Student Council President

Hello there 🙂 Today, let’s explore something unusual in the onahole landscape: Student Council President, an anal onahole by ToysHeart !

ToysHeart made us fuck plastic pussies in all shapes and sizes, some mouths, a couple breasts… oddly, there wasn’t much for the “back door” fantasy. In fact, few onaholes do exist, or they are “double” holes..  Finally, the time has come !

Box illustration

The student council president. Okay lemme explain what ToysHeart came up with !

In Japanese schools, there are student councils. It’s like… a syndicate, or an elected representative team who’s role in anime is typically to organize the students for the cultural festival every year. Or talk to students who misbehave. So, the student council president often has a “sharp” character, serious business and stick-to-the-school-rules principles.

“Student council president” in Japanese is:  Seito kaichō  [ 生徒会長 ].

This onahole’s name is:  Sei to kaichō  [ 性徒会長 ].  One single character, and the literal translation goes:  “Sex president” ! Nice wordplay, ToysHeart 🙂

Box scans:

“Ho, really… are you doing it ?” does she ask, as he pulls down her panties to unveil her asshole.

The illustration is made by Kitani Sai [ 木谷さい ], here’s the original:

And she’s a bit of a tsundere 🙂

Box content

The content is classic: the onahole and a bottle of “Moisty” lube, in a plastic tray.

The little Moisty lube bottle is enough for 1-2 uses, and it’s fine quality. Moving on !

The onahole outside

That’s some quality asshole !

Total onahole length 150 mm, width of 75 mm, and insertable length 130 mm.

The material is ToysHeart’s Fine Cross material, made of TPE with barely any odor, smooth surface and stretchy.

The onahole insides and performance

Woaah. Right at the entrance, there’s a harder ring, to mimic the anal sphincter muscle. It’s a door to hell: it provides such a tightness !!! You feel it squeezing crushing your shaft as you insert deeper, as if she was clamping down around you at full force !

Behind that gate, there are some ribs and a wavy structure trying to mimic the lower intestines. Well….. I really didn’t feel much about them.

When using this toy, it’s like… I’ve been fucking a cockring. An extreme tightness around my shaft, and that’s about it. As if I came inside a black hole. The entrance annihilates any sensations from the penetration.

This toy isn’t for the weak of heart. To be able to go past the “hell gate”, a rock hard penis is required. And rock hard means bigger penis, which in turn makes the gate even tighter. And oh, not to forget: to make the walls after wrap around the penis and feel a bit of sensations, you’ll have to push all the air out. The suction effect is INSANE, and the hell gate so tightly around you, when pulling out you really hear a “slurping” noise as if a vacuum cleaner was giving you the (last) blowjob of your life.

This onahole is only about violence. It’s like… you’re fucking the president so hard in the ass she’ll spill your cum from her mouth. That’s a tad too extreme to my liking..


Ow ow ow. Because of the entrance ring, you can’t fully turn it inside-out for cleaning. So…. you have to… insert your fingers through the hell gate… the great tightness really doesn’t help the cleaning. I just put some soap inside and direct the shower head in “massage mode” strong stream through the hell gate like I’m a fireman. Somehow works.

Price / value

Yyyyyyeah. For a ToysHeart toy the price is alright, and considering it’s a dual layer onahole with tightening ring, it’s actually pretty good. But BUT ! If you’re not a brutal ass fuck freak, the investment is bad.

Youtube video

.. sorry, I just had to use that soundtrack ^^

Student Council President
  • 2/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 2/10
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


+ good material + nice wordplay with the “sex president” ! + that tsundere president is cute + not many anal onaholes
– TOO TIGHT – lack of sensations after the “hell gate” – uneasy to clean in deep – did I mention ? SO TIGHT IT WANTS TO CUT MY DICK IN HALF
User Review
3.29 (17 votes)

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6 Replies to “Student Council President”

  1. That Analmastubator is really something! I like the shape and the thight entrance! The thightness made me insane first. Everthing behind the so called “cockring” is fine. It doesn’t make be come to fast. When I am at my limit I release the air to create a vacuum and the finish is just the best. The ring let me fast so long, until I build up enough for a nice orgasm. In combination with Peace lube and a onahole warmer, I was more exhausted then after sports 😀

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