it with clear water and antibacterial soap. Additionally, you can use 3% hydrogen peroxide for ~15 minutes as antibacterial and antifungal/antimold, or digluconate chlorhexidine antiseptic, of course rinse well and dry before using. Do not share your uncleaned toys with anyone, in fact share them only with your regular sex partners and making sure you all got tested for STDs regularly. To keep the surface smooth and prevent moist and dirt, put some baby powder or corn starch on the penis toy’s outside.

If you do forget to clean it right after use and it started smelling foul, use white vinegar for an hour, then rinse. Repeat until it’s all gone ! Rinse well and dry before next use. If you need to do this more than once, it’s safer to just discard the toy. If you notice black/white mold spots developing inside, use 3% hydrogen peroxide for 15-30 minutes at least once per week, make it as dry as possible, and hunt for mold in your home (make sure it’s well ventilated)


Companies can become sponsors of Onahole Review: if your business is about sextoys, sexuality, anime, otaku culture or more generally related to Japan, then take the opportunity to be our sponsor !

  • sponsorship takes the form of a banner in the sidebar, 250 pixels in width, static JPEG or PNG, stored locally, direct link to website
  • sponsorship price negotiable
  • payment upfront or recurring monthly by Paypal, Bitcoin or wire transfer (SEPA/Swift)
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Onahole Review is a community-friendly blog covering Japanese sex toys and related subjects around sexuality, anime and Japan, with over 32000 visits and 140000 pageviews per month, top10 countries: USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Netherlands.

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