Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE

The depicted characters presented in this page as choosen by product makers are purely fictional illustrations of aesthetic artwork complying to Japanese legislation.
In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of human beings.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual abuse, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) has resources that can help.

Among their “Sujiman Kupa” ~ or litteraly “Open My Pussy” series, Magic Eyes have also released one of their most beautiful and popular hip of the moment. Yes, I’m talking about the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo already reviewed by our friend AnonymousD. However though, since innovation is probably Magic Eyes top priority and what actually makes this brand so famous and awesome to my eyes, they didn’t stop with a single version of Cocolo-chan.

Aiming for the devoted otaku worshipper of underaged lolis with developping/small breast, immature pussy, tight asshole, cute pinkish insides along with soft and smooth feelings… Magic Eyes simply revised their product in order to come with this new masterpiece : The Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE [SE standing for Soft Edition]

Get ready guy’s. It’s LOLI time !

(As always, HUGE thanks to Motsu Toys for providing to me this amazing product LOLI !)



First of all, let’s take a look at the box itself ~

HOW CUUTE ! This is way too cute to be real I swear… Lots of picture, that pinkish design is really eye-catching. I love that =)“Ku-paa” – YES ! I say YES ! YES to lolicious pinkish insides, it looks way too cute too ! Super detailed “MAP” of Cocolo-chan’s insides ! Clear, neat and cute.

When I first checked the product online, at the second I saw the packaging my mind went blank and I couldn’t stop screaming internally ~ PINKISH SHIMAPAN, PINKISH SHIMAPAN ! 

Because yes, the box truly makes me think of the stripes of a pair of panties and I must say that for an addicted lolicon like myself, this truly is a glorious idea ! Besides, Cocolo-chan is different than from her original version. Here, instead of being fully naked she’s still wearing her cute childish panties ! Personnaly, I always prefer when loli have their panties on since it enhance the lust to get them off from your own perverted hands :3

Jokes aside, I think it’s also better not to have a fully naked underaged loli on the front cover if by any chance your package was to be opened by the custom services of your country.

Other than that, I have to say this is truly my most favorite onahole/onahip packaging I’ve ever had. The colors, the character of Cocolo-chan (her cute pose while being kneeling halfy naked…), all the HD pics of the product and mostly this HUGE one at the back of the box which actually gives you tons of informations about the main parts of each tunnels are definitely the main asset of Cocolo’s packaging. Furthermore, the cardboard is really hard and sturdy so if you were to keep it to store your torso then you shouldn’t encounter any trouble with it.


Unfortunately, I had some problem with my SD card and all the data/files which were saved got erased including my originals pics of Cocolo-chan that I took right after the first unboxing. Hence, all the images you are seeing on this article have been actually freshly taken yesterday… knowing that I received the toy in September, I let you guys judge the shape of the product after barely 6 month of rather intensive use :3


Once unboxed, you’ll find your dear Cocolo-chan in one of those hard plastic box. Honestly, this is probably one of the smartest way to keep the item in good shape both for shipping and storing. Really good point her Magic Eyes,  additionaly the product is even wrapped in second plastic bag to avoid any marks on the outside.

Safely delivered in a sturdy plastic box
Whoooaa ! A naked cocolo-chan out of her packaging :0 Even with such a torso we still got that useless stick of lube ! Is that a joke ? Delicious looking pussy ! Even after all those uses, she still look like a virgin with tight closed lips :3

Brand new, the pussy looked just like the depicted pictures. Now you can see that she got fucked a LOTAnal is double layered in pink too. I used it less than the pussy so it’s actually in better shape
Even now, I still don’t understand why Magic Eyes keep on adding this ugly stamp on their products…Adorable lolicious tits with cute nipples I love her waist with that tiny and cute belly buton :0

As you can see, the sculpt of Cocolo-chan is absolutely stunning ! Honestly I have no idea how Magic Eyes molded it but as a lolicon, I can assure you that simply looking at those curves actually turns me on as crazy ! I think it’s safe to say that it’s a 100% success for the design and the general appearance of Cocolo-chan, litteraly one of the best and cutest shaped torso I’ve ever tried !

This tiny littly chest, those cute nipples, that belly button, those soft buttocks and mostly this lolicious looking pussy with that amazing camel toe along with those puffy lips… I only have a single word to describe all this: AMAZING !

Also, I don’t intend to show off but as I said those pics were taken after 6 MONTH of weekly pounding. So I think you guys can see that those things CAN last, you just need to be gentle while using them and not forgetting about regularly powdering the outside with baby powder or cornstarch !

The pussy is double layered. But of course, you can’t do anything again friction since it’s an unavoidable part of the torso which will get detoriated with the time. So what you see in the actual pictures of the vagina and anal aren’t accurated of what you’ll get with a brand new product !

All in all, both inner layer have now that porous aspect which doesn’t look like the official pictures anymore. My anal hole is still in very good shape since it’s actually the one I used the less. However the pussy is a bit worse since she gets to have a few tears but nothing too bad at all. In fact, the feelings haven’t changed so it’s still a pure pleasure to fuck her :3

About the specifications of the product, the torso is about 24cm long from top to bottom, 15cm in width and stands at over 2.4Kg. With such a size and weight, there’s no doubt that the sensations provided are multiplied and changes a lot from a regular onahole. However if you’re someone looking for some cute pair of ass to grab and to play with I don’t think that Cocolo-chan is going to be the best girl for you. Since it isn’t THAT large (at least not as much as Meiki Cherry 2 AUTO) grabing the ass while making her jump on your lap doesn’t feel as satisfiying.

Right out of the box, mine was really sticky. I don’t know if it comes from the new material used for that “soft” sensation but it wasn’t really pleasant since I had to wash it several times before using it. Also there is quite a strong factory smells which surprinsingly doesn’t really tends to get away with the time. Even now mine still has it but I don’t really mind anymore…

Also notice that once the outside will be fully powdered, they should instantly feel way more soft and smooth to the touch. Concerning the new “softness” part of the product, I was glad it wasn’t TOO flabby otherwise I don’t think I would have liked it that much…


Before going any further in this review, you guys need to realize that “soft” stimulation doesn’t necesseraly matches with “bad feelings”. I see a lot of comments like that on various forums and I admit sometimes it’s a bit annoying…

Soft onaholes are a completly different universe than those with a firmer tightness. Take your time ! Don’t rush things and appreciate the insides slowly and at your own pace !

Be sure that fucking Cocolo-chan for 3 minutes won’t makes you cum. This is absolutely not the purpose of this product. Personnaly, when I’m really excited and want to have a good time with the product, I easily go for a whole hour, sometimes half an hour ! (my longest time was barely two hours of regular pussy/anal pounding!)

Switch from pussy to anal, then back again into the pussy. Stop pounding her when you feel you’re reaching climax or go back into the anal to regain some stamina (since it actually delivers less sensations). Then when you’ll cum after all this time, your mind will go black for a couple of seconds and you’ll feel like reaching heaven’s doors for a short moment ^^

In short: Cocolo litteraly sends you to paradise !

I used to be a fan of strong and tight stimulation, but after having tried this toy I can assure you that I now prefer softness over everything else ! You actually just need to get used to it, then once you know how to use the toy and how to “play” with her in order to spin things out, then you won’t be able to stop !

For example, fucking her in the front (tits facing you) or in the back (doggy style) provides completly differents stimulation mostly due to those U shaped insides. Of course, to me daki-sex is letteraly THE BEST way to use this torso ! (that’s even better if you have lolicious cover !)

An other thing to keep in mind with the cocolo is the short time of adaptation you’ll need if you were more used to reach climax with tighter onaholes. I am circomcised so since my glans is a bit desensitized I usually need harder stimulation to feel something. At first, I was also like “The fuck ? I don’t feel shit !” but actually you just need to accustom your dick and mostly your glans to this new kind of soft feeling. Then trust me, you’ll simply feel in love with her !

After all this, let’s talk more precisely about the inner tunnel. Yes, as you can see it’s from the U shaped type which I already experienced with La vie en ROSES. Actually, both the pussy and the asshole connects in a single tunnel aimed to be easier to wash and to dry.

You see that little tab in the asshole ? This is actually an other gimmick which makes Cocolo so unique. In fact, once you’ll be fully inside the pussy, imagine that all the air which was inside gets kicked out through the asshole. Then the goal of the tab is to actually close the anal connection and hence to simulate some vacuum !

Very, very, very smart idea here.

At first, I really thought the tab would get ripped off after a few uses. Well, believe it or not, but it’s still in one piece and most of all it still works perfectly well ! It’s of course not a super intense suction which makes you feel like your dick is going to get blown off… it’s rather soft but even though it adds a LOT to the sensations !

One of my biggest worries before receiving the product was “Will it be usable or will the soft material make the whole things bounce as crazy ?” 

Honestly it isn’t as bad as I expected. It sure is a bit hard to grab with a single hand, but even though it still has some firmness to it. I would say it’s flabby but not too much, at least I guess it’s better than Melty Pussy Of Angel LOL

One thing I noticed is that my dick actually played the same role as the spinal colomn you could find with other bone structured torso. I know this is a strange thing, but trust me it really works ! Once inserted, your rock hard dick will prevent Cocolo-chan to fall on the sides.

If it didn’t and kept on being super flabby, then I guess this would have been one of the worse point of this torso…


Thanks to the softness of the product along with that U shaped inner structure, cleaning is really not that hard. First of all, you can wash it under your faucet without any major difficulties. And if by any chance your sink isn’t deep enough then simply twist and bend the torso in order to get it completly clean. Honestly, the softness here helps a lot !

The U shaped tunnel helps a lot for cleaning too. Pour tepid water from the pussy and everything will go out by the asshole, hence washing the insides in a very efficient way !

Drying will be a bitch since with mine, water keeps on getting stuck at the very end of the U. You have to pay attention to pat this place dry more than the others since it’s litteraly the perfect place to see mold growing…


Litteraly the best torso I’ve ever tried. I won’t write more since I’ve definitely said everything among all the review but if someday mine gets completly broken and unusable, then I’ll definitely go for a new one (maybe the regular version to give it a try). I’ve never EVER got twice the same product. But here, Sujiman Kupa Cocolo was such a mindblowing product that I can’t help but wanting to go for it again because I really became addicted to this cute lolicous appearance and mostly to those amazing sensations !


Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ Awesome sensations (for the lover of softness) + AMAZING and EXCITING shape ! + The box’s artwork is gorgeous + Good weight which adds more realism + Perfect for daki-sex :3 + Outside feels smooth to the touch + Easy and fast to wash + Durable material + The product totally worth the price + I guess if you’re a lolicon, this is a must buy…
– Factory smell does not fades away – Only a stick of lube included, no bottle… – A bit difficult to dry
User Review
4.15 (13 votes)

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10 Replies to “Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE”

  1. Hello,

    thanks for the review. I’m interested in this product and i could buy it right now,
    but i never owned anything like that so i have some questions. First thing: i don’t want to use it as a sex toy!
    So i don’t really care about the insides in terms of breaking it.
    It just has to look good.
    So how robust/stable is the material over time if you don’t use it as a sex toy?
    Will the material run dry and porous if you just display it? Can you give me any advice
    on how to keep the brand new look without leaving it in the package? Thanks

    1. If you don’t want to use it to masturbate then I don’t really see who it could be useful xD
      The durability is really good if you take good care of it, I guess you wanna have to wash it from time to time because it would get oily and dust might get stuck to it.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I’m just looking for a good looking “neutral” nude body and this one has a lot of good reviews and it is not so small like the other ones. Thats why i’m interested. (i don’t judge people who use it for .. whatever, i don’t care). The price seems okay for me. It just has to look good and i dont need things like drying out material. So i guess i can give it a try.

        1. I used mine so many times that the inner layer is really damaged now so I wanna try to grab a new one soon, maybe the regular cocolo =)
          However keep in mind that this SE version is much more “flabby” than the normal version which seems to be much sturdier !

          Honestly people can do whatever they want to their toys, it’s none of my concern. As long as I can use mine peacefully without being disturbed nor judged.

          But I know for sure that some people might be doing some really crazy stuff with these.

          For instance, I’m also an anime figure collector and as a true lolicon I love buying lolicious figs. The lewdest one I own (which is also my favorite) was bought pre-owned from mandarake ~ a fully nude loli with cute childish tits and legs completly spread revealing her pussy and even her womb which are both fully detailed in pinkish color ; she also comes with two HUGE dildos that she probably use to pleasure herself.

          In a word, I truly fell in love with her. But guess what ? Once unboxed I felt dizzy due to an horrible smell of detergent. I knew directly that the mandarake shop might have cleaned her up probably because the previous own might have done some dirty “things” to her.

          I was truly shocked on the moment. It never occured to me to do something like faping to a fig. I just loved her because she was super cute and lewd at the same time so I wanted her in my collection. But then knowing that people were actually doing those kind of “bukkake” things to their anime figurines… god that is disgusting.

          That was a long time agoo now I’m fully aware of those “hobby”. But that only prooves again how some people can be truly fucked up, mostly in the j-animation (just look at the people’s face to an anime convention, thanks god….)

          1. Yeah i know that the SE version is more flabby but i watched some other reviews, videos
            and galleries and i think i like the SE one better in terms of the look,
            because the pussy lips seem to look better.
            The harder (normal) version has more a innie but opened kind of pussy, because the material is more stiff. The material is more tight, so the pussy lips wont close on their own.
            The SE one is more flabby, so you can put the pussy lips into shape way better.
            And as i said, i just want a good looking one. Thats why i think
            that i would like the SE one more. Do you know what i mean?

            The description of your loli figure story sounds like a worst case scenario haha. I mean, if you buy something, then you can do pretty much whatever you want with it. Make a bukkake party with Winnie Pooh or whatever. But please dont send it back to the store after that. πŸ˜€

            But besides that, i dont really care.
            I’m not a anime fan at all and i don’t have any hentai pillows or whatever,
            but if you like it then its all good. Why should i tell you whats okay and whats not.
            And i don’t know what the big problem with lolicon is,
            i mean its just drawings, paitings, 3d models in a program so what?
            Nobody was harmed or anything and the characters dont exist.

            Its a “crime” without any victims.
            Thats how i see it.

            1. Yeah I see what you mean, but that’s great if you like the SE better. I love it for both its looks and the feels but the regular being more firm might give better sensations I guess as well as a better durability considering the lifespan of the inner layer.

              In the same genre, you also have the lolicious product from EXE with the Puni Ana DX and SPDX. Personnaly I prefer the SPDX over cocolo SE for the look (but not the feeling, cocolo is way better for that)

              Yeah I know it’s a very lewd loli fig but I just can’t help it, I love lolis so much so I had to buy her! I kinda broke my bank though, around 170€ but hopefuly custom didn’t check the package since it was undervaluated xd

              Lolicion is one of THE most popular genre in the hentai/doujinshi market. It even envolves an entiere industry with all the editor publishing those storyboard, the artists, the conventions (comiket), the figures, relased from H artwork and even the onaholes…

              Oh well, maybe someday the loli-police will come and arrest xD

              1. I like to Puni Ana SPDX too, yes. But its sold out in every EU shop that i know
                and i dont want to import it from Japan. Its a bit too risky.
                I asked Motsutoys and they have plenty of the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo SE in stock
                and i dont have to worry about anything because there is no customs etc.
                But they dont have the SPDX. So only the Cocolo one is left for me
                because i would rate it on a second place behind the SPDX. All the other larger ones seem kind of meh to me

                I like the look of this one too:

                But i cant find any reviews or videos etc
                so sadly i dont know how the actual thing looks like.

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