Meiki no Shoumei 4: Aoi Chihiro

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Meiki no Shoumei 4: Aoi Chihiro! Made by NPG!


It’s been a long time since I reviewed a hip! So here we have a hip based on a AV actress, Aoi Chihiro. Let’s take a look at the box.


The box shows Chihiro at every side of the box, which is very nice, specially for her fans.


And the contents of the box are: the onahole hip, and a bag with… stuff!

In the bag, we’ve got: a small bottle of red lube, to simulate blood, a bag with non-illegal powder substance (lmao, it looks like a drug, I hope it doesn’t make a trouble at customs for some people :/ ) to keep the onahole smooth to the touch, and instructions for cleaning.


Let’s take a look at the hip itself.

So, there is the anus and…
… and here is the v- huh?

Oh right, this onahole is a virgin-type! Which means, it has a small thin layer in the vaginal entrance, and the inside is already lubricated with red colored lube, so you could pop Chihiro’s cherry! <3

So this onahole has 2 tunnels, like most hips, and only the vaginal one is dual layered, so that means no color for the anal entrance, which is a shame, but I tend to use more the vaginal tunnel so I guess it’s fine.

This onahole weights 2.6kg, quite good if you want to use it on your lap, feeling all that weight feels nice.

As for looks, it’s fine, but not very appealing. There aren’t any interesting shapes, and the pussy lips are very simple, but useful, the insertion is very easy, something I greatly appreciate when my penis is not 100% erect yet.

Squeezing it is not very fun either, the ass is small to have a nice grab, but it is fun to grab her by the legs. The skin touch is normal, like most onaholes, and the firmness of the material is strong, it stays in the same shape without the need of a bone structure.


This onahole feels… pretty good! Mostly I use hips placed on top of a dakimakura, but since this one doesn’t have a huge size and it is so soft everywhere, it feels quite good to use it in bed while moving the hip on top of your lap.

The vaginal entrance feels great, it is very soft and the stimulation is not the intense type, it hugs your penis around instead which is very nice.

The anal entrance feels a bit lame, it is really soft, and you can barely feel the internal structure, also the length is pretty short.

The length of the vaginal entrance is pretty good, I like to place the hip laying on top of my belly and then move it, cumming inside like that feels very good and the flow of your ejaculation is not interrupted by walls.

Another way to use the hip is of course like this…

This hip is also great for daki-sex, the penis slides very well altough the stimulation is not very strong due to its soft internal structure. Laying on top of it after you ejaculated is not the best, even though the hip is soft, all the material ends up compressing in once place and it is not very comfortable, but good enough to stay 1 minute or so.

As for her special feature, the cherry popping… well.. it was ok, but nothing too great. The vaginal entrance did not look very good when I broke it with my penis, I had to fix it later with scissors. Also you need to lubricate a bit the tip of your penis, and make sure you have a towel under the hip, or it will become a bloody mess. It may be fun breaking the fake hymen (and you need to be rock hard in order to achieve it, which depending on your mood might no be so fun), but I don’t think it’s worth it with the mess it makes. The lubricant which came with it is decent by the way, if you’re wondering.


The cleaning is easy, it takes a bit more time than an average onahole since it’s a hip of course. To clean it, pour water inside both holes, remove the fluids with your fingers, pour liquid soap inside, flush, wash it on the outside as well, and then remember to clean both holes with a small microfiber towel.


This is a great onahole for a pretty good price considering it’s a hip. Between this and the other hips I’ve reviewed, I’d buy this before Ikappara Girl, but not before Cocolo. If you always wanted to try a hip, I’d recommend this one for your first.

Meiki no Shoumei 4: Aoi Chihiro
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ Great feeling + Virgin! + Soft and fun to grab by the legs + Very cheap + Long tunnel
– May lack stimulation for some people – Needs a softer ass

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9 Replies to “Meiki no Shoumei 4: Aoi Chihiro”

  1. for you guys who living in strictly law of customs country, which isn’t allowed to import porn-smelled stuffs, do not ever buy at any site. Few weeks ago i bought onahole on KanojoToys and they said to be safe to send onahole without the porn images on the packages. As the package arrived in my country (strictly-law of porn stuff), my packages has been confiscated and they don’t responsible for it. Sad, lost my money for nothing. This is an advice for you who intend to buy onahole from any site. DO NOT TRUST CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    1. That is interesting, and weird… Usually by removing the packaging, you should be fine, that is why they told you that. Not sure which country is so strict like that, but that is very unfortunate to hear :/. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m reading all the reviews, anyway, but Which is the best onahole/hip for bed sex? I’ve had the usual hand onaholes before, but it was a mess to have the thing fixed under me without hands. It was hiding under the pillow all the time T_T

  3. I was looking at this Aoi Chihiro hole some weeks ago, but then I didn’t buy it and got something else because the store with the cheapest shipping for me didn’t stock it (and I couldn’t find any reviews about it!). Now that I see this, I feel a little sad I didn’t get it earlier. Maybe next time. Thanks for the review~

  4. worse than cocolo? noted. my cocolo is still going strong after so many uses (it’s been at least a year). I also have Puni Ana SPDX to add with her (that’s VERY hard to clean, but so worth it). Although, I haven’t had a hymen popping hole since Maiden so could be interesting…

    but the one thing i want to know is how well the skin lasts, cause it looks like it’ll have the outside needing powdering fast (i guess that’s what the bootleg crack bag was for?). I already have to be picky about my onahole/torso/hip uses cause i’m stuck powdering them all after each use now and it’ll kill my supply from Fleshlight rather fast

    1. Oops. I wrote that poorly, I meant “do not buy BEFORE Cocolo”, meaning, Cocolo is better in my opinion, but they’re both good.
      Ahh Puni Ana SPDX, I wish I had that one. It’s hard to clean? Ugh… well, that is a definitely no for me I guess, lol.
      As for the skin… I dunno, I don’t pay much attention to that and I never powder my onaholes. For now I haven’t seen any noticeable tearing, so I think it’s fine.

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