There are many many onaholes out there, we barely reviewed a fraction of a percent of them. Nevertheless: out of all the toys we had our hands on, which ones are our favorites? We occasionally update this page to list onaholes we recommend!

AnonymousD‘s top5

The only onahole I bought a second time after the first one wore out, and I would buy a third. Soft insides with excellent glans stimulation, just the perfect choice when in doubt.
🥈Newnew Onahole
Absolutely amazing onahole. It is really soft, but somehow it managed to stick to your meat in a unique way I have never experienced before giving you a top tier massage.
🥉Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro
While loose and not having an intense feeling, the Puni Virgin engulfs your penis in a delicious chunk of soft meat.
Quattro Natural girl
The inside tunnel has something unique to it, while not very complex, the it slides and curves on your penis is just fantastic.
Niku-Man 2200
Much like the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro, it’s not an intense feeling but a huge chunk of soft soft meat bouncing on your lap melting you in pleasure.

Akai‘s top5

🥇Sujiman Kupa Lolinco
This bestseller made by Magic Eyes found it’s well deserved place in many connoisseur’s hearts, the adorable bride is awesomely good!
Lilith Uterus Soft🥈Lilith Uterus Soft
Tomax’ products are not widely available, but with some thin lube this onahole is a great edging companion with it’s highly realistic interior!
🥉Nama Kanshoku Nen Maku
This onahole by RideJapan is a mystery. It’s by no means a premium toy, yet over the years it remained a staple toy of mine. It’s basic yet so good!
La Bocca Della VeritaLa Bocca Della Verità
When marble sculpture in Rome meets the Magic Eyes folks, the best mouth-type onahole on the market happened. Mind-blowing!
Virgin Age AdmissionVirgin Age Admission
Schoolgirl fantasy? Toysheart got you covered: playfulness, cuteness, innocence, and tightness. Controversially sweet!

Cr4zyDuck‘s top5