Airy Doll

Hey lads, o-genki desu ka ? Got something special to show you today. Blow-up dolls with printing for cheap, by MODE-Design !! Get yours while […] Read More

Piston magic

Piston magic

Nah, that’s not a hug pillow. Let’s call it an “experience enhancer”. So that you see what’s the point: (the photo studio of NLS, common […] Read More

Small Sister Hug Pillow

The feeling of the confidence, the need to remain undiscovered whatsoever, the pure love stronger than the universal taboo, two young creatures melting together in […] Read More

HUG ME!! air pillow

I really don’t know how to introduce this post. Let’s try like this: You surely know that it exists: air pillows, air dolls, onaholes. Happens […] Read More