La Bocca Della Verità – The Mouth of Truth

La Bocca Della Verita

Ciao a tutti ! Mi presento: La Bocca Della Verità ! Se avete il coraggio, insere il pene in là. (I better stop trying Italian or else I’ll start a new World War in our neighborhood)  Introducing: La Bocca Della Verità, the Mouth of Truth, Magic Eye’s latest and awesome sexualization of ancient art ! Why don’t you take the test and stick your dick inside it’s mouth ? 😈


“The best for the end”, this is the remaining toy you voted for in July and it was such a good choice 🙂 How did Magic Eyes came up with this idea ? They had a company-holiday trip in Italy, went to Rome, saw the Bocca Della Verità and had a sudden flash in their minds: ancient art you put a piece of your body inside ! That’s the amazing concept Magic Eyes needed for it’s first mouth-onahole !! And here’s the result 😛

la bocca della verita

I really like the personification of this creepy piece of rock..

.. and it’s also worth noting that, for once, a western character gets a manga drawing without blonde hair and blue eyes “American style”. An accurate representation of an Italian young woman, with the face of purity and innocence.

la bocca della verita sandwich

Even when she’s mad at me, she seems heavenly peaceful and relaxed. Enjoy your sandwich, Bocca-chan. Meanwhile, we’ll take a look at your TPE-plastic sex toy counterpart.

The material is a soft TPE with a little smell, it’s pretty similar to Lolinco and Girl in the Box. So far nothing new, the basic shape is like Superb Fella 3. Durability-wise I’m a bit worried with how the… inner parts stick together in this dual-layer warhead. I gave myself 2 months of almost daily use for you, and only now it starts to show some little tearing at the joints between the lips (which I may be responsible of, spreading the mouth open hardcore-wise for more efficient cleaning). In short: she endures quite something. To find out why this toy is just amazing, open her lips and see what’s inside:

Holy Molly ! The original stone version doesn’t have such teeth, it just crushes your hand between it’s lips if you’re not telling the truth ! But this onahole version features teeth made in hard plastic, and it’s going to bite off your dick if you’re a liar ! If you manage to pass this test, then you get to enjoy the soft tongue waiting just behind, who’s going to rub your frenulum while pushing your dick against the wavy roof. And the teeth ? They don’t go away, they keep gently scratching your shaft as you stroke in and out, which is simply mind-blowing. And as if this was not enough, more stuff waits in the throat !!

la bocca della verita internal

I just can’t describe the satan mechanism deep there. It’s jaw-dropping. It’s insanely gorgeous. It’s a tight zone with a small vacuum chamber. Don’t even try to compare this deepthroat-stimulation to what Superb Fella 3 can do, because La Bocca Della Verità is in a totally further level. Or even a whole league higher. You want a blowjob/deepthroat onahole ? This. Is. It. Forget any previous work. Forget all western toys. FORGET IT ALL. You need something more realistic ? Then it would be a real fucking human.

I just can’t imagine how many blowjobs Magic Eyes’ staff did get to be able to experience how La Bocca Della Verità should feel. I bet they went this far to ensure La Bocca Della Verità is an unforgettable experience, AND THEY FUCKING SUCCEEDED. I’m not the only one saying this.

 Infernal Monkey: “Fuck. Me. Heavenly.”

Triple X Branded (pro review / youtuber): “This is one of the highest ranked toys I have ever reviewed.”

(everyone else on the internet):  Oh FUUUUCK

Them teeth. For me, they really enhance the experience. At first it’s very disturbing, maybe you want to push them away as you slide your glans deeper inside. Make sure to use enough lube, guys: I usually put a few drops right on the teeth, and then keep the toy upwards to let the lube flow inside. Don’t hesitate to add a drop of lube on your head, to allow it to slide more easily though the teeth-barrier. What happens next, is pure epic masturbation like you never had before.

La Bocca Della Verità - The Mouth of Truth
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


Decent durability, a good drawing, a very good price AND THE BEST BLOWJOB ONAHOLE IN THE WORLD AS OF TODAY

User Review
4.11 (38 votes)

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56 Replies to “La Bocca Della Verità – The Mouth of Truth”

  1. Dont buy from they take your money and never send your order.
    Gave them a bad review on Trustpilot because of this and all the have to awnser on Trustpilot ist that im a liar and there stands shipment takes 2 weeks, if i could upload Pictures i could upload a proof that they write shipping is 1-3 days.

    1. So are 2 weeks + the time it took for the money to show up on their bank account already over or are you making your claims based on the assumption that because your order did not arrive within 3 days it will never arrive?

    2. The proper place to solve disputes with a company is through support service, justice mediation and civil court. Not comments on third-party internet websites.
      Sebastian, you’re depleting my patience. I’ve put you on moderation queue because you’re posting the same complaint comment on several blog posts, and according to visitor logs you did not check the reply I wrote in one of your previous comment.
      Seriously, read it before posting any new comment.

  2. I used it twice and it broke 🙁 This one doesnt seem to take 7+ inches that well. I didnt even put it in full way and it got a hole in the top. But the feeling was a solid 10. Really really close to a real head.

  3. Recently I’ve been addicted to using La Bocca after modifying.
    After using twice and consider the under teeth was too sharp and hurts the veins. I intended to disconnect the bottom teeth but found it is double connected. So i just cut the upper 1st connection and left the 2nd untouched.

    Now getting stiff just thinking of the experience from it.

  4. One of the best things ever. At first I was apprehensive about the teeth, but after lubing up and the first insertion I was taken back to my high school girlfriend; inexperienced, with braces, but willing to experiment.

    Okay, so maybe I worded all that wrong. Basically don’t worry; you’re missing out if you don’t get La Bocca. I can say for certain that it feels 100% like getting head from a real person, minus the choking when you slam full-length to the back of the throat. Feels good, man. Feels real good. I like a bit of rough treatment on my unit, so to have the teeth dragging over my glans before plunging back in, doing all sorts of sloppy mouth-play: Bliss.

    Only complaints I have are that it’s the first onahole I’ve acquired that can’t really be turned inside-out to clean. No biggie, just do your best… that and the “cheeks” are slightly thin, so be careful! On my first use I tried to emulate shoving my rod in there sideways (chipmunk cheek) and it looked like I was going to burst through. Would’ve been a tragic first experience. 🙁

  5. Should use some really sticky lube, I’ve only used Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion with this onahole and lube just goes everywhere.

    1. I like how that happens with Onatsuyu. Reminds me of getting a very sloppy blowjob. 😀

  6. OMFG… This felt freaking phenomenal. I didn’t think it would be this good. When I got it a couple months ago or so I thought the teeth might get in the way of pleasure and hurt, but NO! They only add to the feeling.
    Well lubed + heated up, with BJ ASMR in my ears, lying on the soft bed… Indescribable.
    This is definitely one of my favorites along with Tight Virgin and Admission (by Toy’s Heart)… If not even my #1 fave. Really great for a BJ fantasizer like myself!
    Definitely recommended!
    Magic Eyes, you did well. 😀 10/10

  7. Okay, if you look at the first post, you’ll see that I bought Superb Fela 4 at around the time this hole came out and kind of regretted it. I recently tried La Bocca Della and actually prefer Superb Fela 4 in some ways.

    The stimulation is WAY too strong. Never mind the teeth, the inside never gets slippery enough and it just crushes my penis. The supplied lube is basically a gel like petroleum jelly which blunts the teeth but doesn’t make the inside wet and slidey.

    Superb Fela by contrast is a single layer, soft and gentle hole. The included lube is like real saliva, thin and slippery. It even becomes bubbly. The suction is still strong and there are lots of ways the enhance the feeling, depending on where you put pressure from the out side or where you thrust.

    La Bocca is more single minded. This hole just wants to swallow you! It’s intense and pleasurable but borderline painful too. Not since Seventeen Evo have I felt a hole that was this hard and tight.

    I do like it and I think I’ll need to find the right lube and the right amount of it!

  8. I’m hesitate about this one and Devil Blow Job 2 -Ayaka Tomoda-
    I like both but can’t choose i love blowjob very much Devil Blow Job 2 -Ayaka Tomoda- have a tonge outside kinda sexy i think but this one is feel like blowjob than Devil Blow Job 2 -Ayaka Tomoda-
    So Which one I should pick Help me please 😛

  9. I just busted a hole through mine and attempted a patch with a hot spoon. Time will tell how well that works. It seems like the problem was caused by the hole deviating to one side instead of going straight to the back and it hitting into the thin side wall instead of the thick back. Looking inside, it looks like the entire hole section of the mold might have gone off to that side. Is that normal, or is mine defective? I’m willing to buy another and give it a shot unless it’s a recurring problem. It’s otherwise really nice.

    1. It’s a defect, and you’re not the only one. Magic Eyes’ manufacturing quality dropped lately 🙁

  10. Compared to wrapping my totally awesome member in a paper towel each time, are these things reallllllly that good of an *ahem* experience?

    Cuz I was thinking about getting this one, Lolinco, and the Virgin Age Admission, but some sites have this weird message saying it’s a joke gift etc etc

    1. I understand your choice, but as first onaholes I’d recommend you less “crazy” stuff 🙂 Open my pussy Rina is a good start.

      Wrapping in a paper towel ?…. I think… your brain may explode at how good onaholes feel then ^^;
      About the “joke gift” message: it’s a means for them to be able to sell overseas without requiring FDA certification etc (which costs A LOT). It does not mean it’s unsafe or that warranties don’t apply.

      1. thanks for the quick answer, i am going to buy it with “Lovely Girl’s Drool is Sweet” and order it from NLS as recommended. And for cleaning? any anti-bacterial soup can do the work?

        1. Always cleaning with water+soap after each use, and from time to time you can spray some antibacterial inside 🙂

  11. Just got this, best sensation out of an onahole i’ve ever had, a little looser than admission but not too loose, just perfect. Has incredible detail inside with the little pleasure nobs, a horrible smell when u first take it out… I’d recommend a thicker lube, also the teeth were DAMN scary/exciting when I first saw them, and they hurt for the first like 10 seconds, became fine later though as they fold backwards/forwards so there’s not too much resistance. But yeah I definately felt liek someone chewed on my dick afterwards so maybe you’d want to take it out.. Definately not an everyday use item unless u remove the teeth

  12. Its good i like it but there is already a tiny hole at the very flat bottom connecting to the deepest end of the onahole. I dont know how that appeared must have been a airhole flaw in the silicone casting. But the sides of the mouth is already starting to rip aswell which is sad since i have not had time to use it much at all. The virgin admission is used 50 more times and still have not ripped anywhere.

  13. Would you recommend this as a first onahole? I’ve had my eye on this for a while, and was planning on buying an onahole for the first time. Just something about the teeth attracts me.

    1. Oh maybe not as first onahole, I think you should be used to onahole masturbation first, then you can fully enjoy what’s so different with La Bocca 🙂

  14. I have the seventeen Bordeaux. What is the next best onahole for me? I am thinking virgin age or this one, please help me decide.

    1. Oh feel free to recommend any good pairing with bordeaux as well, it doesn’t have to be between those two!

        1. You should try this one 🙂 A Virgin Age is also recommended.
          The difference between NLS and Amazon Japan ?! The first is one of the best sextoy shops in Japan who also ships worldwide, the latter is the Japanese outlet of one of the world’s biggest online shops and best tax evader 😀 oh, notice that Amazon Japan rarely ships internationally, and not sextoys.

          1. Thanks, I am going to order from NLS. I am going to choose DHL shipping at check out (1-3 days). I am going to get both. The mouth of truth out of stock for 2 days but virgin age and onahole warmer available now. If I order now will they wait to ship them together or will they send the two first and then mouth of truth when available, do you know?

              1. Thanks. Is the packaging discreet? Also what name will show up on my bank account? I don’t want “toy’ or like “sex toy” under my bank account.

  15. I wonder how good of an idea it would be to put it in the freezer for cleaning purposes? Or is that idea just bad?

    1. Not a good idea. If you have any water inside the material, it will freeze and cut the toy from inside. Also: microorganisms aren’t killed by the cold, just “hibernated”: when thawing, it will resume the invasion 😛

    1. A rather sticky one, like Peace’s or PePee. (I’m currently using the Ag+ lotion and it works nicely too)

        1. Gets dry a bit too fast, sadly. Trust me: you don’t want the teeth to rub your shaft directly !

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