Fap Hero 1

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You believe you’re the local king/queen of masturbation, your hand never leaves your dick/pussy and the walls of your room are all sticky and painted with your cum ? Why won’t you take this test ? 🙂

Fap Hero !


Little screenshot:


Fap Hero on WordPress (thanks to Cruxis for sharing). The principle behind Fap Hero is quite simple: you have to fap with the rhythm, while watching hentai anime extracts. You have to beat it to the beat, yes. Now to spice things up, there are some rules: no stopping, no looking away, no cumming. For 40 minutes. Do you think you can do that easily ? Hell you’ll be glad when comes the rest periods, ’till you can master the game 😉

For those who didn’t know about Fap Hero and want to start right away: be my guest and take the test 🙂

For those who already easily win against Fap Hero, I have a little challenge for you: do it with an onahole or vibrating dildo. Make sure there’s enough lube, use the rest periods to refill. Do it 🙂 Yes it’s extremely hard and only for the brave.

And I have something for you. You don’t need to download Fap Hero 1. You don’t have to leave this page either. I have nice HTML 5 streams for you !  (I took the 1080p version, downscaled to 720p, corrected the frameshift: streaming should be working nice in major browsers while not being as bandwidth- and CPU-heavy as the 1080p version)

*faphero, if you read me: please encode using (real) MKV container, MPEG4 AVC “H.264” video format and AAC audio format. The bitrate doesn’t matter much, use CRF 21 with preset “veryslow”

Good luck and enjoy your fap ! When you’re done, try Gu’s Faphero

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125 Replies to “Fap Hero 1”

  1. So i tried it and i cant seem to go past a few mins at all. Am i just that sensitive or do i need up some endurance or anything bc 40mins without coming seems impossible to me D:
    If the later any tips for holding back? bc im not allow to stop according to rules i never will beat it and if im just to sensitive am i a lost cause to begin with Q_Q?

    1. Don’t worry: over time, the visuals will get less arousing, and overall you’ll be able to hold on a little longer ^^ if anything, try grabbing with less fingers!

      1. Wouldnt using less finger defeat the purpose of the challenge? Also something i dont understand.
        Is each beat supposed to be a “down stroke” or would each beat be lik up down up down etc.?

  2. Hot damn at my third try I lasted until near the end of the maid part. Progress!!
    I’m using virgin age admission so you can guess how much trouble I’m having..

    When the pink text shows does that mean its OK to cum? I kept stroking after finishing just to finish the stage and my knees kept wobbling @_@

    1. Hey, Alucard, have you ever thought of sucking the blood from your dick when you have a boner?

  3. Any tips on not cumming till the end? I am having a hard time with super tight declaration, cumming at 8 min mark on the first try, taking a 2 hour break only to return just to cum at 18 mins (came to the maid Q__Q ). I could do it with fuwa cyun, but this stimulation is just too overpowering.

    1. Not that I know of, however Fap Heroes may be nice for all genders and genitals, with various ways to “play” 🙂 For example, vaginal insertion matching the beat, or rubbing/slapping.

  4. First try I ended up finishing after the first round, somewhere around the 10 minute mark. One day later I tried again and finished the whole thing. Interesting little game.

  5. I just did this last night…..won the 1st try but couldn’t hold myself at the reward round just for kicks

  6. I am curious… are females allowed to play this game due to their ability to experience multiple orgasms or are they just as encouraged to play this game as men are encouraged?

    1. Oh my, why so strict ? Everybody’s “allowed” to play ^^
      That’s interesting: the Faphero can be played by women by vaginal insertion, or tapping the clitoris (or applying a vibrator to it following the rhythm)… I think completing the challenge with the latter is more difficult 🙂

    2. Hi, I recently brought out a new fap hero, but i was thinking about putting a different beatbar for females.
      I’m going to be honest, I am a virgin, so i don’t know much about female mastrebation.

      so, there is one thing i need to know from a woman.
      how long can you last? and how many orgasms do you want to experience during the challenge?

      If you could answer them, i might be able to make a challenge for females only.
      I know there are also females playing the ‘game’,
      but there aren’t many ‘challenges to hold it in to the end’ videos.

  7. So… my wife just blew me to the beat…. talk about Hard mode, holy shit. Had to fight to make it to 20:08. Almost lost it on 7:26 however.

  8. What’s up with the “trigger warning”? I’ve never seen anything on this page that can trigger reminders of a traumatic event, and I’m a rape victim so this seems somewhat insulting.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Some parts near end in the video could, I think.. sorry I’m pretty much walking on thin ice about triggers on the blog as I never suffered from PTSD, maybe I was overcautious about some pages and maybe incautious about some others. I’d really like to have some more feedback and guidelines, but on the other side I don’t want to expose to triggers, this is pretty tricky.. In any case, I just want the blog to be safer for everyone. Is it okay if I email you so you can tell me with more details how I can improve ?

      1. Absolutely, AkaiHeibi. Please send any messages to [redacted] and I will be happy to help you.

  9. Hello, i love this “game”, in video. I try to search more like this video… But only found the videos created by author. I really want to found a video, or game, like that to play while i stroke (fapping). I try google… But these are me limits, dont know where to search for more videos like this. I try to change some words but only found some… gay videos… Oh me god… Can someone helpme and tellme how find this videos (or games), or anything can helpme, please?.

    I found the videos i mean in “pornhub”.

    1. I believe this game is based on another game created by a user on Pornhub. That game is called “Cock Hero”. You can find his videos on pornhub, xvideos, and other pornographic websites.

  10. I’ve made it through EVERYTHING without coming on my first try (Blanket vagina, very soft), and now I beat it with an ass dildo, I now just use it to get off.

    1. How do you do it? I also use blanket vagina and finish without cuming, but with a dildo… I cant win! (Then again, I have a problem with going too fast.)

  11. @Shougo Makishima
    Ever played Guitar Hero or DDR? It’s a lot like that. Just stroke to the rhythm and see if you can make it all the way to the final round (the reward round) without cumming. You can fap however you want, but you should really think about buying an onahole. They’re amazing. <3

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