Ona Rhythm

From NLS comes this penis “sleeve” vibrator, a product demonstrating how the industry slowly moves towards affordable sex robotics. Is Ona Rhythm a good product ? Let’s find out ! Thanks to new technology it is now possible to have […] Read More

Astro Piston

Hello everyone ! As masturbation technology brings us little by little closer to sexbots, one gotta be curious what the industry can provide already. Among the electric-powered sextoys around, you’ll find toys that vibrate and produce heat, toys that turn, […] Read More

Heat Beat

Hello hello dear sexuality adventurers, pleasure seekers and boundary crushers ! Today, I’ll talk a bit about Heat Beat, a “penis helmet” vibrator made by WORLD. Did it make my heart beat ? Let’s find out πŸ™‚ The maker, WORLD […] Read More

A10 Cyclone

EDIT nov. 18, 2014: here comes , make sure to check it out ! Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you this new technology of flashlight-lantern using Japan’s best LED-light expertise ! The sun goes down, the days […] Read More