Meiki Cherry 2 AUTO


Today I’ll introduce to you a product sent to me for review by MotsuToy’s and made out by KOKOS ~ The MEIKI CHERRY 2 AUTO !



Just, look at this. Isn’t that amazing ? A real piece of art right ! Fuck. I’m already leaking pre-cum just by looking at those curves and this… LOLICIOUS CAMEL TOE ?

Uuuuwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! *climax*

I’m so glad to be alive…


Anyway, in this review I’ll be presenting to you guys one of the most famous product sold by KOKOS.

First things first, I want to mention that this is my very first onahip. I’ve never experienced any other product like this one before so it was kinda hard for me to give a clear feed back in a review. You know, with the euphoria of trying something new, everything just looks perfect and you don’t necesserily notice the bad aspects.

It’s like when I used an onahole for the very first time, Sujiman Kupa Rina. At first, I clearly thought it was the best sensation I could have ever felt in my life. But then after a few days and once I tried other product, I was really ashamed to admit that what I thought a couple of time ago was completly wrong and stupid.

That’s why I didn’t want to rush myself for the review of such an amazing and important product and decided to test it during a longer amount of time.

From what the staff of MotsuToy’s told me, the Meiki Cherry 2 (AUTO) is the exact same hip as Ikappara Girl from Toy’s Heart. There are no difference, it’s even produced in the same factory. It’s just that Toy’s Heart decided to make a different box for it since it’s aimed for the Japanese market. Isn’t that the proof japanese boy are some real hentai- lolicon ?

The Meiki Cherry is also a bit cheaper, but not that much.


Let’s get started by talking about the general look of the onahip. To me, approved master lolicon since 1963 there’s no doubt here. This onahip has been designed in order to look as the lower body of a cute loli !

KOKOS. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Honestly, if you can’t get excited from something as beautifull as this, then I can’t understand. The hip simply looks gorgeous. I have no idea on how they shaped it but it’s impressive. The virgin pussy, with those tiny lips and cute clit is so beautifull. Same for the anal and the belly button which are also very nicely done. Last but not least… the ass. Holly fuck. This is probably the best asset of this onahip. Looking at it, touching it, spanking it, licking it, grabing it is like a drug. Once you’ve started, you won’t be able to hold back anymore.


The dimension of this onahip are insane. I used to be accustomed to normal sized onahole, so when I opened the package and saw this HUGE pair of ass I was kinda left jaw open for a moment. With a widht of 220mm, depth of 150mm, height of 175mm and an average weight of 2.8kg, the Meiki Cherry 2 AUTO doesn’t really holds inside your pocket.


Now let’s take a look at the box. As with Meiki Three Sisters: Nymphomania, no anime girl. Instead, we have a nice visual on the product itself. On the side, we can see some informations about the inner structure and both of the anal and vaginal tunnel. Plus, the indications are translated in english ! Please Japan, take note.

As you might already know, I prefer onahole artwork to be based on anime girls. But in this case, I don’t dislike it. It even looks great, and I like the idea of showing off the product on the front and top of the box.

Now, why did they call it “Cherry” ? I tried looking up for this but couldn’t find any clue…


This is how it looks like once you open it up. The onahip is delivered in a plastic bag but with no plastic box. That kinda sucks because it could get damaged during transport. Hopefully, mine came in great condition with no marks on the outside. Since I received the AUTO version, the device is also included.


I bet you’re thinking that I’m the happiest lolicon boy on earth ? I can’t disagree on that =)


Wait. I see you coming. “What does AUTO stands for” ?

In fact, this onahip exist in both a normal and an auto version. The normal one is huh, normal… while the auto comes with two big holes at the top.

Nope, your’re not supposed to fuck those holes. It’s only meant for the two rotor of the device. Then, once inserted use the control pad to adjust the speed of each rotor. Those will then start turning and vibrating very fast or slowly considering the speed you choose.

In fact, those two rotor are supposed to reproduce both the tightness and the contractions of the pussy. Ya know, when the girl is ready to cum /or even while she’s cuming/ her pussy tightens and it feels heavenly good for your dick.

That’s what it’s all about.

Great freaking idea here, KOKOS.


That’s how the device looks like. No battery are included though ! The control pannel is easy to use and only has two buttons. A first one to launch a vocal recording which is in fact… a girl moaning while having sex. Ok…

The second one is a little wheel which you’ll have to use so as to adjust the speed of the rotor.

Now let’s talk first about the advantages of this thing.

YES, it feels good. 

Adding such an addon is clearly amazing. Since you’re already using an amazing toy, with good weight and inner structure, having this sensation while your dick is inside the pussy feels heavenly good !

That’s what I thought. With this, this onahip would have get a grade of 11 out of 10.

BUT the quality is SHIT !

  • The voice is fucked up. It’s freaking loud, the quality is shit, you can’t hear it cearly and people could here this bitch moaning a mile away
  • No ON/FF button. What the fuck ? Is that a joke ? I tried looking for it for several minutes but no… there’s no freaking power button to switch it off. So once you’ve put all you’re 4 battery in, it will stay ON all the time. And this, even when your not using it. OMG…
  • The rotors/vibrator are loud as fuck.
  • There is a red light on the front. It always stay alight and even now I don’t get it’s utility…
  • The cable quality is horrible. The joints of those cable are hell on earth. Mine were screwed up after only 2 days of use. And then, the rotor stopped working. Great, awesome, perfect !

Since mine is now broken, using the hip with those two empty hole is really annoying because it makes a ‘claping’ sound due to the air stuck inside. So I still need to put the device in otherwise it makes a heel of a noise and my parents would hear it.

I think that’s barely it for this shitty device. To sum it up ? It doesn’t worth it, go for the normal version.


Now let’s talk about the most important part of this onahip, the feeling. If you haven’t ever tried such a big toy, I think it’ll be a bit hard for you to imagine how it may feels like.

I didn’t.

But now my mind is set up about it ~ onahip are the future of the sextoy industry. Don’t get this wrong, I still like and enjoy using random onahole. But once you’ve tried such a thing, it’s rather hard to be pleased by something else.

On a hip, everything is made in order to be the most lifelike as possible. On the Meiki Cherry 2, the weight plays a big place in realism. Having this feeling of heaviness on your dick/laps each time you pound it truly feels like you’re penetrating a cute loli. I’m already hard as fuck just by looking at the pussy or this cute little butt and imagining that those are the private parts of a young girl I’m going to fuck like a beast…

I also noticed that I had enough space during penetration and by this I mean that I didn’t see my glans poping at the top/bottom of the tunnel. This is awesome because I’ve already broken several onahole because of this problem…


Honestly, the pussy feels heavenly good and is by far my favorite comparated to the anal. The tunnel is rather tight, but not too much so that’s good. Too loose is sometimes boring and too tight makes me cum way to quickly. It’s structure is composed of straight lines at the entrance following a first curve with a small bump where it gets tighter. After that, we reach the most interesting part of the pussy ~ the G-Spot.

I already talked about this in my review of Meiki Three Sisters: Nymphomania. Here again, KOKOS tried to reproduce the G-Spot of a young girl in heat. I’ve never tried this in real life (3D sucks) so I have no idea on how it really looks or feels like.

If you put your finger inside the pussy, you’ll quickly reach it and in fact it simply feels like… a circular bump, something like this. It’s really strange and hard to describe but it feels good and gets the job done. After that, nothing special, just a series of straight lines up to the end.


On an other hand, the asshole is way more lame and soft. I’d say it’s the best way to regain stamina before the final climax deep inside the pussy.

Hey ! If you want to impregnate this loli, you wanna have to prepare yourself properly guys ! Just don’t cum in a couple of minutes, warm your balls up and enjoy playing with her. That’s why onahip are far ahead onaholes. You can actually play a lot with them.

For example making her jump on your lap while watching a hentai or a doujinshi, then when you feel that you can’t hold back from cuming stop and go for the anal. Regain some stamina during a few minutes and then go back deep down inside her virgin pussy !

That’s what I’m accustomed to do, I let all my fantasies out with this hip ! Most of the time, I can last an hour, sometimes even two, it depends.

You can also have fun fucking this cutie in different position : I tried on a desk ass up in the air, and it was amazing… against a wall is nice too. You can also feel some completely different sensation if you fuck it backwards.

BUT if you want to enjoy  your time with this hip, then just go for dakisex. 

That’s usually what I’m doing and it feels so freaking good. Just watch hentai and stuff first and then go joining your dakimakura and fuck your favorite waifus. This hip is incredible for that, thanks to it’s weight and size you won’t have any problem. Plus, you can even do it handfree. I can assure you that sensation are on way different level…

On top of that, grabing this cute little ass while fucking it is… yeah awesome, you know it.


Shimakaze-chan. Let’s have sex together…

Concerning the material, the hip is made out of TPR. It’s not really soft like most of the onahole that I own from Magic Eye’s but rather firm. Thanks to that, the onahip doesn’t move from an inch and stand tall while pounding it.

I used it during a whole month and I didn’t notice any tears, scratches or holes. Everyhting is still just fine so I bet it’s at the same level as the leader Toy’s Heart with it’s incredible Safe Skin and Virgin Skin product. Furthermore, it’s not a dual layer hip so you won’t have to worry about knowing when the layer will start getting separated…


There is just one thing that I want to mention. When I received it and unboxed it for the very first time, it felt exactly like the safe skin onahole from Toy’s Heart. Smooth, clean, fresh and durable. There was just a small smell but which didn’t bother me that much.

The when I washed and dried it I realized that the material had become incredibly sticky…


I’ve never experienced anything like this ever since I use onahole. It became sticky as fuck and was just horrible. Each and every shit laying on my bed got stuck on it, and while holding it in my hands it felt so… disgusting.

I bet the former smooth sensation was due to a factory powder or something. Then once you wash it for the first time, everything goes off and you turn out having this sticky sensation. Hopefully the solution is easy: cornstarch/babypowder.

Now considering the cleaning itself. I first thought it was going to be a real pain in the arse to deal with, but not that much in fact. Yes, it takes more time and it’s more difficult than with a normal onahole. But honestly, it didn’t take me more than 5 or 10 minutes to wash under my sink. Holes aren’t connected, and to me that’s better. Some brand tends to say that it helps for the cleaning, but I don’t for a lot of reason…

Here, you just pull all the fluids out with your finger and you’re done. The biggest problem is just the size and weight you wanna have to deal with.

If you don’t want to have water-pool inside your hip with mold growing around, it’s very important that you dry both of the tunnel properly after having washed them. Use a fin microfiber towel and go as deep as you can with your middle finger. You can even us two finger so that you’ll dry it more efficiently.


One last thing that I want to point out is the fact that this kind of hip allows you to use tons of differents accessories. Here I used a cute pair of panties and Scent of a School Girl Love Juice. It’s just for fun but seriousely, just looking at a butt like this with a dotted panties and a smooth smell of an anime girl’s love juice is incredible…


Panties pulled aside are one of my bigest fetish…


Simply pour a few drops of love juice on the panties and…


she’ll get wet…

Honestly, this onahip is simply mind blowing. The only bad point is the shitty device of the AUTO version. Other than that, the hip itself has not a single damage yet and is still usable in perfect condition.

Considering such a size, such a weight and such sensations… the price indicated by MotsuToy’s is clearly one of the best I’ve found. Plus, if you’re living within the EU you wanna get free shipment if you order’s value is at least 80€. Considering that the price of this cutie is 89.95€ you won’t even have to pay any shipping fees nor being worried about custom.

I experienced their GLS delivery and believe me or not, the parcel arrived in less than two business day ! They truly are a reliable shop with an awesome, helpfull and kind staff. If you have any question, feel free to email them and they will respond very quickly.

Meiki Cherry 2 AUTO
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


+ Nice box, even with no anime girl 🙁 + Very good and durable material + Looks gorgeous ! Lolicious hip :0 + Awesome sensation (pussy is the best) + Good price for such a hip + Brand new experience + Cleaning and drying aren’t that hard, but it depends of the depth of your sink + You can customize your precious hip with accessories like panties, smell fetish… + It gets really smooth and fresh once you’ve powdered it with either cornstarch or talcum + Express your deepest fantasies with this hip. Daki-sex, handfree, on a desk. Endless possibilities.
– The rotor of the AUTO version is fucked up – Gets incredibly sticky after the first washing – You may encounter storage/cleaning trouble considering your living situation
User Review
3.67 (6 votes)

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21 Replies to “Meiki Cherry 2 AUTO”

  1. My own (bad) experience with the non auto version:
    – The top cap of the toy ripped off in less than a month. It makes it easier to clean inside but… 100$. Feck!
    – The end of the holes is thinnier and withouth the cap to stop you, the tip strangles your glans and it’s painful to ram too much inside.
    – It needs a ton of lube to have an acceptable feeling, using a condom helps, but as soon as the lube runs out it can break the condom and the friction can be uneasy and even hurt your skin.

    My conclusion:
    Never gonna buy a hip again, my previous buy was an onahole that lasted for a year, cheap, easy to use, clean and you could adjust the suction to your taste. The hips looks cute, but you need to be horny as hell to keep excited while holding, moving and re-lubing this brick, the feeling is far away from the real thing, even warming the thing before and it’s a chore for using everyday. You get tired soon of looking that dwarf girl pelvis and it’s difficult to find a comfy place to nail it while you are looking a screen. If you want to use it with Fap Hero, I recommend a year or two of crossfit and weight lift. And a phone close to call the ambulance if you rip your frenulum.

      1. Okey this doesn’t help me much, I’ll have to measure the onahip and find out the size.
        But don’t want to buy girls/womans underwear in the store… well Internet will help me out 🙂

  2. I had the motors break on me too. They suck indeed… but it was a bit of a blessing in disguise. You see, i took out the motors and all i had were 2 gaping holes… a bit larger in diameter that my wang. so i managed to take a Tenga sleeve from an old Tenga soft tube i had, stick it fully in the hole and WOOW holy shit, that feels a fuck ton better than i had imagined it would! Yes, you can indeed stick Tenga sleeves into the holes and it feels good as fuck and s tight. you can stick smaller ona holes, but ones that are small enough are few and far inbetween. Anyway, give the Tenga sleeves thing a try!

  3. I know I’m quite late to this blog post but… since the Meiki Cherry Evo came out, would you recommend that over this for a try?

    I feel hesitant to buy it due to the new plug hole feature for “closed and opened holes”. Most likely because it can cause lack of suction and maybe even lead to leakage of lube/cum.

    1. I haven’t tested it yet so I can’t really tell. I wanna try to ask our partner shop if they can provide me one so that I’ll be able to compare it with the Meiki Cherry 2 and give a clear feedback about which of the two truly worth it.

      Now considering my own personnal opinion, if you can afford the Evo, just go for it. Its weight is really impressive (standing at over 4Kg, barely twice heavier than the Meiki Cherry 2), it’s double layered and its design is definitely more realistic.

      The two plug holes ? Uhm… personnaly I don’t like it. I agree that it can be easier for cleaning, but I heared they were annoying as fuck because they do not plug the hole very well and keeps popping out. Plus, suction and vacuum aren’t as good as with a closed ending.

      You can check this video for more information =)

      1. Thanks! Mind if I also ask if a 6 incher would break this toy after extended use? *doesn’t know if you exceed the onahole’s tunnel length*

        1. No I don’t think so. I’m about 17-18cm once hard and it’s fine. I’m touching the bottom a little bit and kinda see my glans popping out during thrusting but nothing that bad really. I have it since april and it’s still in an incredibly good shape. Probably one of the most durable onahip I ever tried.

  4. Sujiman Kupa Cocolo vs Meiki Cherry 2 – which one would you buy if you could only pick one? How tight are the Meiki Cherry 2 holes?

    1. I’ll test the new sujiman kupa cocolo SE in a few weeks. So for now on I can’t tell. The anal is pretty tight but lame. The pussy is a bit more loose but the inner structure and g-spot provides way better feelings. To me, the pussy is by far the best.

  5. I feel like this is a website I can get behind. I love reading the reviews here they’re done exceptionally well.

  6. How does the MC2 compare with Ikappara Girl? The MC2’s ass looks feminine, but the IG’S ass looks masculine. The inner labia and vaginal opening of the MC2 appears loose and unattractive, and reminds me of the grotesque vaginas of promiscuous women. IG’s inner labia seems more aesthetically pleasing.

    So is IG or MC2 better? Has anyone tried both?

    Below is AnonymousD’s review of IG for reference:

    1. From what the staff of MotsuToy’s told me, the Meiki Cherry 2 (AUTO) is the exact same hip as Ikappara Girl from Toy’s Heart. There are no difference, it’s even produced in the same factory.

      Oops. I just read this part of the review. So I guess there’s no difference after all. They seem different in the pictures, though.

      Any idea why is IG so much more expensive? Is it due to the box art?

      1. Yes it’s exaxtly the same hip. I checked the review of IG before getting this one and the pussy, butt, anal are identical.

        I bet the version of KOKOs is more famous since it’s the cheapest one and dedicated to the foreign market (instructions and détails of the box in English)

        Ikappara Girl though is only sold in Japan and less famous than MC2. Honestly before reading the review of AnonD I didn’t even know about it.

        All in all since its the exact same product better go for the cheapest version of KOKO. Even though I’d prefer the packaging of Toy’s Heart with that loli *.*

        I dont really think the price difference is only due to the packaging. Maybe since KOKO are selling more they can provide lower price than Toy’s Heart. Don’t really know yet…

  7. i dont know if you own the other onahole but do you have anything to say to someone looking into buying one of these two meiki cherry 2 with Puni Ana DX hard?

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