An onahole made by EXE/Outvision long time ago: Coron ! Packaging On the box, an illustration made by mama showing a girl in summer clothes […] Read More

Lusty Hot Spring

You were sent out in the countryside to complete an important business deal, and after a long day of work you were successful. However, sunset […] Read More

Kimoi Onaho

Hello hello, fellow hentai consumers ! Let’s have a look at Kimoi Onaho, an onahole made by Trance Innovation, a product series by Outvision ! […] Read More

Lilith Uterus Soft

Lilith Uterus, soft edition, made by TOMAX ! There are a couple products that are in my wishlist for years, and are not easy to […] Read More

Fuwa Cyun Triple

One, two, three ! G-Project is back with a new Fuwa Cyun product: Fuwa Cyun Triple As some of you already know, Fuwa Cyun Triple […] Read More

Ubujiru ~ AkaiHebi

Ubujiru, a lubricant made by Magic Eyes ! I initially got a sample from Myonahole, but which closed down meanwhile. And so in the end, […] Read More