Girl’s Dungeon

After two weeks of holidays and a short break on my reviews, I’m finaly back on track with this surprising and unique onahole from my favorite brand ever, Magic Eyes. There’s no denial that after having tried so many product from them, sextoys of other companies now truly feels to me like some vulgar pieces of rubber with no particular interest.

And THIS onahole (or should we call it a small onahip ?) is no exception to the rule. People can say whatever they want but Magic Eyes team is truly the best when it comes down to innovating product with crazy concept.

Now let’s get down to it and review this cute Girl’s Dungeon together. Don’t forget your map though or you might litteraly get lost inside her =)


The day Magic Eyes will run out of crazy idea will definitely put an end to their company, I swear. Just look at this ! It just feels like during their daily meeting, one of the dude who was some damn Dragon’s Lair freak suddenly had an urge to fap and decided to combine two things which had absolutely nothing in common : Girls and Dungeon.

Well, in a close-up we can steel find some bonds between the two like in Mario with Peach who’s always getting kidnapped in the fucking dungeon of Bowser xd

Anyway, let’s face it: the concept is truly fucked up, but damn this idea is awesome ! I mean, seriously a girl’s pussy with….6 HOLES.


3D girls can’t even compete with their two holes LOL

As usual, let’s check the whole packaging first before getting to the onahole itself ~

The box might looks big, but it was actually smaller than I excpected from the promotional pictures. The cardboard itself is very soft, so it’s not really ideal if you are planning to keep it in order to store the onahole inside since it might wears out quite quickly.

Other than that, I really like the box. Not my favorite, but still very good. We got all the informations we need along with great pictures of the onahole, product dimensions, indications about the structure/position of each tunnels and finaly the girl of the cover that looks really beautiful !

Did you notice the little chibi drawing where she is holding the onahole made out of her own pussy ?

I truly love them!

It’s really funny and exciting to witness her standing still like that with this thing molded out of her own pussy between her hands xD

But wait, why is she crying ? :0

Is having all those holes inside her tummy the reason of her pain ? Or does she feels sick ? Is her heart broken from a recent love story ?

Uhm… I’d love to know so I could comfort her. Seeing an anime girl crying is truly painful for my kokoro :/ (Of course, I don’t give a shit about 3D ones, die, disapear, GO TO HELL YOU DAMN BIT***!)


As you open the box for the very first time, that’s what you’ll be greated with ! The same kind of chibi artwork on the right side but this time you’ll find the girl holding a condom while having a pinkish one on her head ! That is really funny, I didn’t even notice that the artwork was different the first time I opened it xd

Looks really nice and quite erotic too since it just feels like she’s tempting you to have sex with her…

On the left side, we got AGAIN the same safety sheet or whatever that is telling you that the material used for the toy had been tested and shit and that everything is ok and won’t give damn cancer to your ChinChin !

Again, again and AGAIN the same shitty stick of lube is included inside the packaging. Seems like Magic Eyes won’t ever take note of my review to change that… well, I highly doubt they will ever read my lines but hey we never know !

So yeah, as expected this lube is pure shit so I directly threw it away. If you want some cheap and awesome lube, just go with the Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion =)

Now that’s an other great point ! Despite the fragile box, the product is still wraped in a plastic bag as well as in a sturdy plastic case to avoid any harm to the outside like streaks and stuff. It’s always better to receive a product in good shape rather than a damaged one.

Of course it’s now common to see those kind of display with Magic Eyes but there are still many other maker who “don’t give a shit” and keep on simply putting the product inside the box without any other material to ensure security… when you know how parcel can sometimes be treated by the postal services, having a case like that can truly save your toy.


Let’s now take a closer look to the onahole itself by starting with the outside ~

Actually it’s not really an “onahole” but rather one of those middle-sized one like Measuring the girl growth and Sakura The Small Idol.

The weight of 1.1Kg is simply perfect since it’s quite heavier than a regular onahole but on the other hand still much smaller than a hip. The results is a better and more realistic feeling without the hassle of having to deal with a large product (for cleaning and use).

The general lenght is 18cm but the longest tunnel might rather be standing around 16 to 16.5cm. Still pretty good, I had absolutely no problem at all to get right to the bottom.

Also since the width is not too big, you can either grab it with two hands or with a single one. Pretty nice if you love doujinshi like myself and always need a free hand to switch the pages xD

Now onto the look itself ~

Very, very nice molding here. I’m truly impressed they actually managed to put all these holes inside this rather small body. That’s actually the reason why the shape looks much more “inflated” than with an actual body like Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE. The buttocks looks really nice even though the size isn’t quite big to fit the entiere palm of your hand.

An other thing I love about the molding would probably be those curves you see on her belly and on her waist. I don’t know if they tried to reproduce some human muscles or if it’s just in order to add something to grab on during use, but in all cases I really love it since I find that it gives some more realism to the onahole.

Considering the material, I would say top notch. Usually Magic Eyes product always tend to be a bit smelly and sticky right out of the packaging, but with Girls Dungeon I didn’t encounter any of these. The outer skin feels just incredibly smooth once powdered with talcum, I think it’s one of the best sensation I’ve ever felt on a toy like this.

On top of that, it’s really durable. I haven’t noticed any single tears in the insides or marks on the outside.

Really awesome job there Magic Eyes !

As we could have expected with Magic Eyes, the insides are double layered in one of the cutest pinkish layer I’ve ever seen ~ it’s so bright, so thick, so cute !

Of course besides improving the whole look of the onahole, this inner layer is firmer than the outer one so it provides more stimulation to your dick once you penetrate one of the hole. To this date, I haven’t noticed any single tears in the insides, which is extremely RARE when you know that dual-layered hole are way more fragile than single-layered one.

Speaking of the holes, let’s talk about them in more details ~

So this is one of the promotional image broadcasted by Magic Eyes. As you can see, it looks really overcrowded with all those tunnels going here and there in all the cardial directions LOL

But relax, you’ll understand everything with my masterclass drawing down bellow ~

As I said earlier, this onahole comes with 6 HOLES. By pulling apart the pussy lips, you’ll only be able to see the entrance of the urethra (1) and of the vagina. Push a little deeper inside tha vagina and you’ll cross your first junction with one tunnel leading upwards (2) and an other small one leading downwards (5). Then right bellow the (2) tunnel you’ll find an other hole with two different tunnels. One will be leading straight ahead (3) while the other one will be getting downwards (4) by connecting with the asshole (6) at the deepest part.

Now more details about each holes :

(1) – The urethra is completly straight and filled with ribs up to the end

(2) – The first vaginal hole leading upwards the two others is mostly composed with ribs at the beginning and then with a few bumps near the end. It gets more tight once you reach the deepest part of it.

(3) – This one is my personnal favorite hole and the tightest of all. The shape near the end gives a very pleasant stimulation to the glans.

(4) – Here we have the deepest hole of the toy covered with the same structure as the (2). It’s connected with the asshole so there are no vacuum at all and it’s a bit noisy.

(5) – Very small one, only meant to stimulate the tip of the penis. Quite hard to reach.

(6) – Anal hole, it’s actually not meant to be penetrated. You can, but it feels really tight and it’s not enjoyable at all. Plus, this hole has a very thin part of TPE with the outside so you might rip it apart.

Well I guess I barely said everything about the toy now. It’s really a unique concept to be honest, but it’s not bad at all. I guess people would either like it or hate it : personnaly, I am a fan!

Instead of regular onaholes where you can only fuck one or maybe two holes, this one with 6 holes is truly something else. In fact, you just can’t get bored of it like you would with an other toy. When I get tired of a tunnel, I just pull my dick out and search for an other one !

Speaking of the “research” part, that’s an other amazing gimmick of this product. Because of course, with 6 holes in this tiny belly, finding the one that you really really want isn’t going to be that easy !

Hey, what did you think, it’s a dungeon after all !

So in fact during the first uses, you might litteraly get lost inside her since you won’t have any clue about which hole you’ll be in ! I remember that I always used to fap with the MAP from the box on my desk so that I could locate myself inside and look for the hole that I wanted to fuck.

How many onaholes out there offers you so many possibilites ?

Seriously, the guys who brought this onahole to life deserve a trophy for having imagined all of it xD


With so many holes at your disposal, it seems that everyone will be able to find what he’s looking for in terms of sensations. If you’re more into tight ribbed structure, the urethra will become your best friend. If you prefer a tighter penetration, simply go for the one connected with the asshole…

Possibilities are barely endless. And when you add the fact that each tunnels is fuckable both from the front AND back (aka doggystyle) then you might truly need more than a single fapping session to try every single hole of that toy.

The thought only made me drowling and drowling… this onahole is just a mind-blowing product for offering us so many possibilities at such a price.

Let’s take this drawing back for a few explanations

(1) – The Urethra is probably the first hole you’ll be tempted to fuck. At least that’s what I did because I was super curious about it ~ with such a ribbed structure, no need to say that the stimulation was rather hard and felt really good. Being rather large and with a closed ending, once you get fully inside all the air will get out creating a very nice vacuum. This is one of the hole I use the more and one of my favorite of the onahole.

(2) – Considering the first vaginal tunnel leading upward, the sensation is pretty nice too. Fucking her from the front is easier to get inside due to the shape. I oftenly use this hole to get some energy back when I feel like cumming too quickly =)

(3) – You remember, this particular hole is my favorite of all. The most difficult to penetrate since its entrance is right bellow the (2) and before the (4). Once thing is sure, if you are not 100% erected, don’t even think about it. This hole is a bitch, it wants you harder than ever to pound its inside otherwise you’ll just get rejected like a fool. But once wrapped in her wet-tender walls, oh man….. that twisted structure at the bottom feels INCREDIBLY GOOD ! The tightness is rather strong and since the structure is mostly plain without ribs or dots, you can fuck it at a really good path to finaly explode all your seeds deep inside !

(4) – Considering the deepest hole in diagonal and connected with the asshole, I don’t like it too much. The stimulation is fine but nothing that special. However fucking it makes some damn noise due to the air going out through the asshole…

(5) – Heh, this one is very special! At first I didn’t even kown it was possible to fuck it, but I was wrong. It’s KINDA possible, but really hard and annoying. The only possible way is by penetrating it from behind while again being a 100% hard. Then about 1/3 of your dick will be able to get inside but that’s all. I would say this tiny hole only stimulate your glans, but as I always like getting balls deep inside my toy’s pussy this one kinda left me a bitter taste in mouth…

(6) – Finaly, the butt. It’s actually not meant to be fucked but you still can if you want to try. I did it and it wasn’t exceptionnal. For a couple of reasons: first, it’s very very tight. So tight that even with lube it’s really hard to slide inside. Then the stimulation isn’t special, as usual with anal hole I would say…. finaly, it’s really dangerous because the layer is veeeeeery thin so you might end up tearing a hole and screwing your toy at the same time.


Beside all the good points I noticed, cleaning of course is a pain with such a thing…

2 holes is already tiresome but when you have 6 of them to clean AND dry, I say FUCK!

Beside being long and annoying, some hole are also difficult to reach like my favorite (3). But then it all comes to the technique, once you’ll get used to it and learn your own way of cleaning/drying it, it’ll be much easier and quicker.

As always I recommend tepid water and once all the holes are flushed out, use a microfiber towel to get the insides dry. Press the onahole and if you still hear some water noise then you’ll have to pat it dry one more time. And of course, think about adding talcum every 2/3 washes in order to keep the surface clean and smooth.


I wanna be totaly honest with you, this is one of the most surprising onahole I’ve ever tried!

When I first saw the pictures I was like “OOOOOOH FUCK MAGIC EYES I LOVE YOU GUYS !” ~ actually the exact same reaction I had when I saw La Bocca Della Verità – The Mouth of Truth for the very first time or the Love Style 48.

Innovation coupled to insane idea is truly what makes them renowed and popular among the otaku community. And it seems that they don’t intend to take a break anytime soon when you take a look at their latest AMAZING creation the “Gokusai Little Red Riding Hood” released at the beginning of the month and this time based on the concept of prolapsed womb and uterus penetration! (yeah you remember guys I have a big fetish on those things)

I don’t think an onahole has ever made my heart beat so much… I’ll definitely get it and review it on the blog so get ready =)

Anyway, I truly enjoy my Girl’s Dungeon and I absolutely don’t regret my purchase. If you want to try something new and unique, then I highly recommand it!

Girl's Dungeon
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Materials and cleaning - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


+ Pleasant box artwork with good infromations + Plastic case and plastic bag + Very nice molding + No smelly or sticky material + 6 FUCKING HOLES ! + Each holes feels different + Cute pinkish layer + Durable material + Very nice sensations in most of the holes + Can be used with one or two hands + Easy to hide =)
– Connection pussy/anal makes some noise – Be careful if you wanna fuck her asshole ! – Fragile box with only a stick of lube – Difficult to wash and dry
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  1. Just want to talk about lube. Magic Eyes has it own awesome lube too, it is Ubujiru.
    Ubujiru is look …some sort of slimy when you pour, but when using it, it feel almost like Onatsuyu, slippery, and hard to dry.

    I love this lube, but I just wondering why no one talk about it.
    OtonaJP and Otona-Sekai had it in store.
    Just remember : HOT NAKED BLONDE FLAT CHEST FAIRY LOLI WHATEVER on the bottle…. It got me good.

    Sorry for broken English. 😀

  2. How deep is the deepest hole? I’m unusually short, so I’m wondering if I’m even able to reach it.

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