Gokusai Uterus – Little Red Riding Hood

In early July 2017, was released the 3rd onahole of the Gokusai Series from Magic Eyes. After the Gokusai Monster Alraune and Gokusai She’s Wearing A White Shirt, here comes now the Gokusai Uterus – Little Red Riding Hood featuring images of a prolapsed uterus on the box.

Let me tell you this : I’ve never been this hyped before at the release of such an onahole !

In the end, I couldn’t wait for a provider to send me one and decided to order a sample with my own money. Honestly a bit more than 20€ for such an onahole which covers and pictures made me drooling and drooling for days wasn’t a problem at all.

Since I now know every aspect of this toy, I think it would be good to give it a nice review in order to explain everything in details to you guys. Plus I’ve been requested by more and more people since this summer, so as I guess there are a lot of other fellow uterus/womb lover out here and that would definitely be a waste not to encourage them to get this gem for their fapping session.

Enough talking now and let’s dig into that womb !

Lolis are definitely my most favorite fetish ever. But when it comes to most “hard” and “strange” hentai stuff, I’ve always been very excited by everything related to a girl’s uterus. There sure are lots of crazy doujinshi out there related to that subject, with most of the time some very fucked up stories and things that couldn’t even be possible in 3D ~ AKA womb prolapsed, penetrated, expanded, crushed, tore-apart, burned, pinched, extracted, fisted, inseminated, exploded (yes with firecrackers, I saw that once in a guro doujin).

The list is endless and there are content for all tastes. Who said hentai had to be “humanly” possible in the first place ? The basic rule of hentai is at the complete opposite, its aim is to stimulate our imagination in order to satisfy our deepest fantasies which, for the most part, would either be IMPOSSIBLE (guro, prolapse…) or ILLEGAL (lolis, rape…) in 3D.

And honestly, that’s why hentai is so awesome !

Some of my favorite doujinshi ever are related to that fetish. When sometimes I want to go for some extreme stuff, I’m usually always going for those doujinshi which always make me rock hard in a few seconds. There are some real jems on a lot of hosting website, and a large choice as you can see…

And even in the most recent hentai anime, we are starting to see more and more extreme sex scene where the girl is cumming like crazy due to her womb being prolapsed or fisted. The 2 titles that directly comes in my mind are of course Euphoria

… and DropOut.

All in all, this is a pretty hot fetish…


No prolapsed uterus on the front cover but a cute girl dressed as the little red riding hood and completly exposing her white panties

Ahhh ! There it is !

She looks pretty cute and innocent with that flower band. But you understand something looks suspicious when you read that “uterus”

Nearly 500g and a rather complex inner structure

Holly cow, this looks like putting your dick inside this thing is going to send you in an other dimension…

Nice opening system

The box is quite nice, mainly regarding the artwork. The quality of the drawing is definitely perfect, I love her pose with her white panties in full view as well as her cute innocent expression. But at the same when you remember that originaly the story this character is based on is made for children, it kinda makes the whole thing looks pretty creepy…

Normally no one would think of onahole and crazy uterus penetration while seeing an artwork of the little red riding hood.

Congratz, Magic Eyes, you achieved to turn tables at your own advantage !

Other than that well it’s just the regular type of box with all the essentials informations, nothing too fanzy here. The opening systeme is quite interesting, it’s just too bad the inner cover is plain white… they could have added a variation of the cover for instance.


Box, sample of lube and onahole !

Wrapped not in ONE but TWO plastic bag ! And each of different material for a better safety, awesome Magic Eyes.

I won’t mention the lube since as always, it’s just good to throw to the bin due to it’s poor quality. Magic Eyes is doing some incredible onahole but they keep providing such shitty samples of lubricant, I really don’t understand…

Anyway what really surprised me here was the two plastic bag in which the onahole was wrapped in. Yes TWO plastic bag ! With all the onahole I already own this is truly the first time I see something like this. The first one is made out of regular plastic, and then the second one is much more soft and smooth to the touch. I don’t know which material it is, but it’s very nice.


In terms of dimension first, the Gokusai Uterus is right in the average with a weight of nearly 500g for a total lenght of about 15cm. It’s quite big, but not too much if you are accustomed to use product such as Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo that are far bigger.

But it’s great. Getting your grip on it is easy and you don’t really feel your hand squishing the toy over your penis. Hence, it truly enhance the stimulation of actually fucking a pussy and that’s a very good point. I didn’t have much trouble with the inner lenght too, the material and particularly the “jelly” part can expand quite a bit so you shouldn’t worry about tearing it.

The entrance is perfect, surely one of the most beautiful slit I’ve ever seen on an onahole. It has a sort of camel toe shape which is very exciting (you just want to insert your COIN inside) but then at the top they took the time to recreate a girl’s clitoris. Well, not really the clitoris itself but rather the clitoral hood, or the foreskin if you prefer LOL ~ it looks super cute and erotic, whoever decided to include this to the onahole definitely had a great idea !

Now to the most interesting part, the INSIDES ~

First off, discovering those cute pinkish insides after spreading apart the outer pussy lips is truly gorgeous. Once again they brought a lot of details here with the color first but also regarding the molding of the clitoris. Wait, I thought the clitoris was under the clitoral hood ?

Ohh well, after all onahole = hentai/doujinshi = FUCK LOGIC.

There is just one more thing to notice here regarding the inner structure of the onahole. Actually the bottom is split in 3 part, first you have the hole with the uterus, then a tunnel leading upward the womb and then a thrid one heading downward. It’s important to keep that in mind because at first I didn’t even notice with the promotional pictures.

At first glance we can already see that this onahole is quite unique in its genre. Why ? Because of the dual material used for the molding. First the white, skin-like texture feels quite smooth and soft to the touch, this is very important in order to make the entrance of the pussy looks cute and easily penetrable. Then the last half of the toy is made in a sort of jelly-like material, a bit like the filling of Neotenic Fairy but firmer. Then the 3rd and last layer is actually the pinkish membrane you can find in the vagina.

Just for being able to tease that womb, I HAD to buy this onahole. Honestly I was so impatient to make the uterus prolapse after seeing all the picture from Magic Eyes, that it was the first thing I did when I first unboxed it ! And I must say that it was truly a great moment LOL

Enjoying playing with her deepest part is so damn exciting and the texture feels so realistic with that glossy look. However, be careful. I’ve only done it for the picture since I don’t want to weaken the material too much. Dual layer product are way more fragile so be cautious if you want to prolapse your own (not doing it would be a waste though, just be safe and do it calmly)

In short, the molding quality of the wombis fucking incredible, for real. Like, I have always wondered how a girl’s uterus might feel like but here, the color and the feeling could be so close to reality, it’s simply insane.

More than a single rubber-ring as we can oftently see with maker trying to reproduce uterus with cervix, here it’s really the ENTIER bottom part that is made into this jelly-material making the feeling much more intense, the look much more real and the durability a lot better !

In short, Magic Eyes once again achieved to surprise me by making of these prolapsed womb I love so much in 2D, a reality with that onahole !


Now let’s get into the bottom of this review, and talk about the feelings. 

This onahole feels pretty good, honestly. It’s not as special as I expected when I saw the inner design and stuff but it still gets the job done properly. But the womb part needs a bit more explanations ~

Actually, with regular onahole trying to mimic a cervix penetration, it’s oftently low quality made with a simple rubber ring molded into the vagina. However the big downside of that method is that durability is very weak since the ring will suffer from your pounding, and most of the time it doesn’t even feel good…

With the Gokusai Uterus, Magic Eyes went on a completely different method by separating the onahole in two different material. No cheap looking ring to replicate the womb, this time they designed the uterus WITHIN the material, that’s the big difference between this onahole and others and that’s why it’s actually so great.

First thing to notice, the cervix does have some volume. It kinda look like this :

But then comes the difficulty. Getting inside is VERY HARD and even IMPOSSIBLE ! The problem is simple, well it’s not really a problem since to me this is more of an asset than anything else but anyway….

The womb has some volume, but the jelly-red material still isn’t firm enough to keep the shape during the penetration. So what happens when your glans reach it and tries to get inside is the following ~

The cervix entrance is just WAY too SMALL to get in. Plus it’s too squishy so even though you’ll be right in the angle, you won’t be able to fuck it.

I achieved to fit my dick inside one time only, and the cervix tore a bit. It clearly wasn’t made to be fucked like that, or at least not with my size. Also the space inside the uterus was so small, it was only big enough to fit my glans and at any move I was pushed out. It felt quite realistic though, and I really liked that… the sensation of being forcefully rejected out of her most precious female parts, so hot !

Anyway, this onahole isn’t really made to fuck the uterus, that’s the point I wanna make here. But no worry, I found out it wasn’t a waste at all since instead of fucking the womb the tunnel will lead you either underneath or above the uterus regarding the position you’ll be fucking her (front/back). And I must say tbaf, THIS sensation was sensational !

Getting deep inside her and feeling a hot, large, slimy uterus pressing up against your glans and a cervix teasing your urethra at each back and forth is simply….incredible, sorry I don’t have any other word in mind to describe the sensation.

Regarding the foremost part of the onahole, then entrance isn’t too tight so it’s easy to get fully in. There is a small urethra hole and I have absolutely no idea why they molded it since you can’t get inside LOL

The HYMEN is were the tightness will begin during the insertion ~ right behind you’ll find a fully ridged bump on the upper wall. Trust me this thing is going to give you some tremendous amount of pleasure, you might become addicted to it so be careful !

The rest of the vagina is simply full of large ribs. This is a kind of stimulation that I really love, not too intense and not too low, just the good balance. I forgot to mention that once you’ll be fully inserted, her womb will also brings a rather strong vacuum so feeling all of these ribs and that uterus pressing against your member might feel even more intense and incredible…


Nothing complicated here, just keep in mind one thing : water might get stuck INSIDE but also AROUND the womb, so be careful no to forget patting it dry otherwise growing mold is assured.

Babypowder for extra smoothness is HIGHLY recommanded.


Once again, I’m completely left speechless by the ingeniosity of Magic Eyes coupled to their crazy and perverted ideas. With such a theme, this onahole is obviously 100% dedicated to the otaku community (seeing prolapsed womb and uterus torture isn’t very commun for normies…)

Still, what they brought us here truly is a real jem. By far, the best womb themed onahole I’ve ever tried, even though you can’t really get inside. The durability is top notch, I got mine since July and apart a small tear on the entrance, there are no damages at all. The quality of the material is very good too and the molding very complexe with those 3 layer, that hymen and mostly that uterus.

A bit more than 20€ for such a product is really a good price, you couldn’t expect anything better. So if you have a fetish about girls uterus like myself and love faping to those kind of hentai and doujinshi, then don’t think twice and go buy one for yourself !


Gokusai Uterus - Little Red Riding Hood
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


+ Original artwork “Little red riding hood theme” + Awesome packaging + Good protection (2 plastic bag for 1 onahole!) + Gread product, durable material + Does not smell bad + Amazing molding of the pussy lips/womb + Unique sensations… + Affordable
– Uterus is hard to fuck – A bit tricky to dry inside and around the uterus
User Review
3.53 (19 votes)

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25 Replies to “Gokusai Uterus – Little Red Riding Hood”

  1. I got this as my first onahole. I got this one because it looks nice and actually has a clit and such. Didn’t prolapse it as I don’t care and didn’t want to break the toy. First day was rough, not pleasurable at all. Turns out i suffer from death grip syndrome. Recommendation was to stop wanking and only use the toy.

    So I did that. And oh boy! Every time felt better. I don’t even want to use my hand anymore. My erection has gotten rock hard too.

    Now a few days ago this toy surprised me, I know how you said you can’t really penetrate the uterus. Well I did. Not intentional, it just happened. And it was magical. I could even slightly see the tip of my penis poking on the transparent material on top of the toy. My glans was fully inside. This was so exciting that after only 3 strokes I came hard, unloading everything in the womb.

    What an experience! Highly recommended.

  2. I rebought this a year after when I first heard about it. The gokusai uterus arrived with the cervix already torn so I returned it. Recently demon toys had a huge sale. 40%off this baby so I tried again. It seems they tweaked the design and made small changes to the cervix that made it less likely to tear and easier to enter the uterus. Would you mind doing a follow up to see if this is true and not just a corner case? Thanks. Definitely a fun one to finger!

  3. Is it normal that you can see small tearing in the material at the entrance? This is my second onahole and i see same think 3 uses and the material is already torn at few places, not a big deal if its not gonna tear up anymore, but im either doing something wrong, getting a defective one, or its standard and im overreacting.
    Also anyone who has this can share a good way to dry the insides, the sticks with the sponges on the them that i bought at motsutoys to dy the onahole are okay, but they still have a hard time reaching around the womb.

  4. While im buying this onahole it just packed only 1 plastic bag, is that safe ? Im afraid someone using it before

    1. Was it packed with the plastic bag inside the cardboard box or was it just the plastic bag without the official product package? If so did the seller declare that the onahole comes without package? May i ask where you bought it? I am asking because i recently bought my first onaholes and i am a bit suspicious of potentially having been sold counterfeit products.

  5. HOW exactly do you make the womb prolapse? I tried pushing from behind but I can’t get it out for the life of me. Maybe give some instructions?

  6. Picked this up the other day! My first onahole and well my first male sex toy, I know I am well late to the party!

    Although it was a different and pleasurable experience I was little bit disappointed by the onahole. I don’t feel like I’ve hit the uterus at all yet, on turning the thing inside out I found two holes in the soft red section one is partially sealed and the other is so small my dick is never going to get it.

    I’ve only used it twice and there already a couple small pin holes appearing in the red section. And the ribbed inside is a bit boring, I’m not the most sensitive chap which probably doesn’t help.

    The hole looks awesome it’s really hot, specially when you spread the lips and get a good look at all the pinkness inside. The initial penetration is awesome it’s so nice and tight and works the glands well, I like just working the tip with this toy and it feels fantastic. Hiting the cervix at the back is ok, if it was a bit firmer it would feel better. The hole has a good suction as well really does grip you.

    So for my first hole it’s ok, I was looking forward to something that I could go balls deep into but the pleasure from this hole is from that right entrance. I was really disappointed as I had high hopes for the uterus section. But hey ho!

    Any recommendations for my second hole?

  7. Hi ,

    Which one would you recommend
    Between age admission or Lolinco Virgo?
    Or I should get both ?
    I was using tenga flip zero .
    Feel boring with it !

  8. I didn’t even know this was possible with this hole … to get that uterus out, anyway too soft for me I didn’t have much onaholes yet but this was a disappointment.
    I really liked the kupa roa hard edition that was amazing.

  9. I have the same uterus fetish and this is gold!
    Unbirth prolapse pregnant all the way through tentacle …

    1. OR if you want to go a lil bit further how about googling testicular pregnancy hentai he…hehe……he

  10. THANX i just ordered this cutie. Plus thank you for posting the scans that others are to pc for.

      1. It was litterally guro. its not everyones thing. keep your fetishes for mutilated loli uterus off of a site other people visit.

      2. you didn’t put a content warning for your guro, and you’re offended that people are upset?? just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s not legitimately upsetting to others. if you can understand that you need to tag loli, why can’t you understand that you need to tag guro?

  11. that first paragraph was too much…. I enjoy seeing prolapse, but not all that brutal stuff… just show the cuties cumming hard while their vag is a little inside out and i’m fine…, but some of that like the clamp and the screwdriver… hell no!

    but as for the toy itself, it looks like an interesting concept. plus i love little red riding hood (my number 2 all time waifu, with alice being first). i’m willing to give this a shot

  12. I just threw up a little in my mouth reading the first paragraph.

    I mean fuck, I wanna read about the actual toy and not about exploded and crushed wombs, or see pictures of a girl driving a screwdriver through hers. I understand wanting to give some background info as to why the toy appeals to you but that’s too much and straying off target that is the actual toy and the review of it….

    … and was that fucking screwdriver image REALLY necessary? >_>

    1. The screwdriver was too much for my eyes x_____x

      I happened to buy this onahole on black friday sales and today it finally arrived. The sensation is ok, but mine came with a factory defect, the tunnel leads to the right side of the hole, It almost feels like it’s gonna tear a new hole on the side of the jelly anytime soon.

      1. Yep, after around 10 uses, it pierced through the right wall. There’s a miniature breathing hole so the lube dries faster and there is no longer suction. Such a shame, this was probably my favourite hole. I guess I have to invest in a new one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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