Chitsu Niku Puni Puni

I’m always super excited when Magic Eyes decides to release a new product, mostly when they have new unusual innovations like with the Chitsu Niku Puni Puni and its 3 different layer! (and that, tentacle shape ?) I admit I never heard about this onahole before so it was a rather pleasant experience to test it and provide this review ! (in short, I enjoyed masturbating with it, like A LOT)

Now enough waiting around, it’s time for pussy talk !



First things first, let’s start with a few pics of the box ~

Nothing too fancy here. The color looks great and definitely makes me think of the pinkish insides of a girl’s pussy which is actually the main selling point of this product with those “3 layer”.

Am I the only one thinking that the artwork of this anime girl looks a bit strange though ? …

Moving on ~

Again nothing that special for the bottom but actually the top of the box is really nicely done since it kinda shows you a hole (yeah a real one) through which you will see all those 3 different sort of layer. And once you open it up it will look like this !

TA-DAAA ! She seems to have accidently lost her clothes during the removal of the plastic packaging, damn what a pervy girl we have here…

But hey, honestly there is definitely something wrong with that artwok right ? I mean, I don’t know if it comes from her expression or else but, damn that’s so strange…

no comment


As usual with Magic Eye’s, the onahole comes in a plastic bag with a stick of useless and thick lube (15ML to be precise). Mine was unusable so I threw it away and used Peace’s instead LOL

Apart from that, there aren’t anything special about the insides. The little piece of cardboard is rather usefull though since it helps holding the product in place during transport so that it doesn’t get damaged.


As you can see, those are the three different kind of layer used for this onahole:

  • A soft and skin-like one for the outside
  • An other in the middle which goal is too make the tunnel feel more firm
  • The last pinkish one aimed to reproduce the pussy’s insides

With a lenght of approximatively 12cm and a weight of 200g, this is the smallest and lightest “pocket pussy” I’ve ever tried from Magic Eyes. I didn’t notice any smeel and the outside were super smooth right out of the packaging !

This is soo funny though, even on toy’s like this they still add that pixeled shit over the pussy. Seriously, I really hope someday someone will abolish this stupid censorship law…

As you can see the bottom part has an exit hole. In fact, the lenght of the pussy tunnel is so short that you’ll necessarily have to go right through it with your glans. Surprisingly, it isn’t messy at all since lube and other juice tends on staying right in the middle. I have no idea how they did that but that’s an awesome feature !

As you can see, the design of the onahole itself is rather strange. I clearly have no idea about what they tried to reproduce but to me it simply looks like the tip of a monster’s tentacle, you know those you oftently see in hentai etc…

No idea ?

Oh come on guys, rape scene with tentacle are the very basic of any hentai… ~ my personnal recommandation of the moment would be Inyouchuu, based on the eroge series of the same name and that I’m currently watching.

Let me get this straight. If you are a real freak of tentacle stuff, crazy monster and rape with cute school girl being used like simple fuckable hole after buckets of cums has been poured deep inside their womb, then this masterpiece is for you ! And I can assure you that using this onahole while watching this hentai is one of the best thing I’ve ever tried ^^

Preview ~ The “former” main heroine. Her pussy and womb will overflow with buckets of tentacle cum over the eps, so exciting…

The one thing which is funny is that usually tentacle are aimed to penetrate 2D girl’s pussy/butthole. But here no, it’s a different story since you actually get to penetrate the tip of the tentacle itself ! Nice concept, I like it.


The feeling provided by this onahole are… pretty damn good ! Honestly for such a size and weight, I can’t ask for more stimulation. The middle layer is the star of the show actually since it helps maintaining a tight and firm grasp over your dick, this is not a huge improvment but damn it still changes a lot to the sensations provided!

Also the 3rd pinkish layer, apart from being very durable (you’ll feel some places here and there where the material is thiner though, don’t really know why…) also brings a nice feeling to your glans during stroking.

One thing I do love about this onahole is the open ending. I first thought it would be annoying but in fact it adds a brand new sensation to your head. You see, once your glans will pop-out, your erection will be getting much much bigger and intense. The reason behind this is that the entiere insides of the pussy will be clinging down to your shaft, and with that firm and tight 2nd layer it’s actually gonna play the same role as a cock ring.

I can assure you that I experienced amazing ejaculations with that little technique ! (implying buckets and stream of cum!)


Cleaning this pussy is the easiest thing ever, mostly due to its small size and that exit hole. Not much things to say about that part, in less than 5 minutes washing and drying were done for me =)

I still recommand powdering sessions from time to time, otherwise it’ll become very sticky.


Don’t underestimate small pussies tentacles!

Chitsu Niku Puni Puni
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ Awesome feelings + Easy to hide thanks to that small size ! :v + No factory smell + Super attractive price ! + Easy to clean and dry + Nice “tentacle-shape” :3 + Very durable materials
– The hell is wrong with that artwork ? – Useless stick of lube…
User Review
4.67 (3 votes)

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5 Replies to “Chitsu Niku Puni Puni”

  1. How do you dry it in 5 minutes?
    I just got it a few days ago and I can’t get it perfectly dry because I’m affraid of damaging it by forcing a cloth inside…
    it stays just a liiiitttle bit wet.
    I don’t know how dangerous it is mold-wise.
    It’s the first onahole I buy so I’m still a bit clueless haha

    1. Well, since there is an opening ending it’s really easy to get it dry in less than 5 minutes. Stick your microfiber towel in both holes and pat the tunnel dry as much as you can, its not a problem if you’re a bit rough the material should handle it. And don’t worry if it’s not 100% dry and still feels a bit moist on the walls. Just let it dry in an open area and you’ll be done =)

    1. I would rather say this one to be honest. Sensations are better, the price is cheaper and mine is by far more durable than my Rina.

      Sujiman Kupa Rina was my very first onahole, and it was truly awesome for a beginner. Nice and cute looking, gorgeous insides, nice feeling… the lenght and weight weren’t enough to my taste though. But after some time, the inside layer gradually started to get separated from the main structure making the onahole unusable… good for trash.

      The puni, I have it since this summer and it’s still in great shape. Maybe a few tears here and there in the inside layer but nothing too bad… for such a price, I couldn’t find anything better.

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