Measuring the girl’s growth

Measuring the girl’s growth is at this time the only “hip” and largest product made out of “Safe Skin” material released by Toy’s Heart. Among all the onahole I’ve already tried and reviewed, this material is definitely the best I could ever find. Now they are combining this to a large sized onahole delivered with a sample of lube, all packaged in a nice box displaying a cute artwork of an anime girl trying to take the measurment of her large breast !

Did this held your attention ?  Yes ?

So let’s begin the review !



Uuuahh ! This sure is a big piece a flesh… but isn’t there anything which bothers you ?

Like, something quite important considering the main selling point of this product…

I do.

WHERE – THE – HELL are the boobs ? Is that a joke or something ? I mean, seriously the name of the product itself is “Measuring the girl’s growth” so supposedly we could have imagined having a large pair of breast included right ? Even the anime girl displaying on the front made me think about this… and here we have just like, simple flatness ? (I adore flatness, flatness is the best, I’m DEVOTED to flatness and growing tits, don’t get this wrong ok, flatness is justice, lolis are justice, you know what I mean right ? right ?? right ??? Me ? A lolicon ? Of course I am.)

Jokes aside, I honestly can’t understand. You promote large boobs throughout the name and the look of the box, but finaly you end up not molding them to the onahole ? Fuck logic, it’s as if Disgraceful Oppai Body didn’t have those monstruous oppai ready to squirt milk right on your crotch, freaking nonsense…


Let’s start this review with some more detailed picture of the box itself ~


Look at those thigh and pulled panties *-* (boner incoming) Even the top of the box is freaking cute !


Really well detailed, perfect job done here Toy’s Heart !

The packaging looks really freat for me. For some different reasons though, with the first one being it’s look. Large breast is not my favorite meal, but I still like bishoujo. And here, Toy’s Heart definitely haven’t disappointed me by using such a cute and nicely designed anime girl. I really love when the artwork of my onahole’s box is based on 2D girl, they simply match perfectly for that and raise both the cuteness and lewd factor up by a thousand point!

The CG itself is truly amazing. First by it’s high quality ~ there are no blurry part and each and every detail is well printed.

Secondly, I truly adore the pose of the girl. It’s just so cute and lewd at the same time like… I just want to jump head first in this 2D infirmery (I suppose that’s the place where the scene takes places considering the background) and help this poor half-naked bishoujo to take her measurment.

No, no. I’m not here for groping you, I just want to help. I swear. *whistle*


All in all this drawing litteraly turns me on because several of my own personnal fetish are explicitly expressed here. Appeared nipples, blushing and innocent expression, thigh-high, cute pinkish underwear with her panties pulled halfly down (oh my this is probably my most favorite one)

Furthermore, the box is really hard, colorfull with some smart pictures of the actual product on both side and at the back. I find that Toy’s Heart is really good at this since it gives us a clear view of the structure and material used.


Did they really pixelized the wide opened pussy ? …
Very nice idea to include the weight on this ruler !
Nothing that special at the bottom

But the smartest part of the box is the INSIDE !


This is actually how it looks like when you open it up for the very first time. Did you notice all those cardboard parts here and there ? They are actually stand holder aimed to keep the onahole safely in place during transport so as to avoid unexpected dammages. Awesome Toy’s Heart !


First thing first, let’s talk quickly about the lube. As usual, it’s not a bad lube but the quantity is really ridiculous… for the price you pay (I wanna talk about this later on in the review) I feel like this is litteraly a bad joke.


You just need to pull up the opening to find your precious onahole !


Freshly removed out from it’s packaging, your entiere room will soon get fully filled up with this sooooo sweet and fresh scent. I don’t know how to discribe it, maybe something like strawberry ? But simply keep in mind that the Fresh Skin material is awesome because of it’s durability/firmness/softness but MAINLY because instead of other onahole’s brand (Magic Eye’s, take notes…) it smells incredibly good!

I swear, sometimes I can’t get bored of sticking my nose on it and spend my time just sniffing the outside like some insane drug addicted freak ! Also the scent only makes me fantasizing like crazy ~ I imagine that it’s the actual scent of a 2D girl’s genitals or love juice and… oh man ! This is soooooooo goddman sweet ! (that’s why 3D won’t EVER overpass 2D girl, 3D stinks)


About the general aspect of the onahole, to me it looks pretty… uhh simple, I would say ? I’m not saying it’s THAT bad but still not as exciting as the girl on the artwork ^^. Some effort has been made to bring up volume and increase the details around the crotch. The pussy itself looks pretty simple but again I would have expected it to be a REAL appealing camel toe as showed on the cover…

The color of the material is a bit pinkish, I don’t really dislike it. However the belly buton is barely visible, and since I’m a belly button lover (yes I love ALL the body parts of a 2D girl), I’m a bit disappointed…


I don’t know if you guys noticed but if you look very carefully the texture on the outside kinda look like stretchmark, or something ? It’s no stupid joke here, I really have that impression… strange. I don’t want my anime girl to have dirty stretchmarks on her beautifull thigh 🙁


I want to mention an other important point about this onahole concerning its size. In fact: it’s not as small as a regular onahole but at the same time I can’t really consider it as a HIP or a TORSO since it’s way smaller. With 1.1kg of safe skin material it’s still rather big but to me it doesn’t really match to any of those two category. I think we should call this kind of product (between an onahole and a hip/torso) with a brand new name… HANJUKU ! (Half Mature) and Sakura The Small Idol also hold tight in this subcategory.

Apart from that, I guess you noticed but there is a single fuckable hole which is the pussy. I’m personnaly a pussy lover, not really interested in anal so I’m fine with that. Beside, most of the time when I use one of my double hole hip, I always end up cuming in the pussy. To be honest, I prefer a very good pussy than average anal/vaginal tunnel.

Now this one is a bit particular ~ as you can see, it’s very loose both at the beginning and at the end with those ribs. The tightest part is right in the middle with all the dots. Finaly, and this is also one of my deepest fetish (why ? you think I have too much ??) there is a penetrable womb at the end of the vaginal tunnel…

All of this looks pretty interesting, now let’s take a look ~


Mmmmh, yummy !

As I said previously, the pussy looks pretty simple. There aren’t a lot of details and it’s not double layered… however before I step in for the sensations, I want to mention something I found really annoying ~

This onahole is messy as fuck. I don’t know how, I don’t know why… but everytime I use it, all the lube/saliva/cum is constantly leaking out and this, even when my dick is still fully erected inside. I think the pussy lips doesn’t properly cling onto my penis so maybe there’s a tiny space somewhere where everything keeps on pouring out.

If you don’t pay attention, you’ll end up having a pool of wasted lube on your chair/floor. Also since lube might leak out, air will infiltrate and dry what’s left inside. So you wanna have to refill pretty oftenly, and again this same lube is going to be wasted… and at the same time, Toy’s Heart is going to increase its sales of Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion for all the people who bought this product.Evil marketing…


Now considering the sensations ~

First of all I had an unpleasant sensation during the first uses. It litteraly felt like the vaginal tunnel was dry. I needed to apply TONS of lube to have a decent enjoyment which was freaking annoying and even painfull when the sensation was too strong on my glans. I don’t know where it comes from, maybe the material which is absorbing lube ? Since it’s not double layered, it’s not impossible… but anyway.

Other than that the sensation were great but not mind-blowing either. What I liked the most was the womb-penetration part. At least with my size, I could easily reach it and penetrate the cervix at each back and forth which felt litteral amazing. Like… fucking it and when you push a bit harder you can feel something gently touching your urethra deep inside. THIS only litteraly increased my boner.

Finaly, since it’s a single layered structure, you can’t really feel that much things. Of course the dots and ribs parts felt good, but still far away from those tremendous climax I had with most products from Magic Eye’s. 

The vacuum was really strong though, mainly due to the large size of the tunnel. Personnaly I really like that (I know some people don’t) since it litteraly feels like the pussy is swallowing my dick without releasing her grap.

THIS – IS – DIVINE ! I SWEAR ! Because when the vacuum is so strong, the pussy tightens a lot and hence you’ll feel a lot more all the ribs and dots scattered along the vagina !

Let’s skip the cleaning part which, as usual with single layered onahole is really quick and easy (yes even with that size, less than 5 minutes). Also you don’t have to worry too much when drying the insides, the material is really good and firm so it won’t tear up nor break that easily. As always, adding some cornstarch afterwrads will give a nice and pleasant sensation to the touch.

Now, the PRICE for this onahole is truly exaggerate.  I don’t really know if it comes from Toy’s Heart who’s selling it high to the shops or if it’s the retailer themself who wants to increase their own margin… but personnaly, I would NEVER spend that much money for this product. (way more than 100€ on some website)

To me, it worth around 60€, but not more. But again, it depends on the shops who’s selling it…

To sum it up.

Toy’s Heart, with it’s very first attempt of releasing a large sized onahole delivered something quite interesting. It has several good points but some flaws are truly annoying and need to be corrected in a possible new upgrated version of “Measuring the Girl’s Growth”

All in all, I’m glad to finaly see Toy’s Heart incoming in the race of large onahole and hip. I hope the best for the furture ! (but calm down on the price !)

Measuring the Girl's Growth
  • 7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


+ Smart box + Very beautifull artwork + Awesome material used + Decent size + Quite good sensations + Best womb-penetration onahole I’ve ever tried + Easy to clean/dry/hide
– Price is too high – Lube leaks out from the pussy – Insides feel dry
User Review
4.2 (5 votes)

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