Some time ago, I was just minding my business, keywording “onahole” on Google Images (with safe search turned off) I don’t remember exactly. But I ended up finding this on Tumblr. Yeah yeah, look:


Towels, the Seven onahole, and a Patchouli dakimakura.

For those who don’t know it: a dakimakura [Β ζŠ±γζž• ]Β  is a “hug pillow” (no, not really like this one) -a body pillow with printing, standard size 150×50 cm. Dakimakuras, Melon pan has a lot of them and lastly you see some new ones in every video.

Dakimakuras are made for hugging and sleeping with, but as you can see above it can also serve as… stimulator, experience enhancer, central part of a masturbation activity, call it whatever you want πŸ˜€ Dakimakuras are in 2 parts, the actual pillow and the illustrated sheet, which you can wash. The “little” downside is: 150×50 cm dakimakuras are expensive: 80-100 dollars on Amazon or KanojoToys, above 120 dollars on J-List. See how much dakimakuras Melon pan got ? And think of the shipping…

Anyway, I hurt myself browsing Amazon, finding ΓΌber-cute stuff which costs too much for me. Here, have a look. Azusa, Nanoha, Patchouli, Haruhi, Rikka, Miku, Kirino, Yuki, ..Β Β  “if it’s a kawaii anime girl, there’s a dakimakura of it”. No ? Well… almost πŸ˜€ Every otaku may find his/her dream there. Maybe, one day I will get one. Maybe… **

For now, let’s bookmark this.

EDIT: don’t miss the comments on this post πŸ™‚

* 1 month later I took decision: that’s definitively something I wanna check out, already did bookmark and even prepared custom stuff. But meanwhile I don’t want to spend piles of money for it. Stay tuned ’cause I’ll post about it πŸ™‚

** edit2:  ..aaaaand ! Two gorgeous dakimakura from HobbyHeart ! And they won’t be the last ones ! Here's a how-to  <3

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20 Replies to “Dakimakura”

  1. Oh I actually tried something as depicted in this image today. It was really good, although my setup probably wasn’t the best and the hole (eleven) may not be as suitable. I’ll probably try it again sometime.

  2. Just putting my two cents in :p Always been fascinated with Dakimakuras so eh, well I see some pretty cynical comments here(which is understandable) but I’ve ordered four daki’s from hobbyheart so far this year and I gotta say, I’m delighted with them. Ofc I was a bit worried as to what to expect (quality wise) being the usual prices for authentic daki’s is around €100. All three cost me €90 including shipping. You could pay double for extra smooth fabric, but IMO the generic print has a pretty good silky feel to it. One is slightly longer than the others, but it’s not a problem.
    Got some odd looks from my housemate when he saw them laying on my bed one morning though lol. Good thing I had the ecchi-ero side face down πŸ˜‰

    1. Was that your real email address ? I don’t think so, hence the unexpected Gravatar ^^
      Anyway, what daki did you got ? Did you already wash them and if yes did you see any degradation of the printing ?

  3. I’m so tempted to buy one, but apart from it being the most unsubtle thing in the damn world (okay, not actually, but you know what I mean), they’re expensive, and I’d want an expensive one, because I’m picky. There are tons of cute ones, though. I’ll give you that, AkaiHebi.

    Hugs do feel good, but I think I’d prefer a real girl. Which isn’t going to happen any time soon. But uh….. I think you get the idea.

    1. Why choose when you can have both ? πŸ˜€ Counterpart is: you have to accept her to enjoy dildos and vibrators on her own dakimakura while watching yaoi hentai (and this: agreed from the start). Love, sex and fantasy can coexist, mix, strengthen together, it’s just about honesty, trust and joy in a couple πŸ™‚ (IMO)

      1. Oh, I agree, but not every girl is open to that, especially in this crap country I live in (which I may or may not disclose in the future). It just means that finding the right girl is even harder.

  4. I have some genuine and reproduction dakimakuras from Hobby Heart. The quality is fine, I chose the standard material and it’s quite good. I’ve hardly used them (though I did try that thing in the first pic πŸ˜‰ so I can’t comment on long term durability.

  5. Damn it, a part of my comment disapear.
    I shouldn’t use some prints. those one seems to cause it: >.<

    1. Yes you did mention: “I have one but not a 50 X 150cm”, but no further detail about it πŸ™ Made me think “I really should write this post”.

      Not all dakis on Hobbyheart are categorized, found some interesting stuff in “Miscellaneous” too. I guess what came into my wishlist is part of the most controversial I saw, somehow I’m falling for this cuteness overload mainly for it’s “spice-up” potential.

      Dear Japan, you already won my heart. Will you win my soul and sanity too ?… πŸ˜€

      1. Ah yes indeed. Well, my “dakimakura” is 35 X 90 cm (nearly) on the girl on it, i am not sur but she looks like Suzumiya Haruhi. She is sit on the board of a hot spring. An “onsen”, as japanese call it.
        And she hold a towel on her.

        Sorry, i haven’t the picture (so bad, that could be more simple than all those words).
        That was the single one which are the best for me among dakimakuras sold during Japan-expo and Paris-manga (it was during an edition of the Paris-manga).
        Aaah, occidental manga conventions… i can play to project diva, sometimes to Touhou (even if i have all Touhou games from ZUN downloaded and installed) and once to sing the OP of Touhou Gensou Mangekyou on karaokΓ© (last month, during the last paris-manga. the next is for September)….
        but to find some “specials” goodies, that is quite hard –‘

        Well, not any word of “la langue de MoliΓ¨re” except on this last line lol

  6. huhuhu

    Seems you write about dakimakuras because i posted some comments talking about it ^^
    (well, i guess ^^’ )

    Hobby heart, i know this website (the same friend i talked about sent me the link during a tchat) but i don’t order any daki from this. not yet
    So many choice, but hard to choose the good one ^^ (only sometimes, when i think about searching on “hobby heart”).
    Even if, among those dakis, only a dozen (or more ^^ ) are good for me.

    From 2 to 4 weeks, this quite long to wait >..<

  7. Ohhh, so glas you picked up this topic!! I’m familiar with dakimakuras by now, I have 2, one of Asuna Yuuki, and one of Rikka Takanashi, I sleep with them every night! πŸ˜€ It is great to cuddle in bed with them.. the first day you get her is a great feeling <3 Hugging one after you've done using your onahole feels very good too, I'd recommend to anyone to get a dakimakura. And, after I saw that pic, I've decided to try that, and.. IT'S FUCKING AWESOME xD. The way to do it is not like how you might imagine, but it's laying on top of the dakimakura, pressing your onahole against your body and the dakimakura, for more rubbing of your thing, and then you start moving your hips while watching porn :B, and the rubbing this way feels really good, at the end when I'm about to finish, I look at my dakimakura in the face, and I turn crazy, I start kissing her.. yeah, some very sick stuff, but feels really good. I even stack both of my dakimakuras for easier movement of my hips πŸ˜‰
    Now, about dakimakuras being expensive, mines are around 30$, from a shop from France (I live in Spain). There is one page
    Where dakiamkuras are 40$, and I don't know how much is the shipping, but that is one of the cheapest. Now, some shops have imitations of the original versions, made in china, the differences are slightly different, but the dakimakura looks as good as the original, so there is no problem in buying a chinese one. The hobby heart is a good option, because it has A LOT of characters to choose from, but I'm sure you can find a shop in your country or any near for a cheaper price. The inner pillow is not a problem as well, I bought mine from a chinese shop in my town for 6€, that is about 10$ more or less, altought it is not as wide as the daki, but it works fine.
    Summarizing, I'd suggest to research and buy a imitation, those are cheap and dakimakuras are awesome X).

    1. Mmmh personal domain name registration from a guy in Hong Kong, hosting in the US; full green WOT rating (child safety red, obviously) from a level 2 reliability. Did you got stuff there before ?

      But these prices, oh my o_o And all the stuff o_o

      EDIT: oh, on the generic Amazon there are also interesting dakis like this one. 37 dollars + 15 dollars shipping from high-rated vendor, INTERESTING. EDIT2: oh nevermind, not the 150×50.

      1. Where did you found all that information? I tried whois.net but it did not showed all that.
        And no, I never got stuff from there, but don’t worry, there should not be any problem, it’s a big shop, I’m sure everything will be ok, I’m telling you, I bought chinese versions and they’re really good, good material and the drawing looks great.
        So, with “the prizes o_o” are those good or bad for you?

        1. Price is worth it, but after checking I think the material isn’t :/

          Whois info and stuff there:
          And WOT page:

          A good tip is also to lookup the description and keyword metadata, and here they just dump plenty of anime for search engine optimization.

          Little tip if you want to check anything mentioning a website while excluding the website’s results. And I guess from what I’ve found, giving out 3 times more money is less of a waste. Digging the web for 2 hours πŸ˜€

          Interesting post:

          From there:

          Now I found out Sunshinecos (previous Amazon link in post) does peach-skin printing, means _EXPENSIVE for what it is. The magic keyword is “2way” (2WAY tricot).


          But my oh my, I feel my head is going to explode. I think the easiest and cheapest for me is to move to Bern (Switzerland) and get married to Melon pan for exclusive access to his dakis. πŸ™‚

          1. Hahaha, yea, I know that guy’s videos, he is awesome xD, I really envy his collection of everything. Umm, I’m saying the material DOES feel good, but unless you’re too “capricious” you could spend more money for a better material, hobbydaki does offer any type of material. I say, buy a normal daki and check it out, if you like it buy more.
            Yes, Boncool has some really good designs, but the prices are not out of this world. I asked my dakimakura provider (lol) personally by chat if he could get any of those, he said he could copy them to a very similar ones. So most probably he will ask a order from china as soon as they get copied, and sell them in his shop.
            It is not worth it paying 100$+ for a pillow cover, when the cost of production is waaay waaaay lower, probably less than 10$. Just by a chinese version, those are good, and thanks for the links πŸ™‚

          2. I’ll never really know unless I check out and compare myself, that’s for sure πŸ™‚ So I’m thinking of buying both a 2way “official” and a printed copy. Maybe NLS can give me some advice regarding official dakis and where to find guaranteed quality.

            No need to be hasty, I can suffer viewing cute dakis until the end of the year πŸ˜€

            (edit: oops, link fixed in my previous comment)

            edit2: *bookmark for monitoring, sold out damn quickly; licensed products (where is the damn RSS feed ?! oh dear…)

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