Silicon Nipples

Fucking a pillow feels good, we all agree on that right ? I mean, you don’t have the feeling of faping, you can choose the […] Read More

Metal Pick 4

Made by NLS, a collection of little metal sticks 🙂 How is that related to a sextoy shop ? You’ll find it out real soon… […] Read More

Rends Ona Apron

At first I didn’t have any clue about what this item was… and then I flipped the package and saw this ~   Mmmh, Ok now […] Read More

Niso Niso

Very quick review of Niso Niso, by G-Project ! Told you, G-Project aims at the otaku community, with fairly good quality products. And today, let’s […] Read More

New USB Onaho Warmer

It’s winter, it’s freezing cold. But even in summer, this is a must-have ! RENDS previously released the , which got very popular (since being one […] Read More