Smooth and Flat Girl’s Laboratory

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Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you my first onahole review. Here I’ll review the Smooth & Flat Girl’s Laboratory onahole, and the title describes it well, she is smooth & flat like any good loli.

This onahole was made by Out Vision, the material it’s that one where everything sticks to it, that is not a plus, but well, just be careful and don’t leave it on top of the bed or other places where it can get dirty with hair or something like that.

I’ve bought this onahole on 27/12/2012, so excuse my if I can’t give a detailed “first impressions”, specially on the packaging, but from what you and I can judge from the picture, it shows a very cute girl. Also it comes with a small lube bag, but I don’t like those, I prefer a small bottle, extra lube is always really nice. I like a lot the “theme” of the onahole, “lab girl”. So, this girl was developed inside a laboratory, and since her organs aren’t fully developed, the vagina for example, it’s quite tight, mmm~!

To this day, 18/01/15, I’ve bought around 17 onaholes, and I can tell you this is one of my most favorite ones, I still have it. This onahole feels great. First, the design looks decent, but the vulva it’s very basic-like, but I guess that is because of the onahole’s theme of undeveloped. It might not look too beautiful, but it sure is useful. Let’s take a look at it.


When you apply the lube, somehow I always get a little small drop on top of the lips when I close it, perfect enough to lube the tip of your penis for a very easy insertion, so as far as insertion, it’s a really good one. The inside is tight, probably is not recommended for people with very thick penises. Also, unlike many other onaholes like “Bumpy Sisters (Nun: Elder Sister)”, it manages to be super soft, and I really like that when an onahole is very tight. This means, it won’t hurt your dick if you use a bad lube which doesn’t lube too well. The bumps inside are great, nothing else I can say about them, just pretty good.


One downside of the onahole, is that it’s too short. You reach the bottom very easily, and the material that is at the bottom was “glued” to the onahole in a weird way, it’s like a cylinder “glued” to the walls of the onahole, and after some use, it will break, since you will be pushing it with your penis. As of today, my onahole has a big hole there, but isn’t much of a problem, just when you are going to ejaculate, pull your penis inside, the sperm won’t come out, but still an inconvenience that you have to watch out and can’t go all out.

The shape is easy to handle, small, and the material is in the right proportion around the inner structure of the onahole, with this I mean is that you won’t feel your penis in your hand by rubbing a thin wall, which gives a better stimulation, also the cleaning it’s quite easy. Since the inner structure won’t break easily, you can freely move your fingers inside, the onahole stretch easily and since it’s small, the cleaning it very fast.

In conclusion, if you have a medium/small penis, I totally recommend this onahole, for a decent price, you’ll have a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed my first review, happy fapping!

Smooth & Flat Girl’s Laboratory
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10



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17 Replies to “Smooth and Flat Girl’s Laboratory”

  1. Glad it worked for you ^^
    But again it’s possible the soft version is fairly different. Once inserted it just felt like a lump of soft rubber wrapping around my penis.

    On mine the hole is on the side, which make for a strange experience.

    And after this first onaho which was too small I was eventually stupid enough to buy one that is “too big”. That is, the R-20. Which is nice and durable but too loose for my liking. And not hitting the bottom of it is frustrating.

    It was a few years ago and I mostly went back to hand masturbation, but reading this blog and Akaihebi’s blog (which has really funny reviews) I feel like buying a few new ones. Hopefully I’ll find the sleeve that fits my rod.

  2. I got this as my very first onahole.
    It was pleasant the first times I used it (being new to the onahole experience) but soon I found it pretty boring being inside as the soft and stretched material didn’t provide any particular stimulation. Only the penetration was still nice.

    But it’s very likely I had the Soft version, I can’t be sure though because they look the same and I have no idea what I did of its box (maybe threw it?).

    It was still a good first experience though a bit disappointing. Still, the worst part is that it was really in bad shape after about a demi-dozen use. Now there’s a hole in it and the inner texture is fucked. I’m average size for a westerner but this onahole is likely geared toward people who are on the smaller side of the penile spectrum. It’s still lying in my room but I should propably just throw it.

    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback! I think it was my first onahole as well, I’ve tried a western-like product before it (a vagina in a can, like the Tenga ones) though. I see it differs a lot from person to person, I liked it quite a lot, but yeah, got a hole in it as well, and I also agree is for the smaller penises. But still, it’s a great onahole for me 🙂

    1. No, if I remember correctly there is no suction, but the onahole it’s pretty good, even though it will break after a few months, it’s worth it.

  3. This are all the onaholes I’ve tried. I have a personal list with all the onaholes I’ve tried, and a little rating, and this one is only beaten by the “My Big Brother is a Pervert”. I’d say Girl in the Box and Secret Twin Tales are the same level of this one. Can’t give a better comparision, most of my onaholes were bad, so maybe this one isn’t as good, but it is great for me.

    Smooth & Flat Girl’s Laboratory
    My younger sister’s friend can’t be this tight
    My junior can’t be this tight
    Secret Twin Tales (Sana Sasakura)
    Girl in the Box
    Superb Fella 3
    Girly Tube! (Hinachi)
    Boku Ona
    Secret Twin Tales 2 (Nina Momozono)
    Milf Tastes Like Syrup
    Girl’s (i)
    J-Hole! Ryo Saitani!
    Bumpy Sisters (Nun: Elder Sister)
    Open my Pussy! Lolinco
    My Big Brother is a Pervert
    Peach Trio (Chubby)
    Virgin Push

  4. If it’s OK with you, would you mind commenting briefly on the other onaholes you have, to give a point of comparison? For example, what are your other favorites? Have you tried some of the onaholes that have been highly rated here before (17 Bordeaux, Admission, Mouth of Truth, etc.), and if so, how would you compare this one to those?

  5. I dunno about your experience but I had a pretty terrible time with it… the inner lining keeps sticking itself together and all together started to disintegrate after 20 faps? I think I fapped so hard that my tsurupeta girl became “smooth and flat” as well on the inside; the stimulation disappeared altogether and even my best lubes didn’t fare well :/

    1. Oh wow, sorry to hear that. My onahole also got quite ripped inside, altough it maintains ribs which after the ripping still feel very good to me. My onahole did not get flat inside, so I don’t know what happened to you. What kind of lube are you using? Do you put too much?

      1. FnS moist with a mix of mint lotion. Same thing happened to my Rina unfortunately… bits of lining keep coming off when I clean out the insides and dry it off

        1. I don’t know about that lotion, but it says “moist”, and the last time I bought a lotion with that in it’s name it was horrible. I got the Finish & Sleep Lotion (Moist), , which was easy to clean but obsolutely horrible to lubricate, it did not lubricate at all. Maybe too much friction damaged your onahole, but most probably, is the cleaning, you have to be careful with that. How do you clean them? I’ll link you with a post where I explained my cleaning, I’d suggest try that, but you have to be gentle while you clean them, or they’ll break.

          Good lubricants are:
          Pepe Wankers 360
          Pepe Special Exciting
          AG Lotion 300ml

          1. lol precisely. FnS>>> Finish and Sleep Moist

            Since I bought a whole load of that I use it with my single layer holes which are far more durable.

            Virgin Admission is something entirely though… it’s built like a tank

  6. Nice addition, putting the disclaimer up top.

    I have some constructive criticisms about this review. The structure inside many paragraphs was somewhat disjointed. It was a little difficult to follow your train of thought, because you went back and forth so much. The better option would be having a point at the start of a paragraph, following it with arguments and a final sentence that concludes the point.

    I can see you were getting a constant flow of ideas in the thick of writing – that’s not bad, but good, as it means you have a creative mind. For next time I would suggest that after you’ve finished your first draft, you re-read your text three to five times at least. Take minutes-long breaks in the middle, come back and read the text again, change perspective. Imagine yourself as a reader who doesn’t know anything about your subject.

    Regardless, your descriptions were enough to give me an idea what this product’s like. It was just a little bit of a headache.

    I’ll be reading your next review as well. 🙂

    1. Oh, thank you. I know nothing about writing, so I gave it a try, I know it’s not very good, and probably it would take me a lot of time to make some improvement, if any. I understand more or less what you say, but I’m not quite sure if I can apply that to the writing haha. In conclusion, give the onahole a try, it’s good xD

      1. Don’t worry, the foundations are already there 🙂 Binding all this together in a “flow of thoughts” comes quickly as you keep writing and experimenting your own style !

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