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In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of human beings.
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Have you ever dreamt about using some REAL loli pussy juice along with your favorite toys (onahole, hip and torso included ?) ? As a big lolicon, I sure did a couple of time and was actively looking for a product which could fill my needs. And guess what ? I found it !

Is it good ? Does it smell like lolicious love juice ? Does it really inhance the thing ?

Well, that’s a lot of question so let’s check that in this new review =)

(and as usual many thanks to my partner Otona Sekai for providing me these awesome goods !)


Let’s first take a quick look at that bottle.

First things first : the packaging and mostly the artwork of that loli is full of cuteness and innonce, I freaking love that ! It’s quite rare to witness fully naked loli with exposed tits on product like that. I’m really greatful to Magic Eyes, they once again did some awesome job here !

With that pose and that “slimy stuff” pouring off from her hands, it kinda feels like she’s offering her delightful juices to her beloved Onii-chan and damn that really fills the bill for me, so cuuute ! (you know it now, I have a big fetish for incest things between Onii-chan and his lewd loli imouto)

Other than that, once again we can find a short storyboard telling a story about the girl and… some kind of old man… in the woods while she’s being fully naked right in front of him…

Hey ! I know what you got in mind old geezer, I’ve read enough doujinshi with that similar situation and they all ended up the same way !  Don’t you dare touching my loli or I’ll beat the fuck out of you !

Anyway, the main star of the Ubujiru bottle is with no possible contest our blonde, flat chested loli ! I really love her character and I would love if Magic Eyes could release an onahole or something based on her… damn hype is big but chances are so low ! πŸ™

The back of the bottle also have a small explanation panel on how to properly lube your onahole and stuff. I guess it might be a good tip for beginners ~

The design of the bottle is a LOT similar to Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion. So in short, it’s completly dedicated for onahole use since the cap is made in order to facilitate the application of lube inside our beloved rubber pussies. Of course you can also use it for regular faping, but it’s just that comparated to other type of bottle, this one is much more convenient when it comes to onahole, torso and so on… it does not make a mess, it allows you to pour only what you need and it’s very easy to keep clean by just wiping the tip with a towel.

Of course, the bad point is that the cap is based on a screwing type so it requires your two hands if you want to use it. But it’s not that a hassle after all. Usualy since I’m a lazy shit, I just let it open on my desk so when I need to refill I can use my free hand and it’s good and done =)


The texture of the Ubujiru is a LOT similar to Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion to the point that it even became my new favorite lubricant. What did make the difference ? The loli bonus point of the packaging of course !

More seriously, this lube is very good and gets the job done perfectly. The amount for the price (around 6€ a bottle of 370Ml… unbeatable price) is simply awesome. If you don’t overuse it, a whole bottle should last you for at least a couple of months. Then the texture is perfect, a bit slimy but not too much, just the right viscosity. It can last for a good time before starting to get dry and finaly, it has absolutely no smell of any sort !

Now, I personnaly don’t really like scentless lubricant. Well, it’s good if the original scent is disgusting, but at some point I think having a sweet smell of strawberry or something could be a really good add-on to enhance the experience.

And that’s why I’ll try to review the two other version of the Ubujiru series in some upcoming reviews with the “rose” and “mint” flavor !

Of course, we need to keep in mind that this is still a regular lube aimed mostly for onahole use. So it’s not surprising to witness that it doesn’t replicate real “loli love juice”. This will forever be an unreachable fantasy… unfortunately.


Nothing really special on that part. It’s a lube that gets cleaned very easily, you just have to rince your toys under clear water, and by scratching a bit with your finger everything should come out. If you still feel some slimy sensation inside, simply repeat the process. Also ti doesn’t stain nor leave any mark once it gets dry so that’s an other valuable point.


A pure perfection, a top tier lubricant in all the aspects of the term. With a beautiful loli artwork coupled to some great performance, a smart bottle and an awesome price tag… I can’t think of anything else this lube could lack of. To me it simply is one of the best I’ve ever tried to the point that it even became my new favorite one thanks to the bonus point brought by that blonde naked loli !

I won’t ever say it enough, but once again thank you so much Magic Eyes for offering us such masterpiece product and making our harsh life in this shitty 3D world a bit better and easier to handle every day !

  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ Cute loli cover (a must buy already) + Smart bottle (good for onahole use) + Good amount + Doesn’t smell + Awesome price + Great sensations + It doesn’t get dry too quickly + Easy to wash + Any lolicon should get it !
– NONE ! Well except maybe the screwing cap but that’s no big deal at all…
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13 Replies to “Ubujiru ~ Cr4zyDuck”

  1. You made a small mention, but I want to know your full opinion. Was there any noticeable difference between Ubujiru and Onatsuyu? Why is it that you prefer Ubujiru over Onatsuyu?

    I’m getting low on my Onatsuyu so I’m just curious if this lube is worth trying out over buying another bottle.

    1. The texture, durability and smell is exactly the same between the Ubujiru and the Onatsuyu. Honestly those two lubes are definitely the best for onahole use and perfectly equals in terms of quality.

      I prefer the Ubujiru over the Onatsuyu mostly because of its lolicious packaging (as a lolicon this is truly a blessing) and its different scent available with the Aroma Rose, my very favorite, and the Ubujiru Cold Mint.

  2. Sup bro. First, thank you for all your reviews.

    I just wanted to recommend a old onahole in case you passed by and would like to try, it’s crazy popular in japan since a while now.
    It’s the Virgin Loop Hard by Ride, it’s the one with the most reviews (about 1100) and with average score of 4/5 stars on amazon jp (the second one got only 200 reviews and it’s his soft version).

    Hope to read your review. Have a nice day.

    ps: Btw, You still recommend motsu for europe ?

    1. Hey, thanks for your support =)

      I’ll try to take a look for this onahole, even though I don’t like its transparent design and I think the sensation might be too hard for my taste.

      Yup, it’s the easiest and safest way to buy if you’re from europe. Way faster that importing the product from Japan, I usualy get my order withn GLS under 3 working days. No custom trouble too, so if you wanna buy some lolicious product rest reassured =)

  3. I forgot to mention this, but i assume you already know. She is a goddess. That comic strips is parody of The Honest Woodcutter story, but she asked about different type of lubricant instead.

  4. I want to confess about something.
    The thing that bother me when am ordering Ubujiru is, when I look at this product from Amazon JP,
    I can see her crotch completely.
    but when i got this lube and noticed that her crotch area was cropped out.
    My tears just keep flowing, …I just can’t control my tears. ;_;

    1. Interesting comment, I never noticed that on mine. But personnaly it’s not that bad to bother me since even on the uncut picture where we can see her crotch, there are no details to it. No loli slit or whatsoever so I honestly don’t care…

      1. It’s driving me nuts. because I try to imagine some story behind that.
        All Magic Eyes CG dudes agree to put this thing on the label.
        “This is okay, her crotch has no details, we can show this on label. No problem at all ;-)”

        But in the last days. somehow, somewhere, some guy, not happy to see this thing on the label.
        “That’s not okay, we can’t show that. Please crop it out. D-:”
        And cropped it out.

        So, first time i got this lube, I thought “GODDAMNIT, WHYY, IT’S OKAYY. IT HAS NO DETAILS on it, just put it there, plzz”.

        (Sorry for wrong English grammar, I’m Asian)

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