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Hello everyone πŸ™‚ This review is a bit special, both in content and reviewer’s clothing (I currently wear a seifuku+skirt and striped thigh highs). Because this time I’m gonna write about the Revo 2, an electric prostate massager made by London-based sextoy company Nexus ! Provided by MotsuToys, many thanks to them !


While most of the time Japanese sextoy companies are world-leaders when it comes to penis toys, western companies do much better with anal toys, or more specifically prostate toys. Add to it vibrator functions with battery, and you’ll barely see the Japanese industry on the market.

Prostate stimulation. For a long time I’ve been seeing it popping up here and there, the Graal of the ultimate neverending orgasm of the P-spot. And once OtakuApologist made a review of a prostate toy, quote: “I came for 3 hours straight, went to bed, woke up hours later still feeling it”,  I thought that’s not something I wanna miss out in my life. The prostate being one of the main responsible of the pleasure during ejaculation.


Sadly, as of today, I only reached once what could be considered a prostate orgasm, and it was by using a dildo (that’s to be reviewed still). Nevertheless, the Nexus Revo 2 achieved quite interesting things with my body, worth mentioning. Let’s dig in !

Box illustration


The packaging is very tidy and discreet, nothing outside telling outright what’s inside.

Box and content


One more black cardboard box inside, still discreet. Let’s open that up.


Here it is ! The toy itself, safely stored in a plastic tray.


Below the plastic tray, all the accessories:

  • user manual (in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese)
  • authenticity card
  • USB – microUSB cable
  • magnetic induction charger
  • storage bag

It’s very good so far, everything you can expect from a premium toy !



The Nexus Revo 2 is quite a piece, it’s bigger than I thought ! Total size: 14.5 cm, with insertable section of 9.5 cm length and 3.2 cm diameter. It weights 180 g.


It has a perineum-massage pad with lots of little silicon spikes, and the whole part that goes inside is covered in medical-grade silicon, thus safe to use inside the body, no chemicals leakage and no dirty pores.

Compared to the previous toys from the Revo series, this one contains a battery and gets reloaded by induction: the charger has magnets so it remains attached to the toy during recharging, and there’s no hole plug or anything that could break or get dirty. Recharging can take up to 10 hours, for a total play time of 4 hours.


The Nexus Revo 2 can do those:

  • (turned off, just prostate pressing)
  • slow rotation (~23 rpm)
  • slow rotation + constant vibrations
  • slow rotation + “pulsing” vibrations
  • fast rotation (~35 rpm)
  • fast rotation + constant vibrations
  • fast rotation + “pulsing” vibrations

By pressing the button below the perineum-massage pad, you turn it on in slow rotation. Each push on the button switches to the next mode, you can’t directly, say, jump directly from “slow rotation” to “fast rotation + vibration”. By holding the button for 2 seconds, you turn it off. That’s how it looks like when rotating:



During solo play, reaching the prostate with the finger can be challenging, and massaging it for a prolonged time is very tiresome. That’s how that toy is so useful, it can poke your prostate for hours ! It’s worth noting that, even if not everyone has a prostate, it could still give “anal filling” pleasure, or be used inside the vagina (it’s rotation could, for example, help exploring and teasing the G-spot).

As always with anal play, some advice:

  • not doing it right after pooping, or the time of the day you usually go poop
  • washing inside with enema and water (not mandatory, but recommended)

If, like me, you dislike the idea of getting a brown-painted finger, you can simply use a disposable glove, putting the lube onto one or two fingers, and then smearing the lube inside your anus.

As for the toy, well, OF COURSE YOU PUT LUBE ON IT TOO. The whole insertion part.

Then, you.. simply stick it into your butt, how can I explain it otherwise…  Me personally it wasn’t difficult at all but that’s maybe I’ve already made my butt used to having a thick dildo inside. If you have trouble putting it in, then start loosing yourself up with one finger, then with two. The toy should now be able to go inside easily πŸ™‚

While you don’t exactly feel the toy sliding deeper inside you, you suddenly feel a pressure, a.. sensation of.. it’s difficult to explain. Some people say it’s similar to having to pee…  Basically, that’s when the toy reached your prostate and presses against it through the rectum. The pressure is significant, which means that, if you are really aroused and your prostate is “trained” for it, you’ll reach prostate pleasure quite fast, within 15 seconds. For some people, it can trigger prostate orgasms right away.

In my experience, it has “just felt good”. It’s still fun to experience a feeling of pleasure close to what you feel when “edging” during a fap (with all the side effects like faster deeper breathing, faster heartbeat, shaky legs, tensing thighs and belly muscles, ..), but without even having a boner.

Most of the time, I just like it when it’s just rotation, or even turned off. While the vibrations make a funny feeling for the first seconds, it quickly numbs down the prostate and nothing else happens, which is sad. A couple times I ruined my pleasure by numbing down the prostate, which numbed down my glans sensibility, and so fapping didn’t even felt good, and I had a.. pleasureless “ejaculation” (just cum leaking out, not even shooting).

However, with a rotation + penis stroking (or using an onahole) made for very intense ejaculatory orgasms. Really, I blew my brain up a couple times like that, I turned full ahegao for 15 seconds and couldn’t find the willpower to stand up from my bed for the next 10 minutes. Be careful what you step into !


Oh cleaning. Really important with anal toys, right ? Sometimes, you’ll even have a brown spot at the tip to wash off.

What’s really important to keep in mind is that the Nexus Revo 2 isn’t waterproof. You can’t simply drown it in soapy water, which is… quite disappointing. Instead, you have to be real careful to only put the insertion part into the water. The rest can (and should) be simply cleaned with a wet wipe.

Let it air dry for a few minutes, then store it away from dust inside it’s storage bag.

Price / value

The Nexus Revo 2 is quite an investment, and a significant part of it’s price is caused by the lithium-ion battery inside. Considering it’s an electric sextoy, it’s price in European shops is fairly good. Shipping it to the other continents can drive the price up quite fast, since air shipping of batteries is often worrisome (if not outright forbidden). Durability should be very satisfying as long as you take proper care of it, helping you reaching prostate orgasm eventually.

Nexus Revo 2
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • 3/10
    Materials and cleaning - 3/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ can lead to powerful orgasms (prostatic and/or ejaculatory) + thick “finger” to press the prostate even turned off + durable battery with magnet reloading over USB + safe medical silicon for insertion part + good “premium-feeling” packaging
– not fully waterproof – few resellers outside EU
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6 Replies to “Nexus Revo 2”

  1. They should use standard lithium ion cells, not built-in batteries.
    – No planned product replacement due to non-replaceable batteries dying
    – Costs less because they don’t have to engineer or include a charger
    – I already have much better chargers; I don’t need another one for each toy. With a good charger you can charge safely at 1C, so you finish in 1 hour, not 10. If you prefer 0.5C (2 hours) it’s your choice.
    – Can have several more sets of batteries ready to hot-swap to
    – Can read remaining charge more accurately with any meter you like
    – You don’t need 10 sets of batteries if you only use 1-2 toys per session
    – No issues with air shipping, I can buy the batteries from a retailer in my own country.

    Some LED flashlight manufacturers are now offering each of their products in two versions – one with a proprietary battery pack & charger for your technophobic parents, and one that uses standard, user-managed Liion cells for the enthusiasts. Sex toy makers, start giving us the same choice. Or I won’t buy it.

  2. The first paragraph was very misleading. I expected pictures of the toy in use and you LET ME DOWN AkaiHebi.

  3. do you also know a good way of getting an prostate orgasm without the use of such expensive toys?
    i’m quite curious as to what it feels like, but i’m not ready for such an investment.

    love your content

    1. Yes there are simple prostate massagers, but also “wands” and dildos can reach the spot. Good and safe silicon toys can be found at around 30$, sometimes less.

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