Love Girl

Love Girl, aka Lovely Girlfriend, ToysHeart’s onahole you selected in the latest poll ! How lovely is she? Let’s find out!


ToysHeart is doing really good stuff lately, with all kinds of sensations. Intense stuff, softer stuff, tight stuff, loose stuff. Love Girl is basically low sensations high tightness, it’s really meant for long play.


The Love Girl has a nice outer shape that I don’t need to describe, and it’s made of ToysHeart’s Fine Cross material: certified safe, healthy TPE plastic rubber. So you don’t get tongue cancer when you lick this toy. You don’t have to lick it. But you can. And that’s cool. If it’s safe for your mouth, it’s safe for your dick. It’s stretchy, 14cm length but can fit those who are a little above like me. Bottoming is nice ! Look:


Reaching through that “cervix” part is just the icing on the top, the sleeve is one of the least stimulative of all onaholes I tried so far. It’s not completely smooth either, so you do get more than HOT! GiRL, here we have kind of cushions that feel pretty tight, but just stimulative enough you notice you’re gliding in something.  In the middle of that spaceship-shaft,  one single ring, or “door”, or rib, that will provide most feelings. That’s what saves it.

Material, price and packaging are the good sides, a very cute character going on a date with you, it’s not for a quick fuck, she will love you long time. The low stimulation delays orgasms, providing looooong masturbation sessions, thus requiring patience and time and not being in a hurry and some decent hentai material since your brain will do most of the work. Not the onahole. RenRen made some visual stimulation for us 🙂


Cleaning is easy, it’s safe to turn inside-out and the material being single-layer I expect it to last easily up to a year, and beyond. Pat it dry, and store it away. Doesn’t get oily, and barely sticky, baby powder is optional. Comes with a single-use pack of lube, and after that I recommend thin long-lasting lube. You may need to add some water or spit to lubes like Peace's. There’s so little going on inside that you really want it as close as possible to your penis.

What else.. oh: this onahole has a very decent vacuum capability ! Let all the air out, and make it even more tight and welcoming to your penis ! It’s a bit noisy though, and there’s nothing like the “pop” sound when you pull out. Sexy.

Movie time, featuring Youtube’s powerful stabilization algorithm ! 😀

♫ Astralia – Sleep On A Cloud

Love Girl
  • 2/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 2/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


Some more stimulation must be.

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