Sujiman Kupa Cocolo

The depicted characters presented in this page as choosen by product makers are purely fictional illustrations of aesthetic artwork complying to Japanese legislation.
In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of human beings.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual abuse, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) has resources that can help.

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, “Sujiman Kupa Cocolo” made by MAGIC EYES.

MotsuToys sent it to me for a review, so let’s begin!


Yay, we have another “hip” review! Well, it’s not exactly a hip I guess, it’s a whole torso… well, it could be called a “large masturbator”.

And the best part is, it’s a loli! Are you surprised? Yes? Well you shouldn’t be, because by now you should know I’m a huge lolicon =ω=

First, let’s take a look at the box!

The box is very big, and made out of good hard carton, I doubt it will get any damage while shipping.
Look at that lolicious loli!! I like how she is sticking out of the plastic box, looks so hot <3 !

This is what it looks like when you open the box.


The contents: the onahole, and a small plastic bag of lube.

When opening the onahole, it had that typical “fabric smell” that some onaholes have, but it disappeared after a few washes.

Considering it’s a huge onahole, and the price, a small bottle of lube would be nice…


And a few pics and a video of the onahole

It’s heavy!
Nicely shaped :3, the boobs could be a bit better with more detailed nipples.
I don’t like how MAGIC EYES stamps their logo on the onaholes… yeah it’s nice, but just ruins a bit the look of the onahole.
Not the best looking entrance, but still good.
Yes! Colored insides, looks so good, even better in person, the inside looks just delicious <3
The entrance of the anus it’s pretty lame…
… but at least the inside looks pretty good!

If the pictures and the video aren’t enough, here are the dimensions and weight:


It’s my biggest onahole so far, bigger then Ikappara Girl and Sakura.

It’s big, not too much, but just something to have in consideration if you have to hide it ;). The packaging looks great, and I had no custom problems (here in Spain), but mainly because I got it from MotsuToys, a shop which has it’s stock inside Europe! That is fantastic for people inside Europe, specially with loli-themed onaholes (but perhaps not much with UK and Germany). If you’re afraid or live in the UK, you could always ask the seller to ship without packaging.

ScreenHunter_15 Apr. 11 12.28
A cool option MotsuToys has, avoiding the hassle to contact personally the seller 🙂

Alright, all that aside, let’s talk about the onahole. Is a bigger onahole better than a normal small onahole? Yes. Why? Because of the added weight and it’s size. When you’re grabbing a small onahole, you can feel your hand around it, but with a bigger onahole like this one, or a hip, you can grab it by the sides and it tricks your brain into thinking you’re having actual sex instead of masturbating, and that feels much better. The added weight also helps with that “mind-trick”, it’s very nice having it jump on top of you.

Slapping the ass does not feel as satisfying as hip onaholes, since the it’s a bit small.

About the feeling, it’s pretty good! Let’s first take look at the inside structure.


Looks very nice. With many many ribs and many curves, even small, feel quite good. This onahole is not the tight type, it’s not loose, it just feels right. The vagina entrance feels good all the way to the bottom!


Since the vulva it’s the closed type, it’s a little bit harder to lubricate your glans with it, but not too much, I pour inside the walls of the lips on the pink part, and the a bit on the top of the lips.

As for the anus, it’s great too! It feels similar to other big onaholes, it has that montone rib structure and it’s tighter, feels great to switch from one to another when you wanna change tightness!


One thing I like about onaholes, it’s that when you turn them around, the hole feels differently, it does not happen much with the anus, but it does with the vagina, it’s a new different feeling and quite good I might add! Also, the added weight makes the climax feel really good. The walls feel tight around you when you penetrate deep, giving you a great stimulating ejaculation, I loved it.

About the suction power, I dont feel it much. The picture below ilustrates that when you penetrate her, the air comes out and the vagina tightens, perhaps it does since I can’t reach all the way to the bottom, but I dont feel it. Nevertheless, it feels awesome.


Being a large onahole, you can try different positions to see how you enjoy it best, but the way I enjoy it best… you guessed it, daki sex! 😈


The feeling of the vagina when you fuck it when you’re above her changes a lot, and it feels SO MUCH BETTER! This onahole is good for daki sex, it feels great when you’re fucking it! And with the added size and weight, it wont move around, which means it’s more hassle-free that you might have with smaller onaholes.

Here is where I store it.


It fits, even better than Ikappara Girl.

As for cleaning, this is the only downside, it’s a bit hard. Cleaning my other big onaholes, Ikappara Girl and Sakura are easier than this one. It’s harder to clean because: first, the height makes it a bit difficult to clean under the sink faucet, but not impossible, since the onahole can bend just at the middle at the back side. Second, the holes are a bit too tight to open with your fingers, sounds weird after I said the feeling is not tight-like, right? But it is just like that, the insides are hard to open with your fingers, but not too much. And compared to normal onaholes, this one has two holes, so you have to clean two instead of one. I’d like to clear up, it’s not very hard and full of hassle to clean it, just a bit more annoying than other onaholes, but it’s fine.

One thing to note, when I was first-time cleaning the anus, the ass crack… cracked (lol) a bit, it sort of “broke” like, but nothing too visible, I wonder if in the future it will be ok, but I think it will.

It’s not very appreciable.

As for durability, looks good so far, it doesnt look like it has any weak points that might break, and only time will tell how long the inner structure will survive, since the onahole it’s dual layer, and sometimes, in some onaholes, the inner layer starts to rip (like in TUBOMI, an onahole I did not make review about it, it was just the worst purchase of my life), but this layer seems good!

As a conclusion, it’s a great large masturbator, with a good packaging, nicely shaped onahole, and great feeling in both of it’s holes, altough not super tight, but good enough.

  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10

Sujiman Kupa Cocolo

A large onahole that feels quite good, great for dakisex. It lacks a bottle of lube, easier cleaning and the price is a bit too high.

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52 Replies to “Sujiman Kupa Cocolo”

  1. Hey there. Thanks for your reviews, they’re great !
    You’re talking about a bad experience with TUBOMI, can you elaborate ? It looked pretty good so I was interested.
    Also, would you recommend Cocolo for a first timer uncut and pretty sensitive ? I fear it would be too tight / intense. Maybe the SE would be better ?

    1. Hi mate. Woah, TUBOMI… uh, that was many many years ago… from what I can remember, the inside layer ripped off immediately in the first 1-5 uses… it does look great indeed, but I don’t recommend it.

      And Cocolo for a beginner… not sure, it is soft enough (the normal version) for a beginner, but I’m not sure how it will be a huge chunk of meat jumping on top of a sensitive penis. I would probably recommend a smaller soft onahole for a beginner, so you can have a better control of the friction. Hope it helps.

  2. I would like to buy this one, im actualy living in spain, do u know if there aso some problem with shipping with the original box in spain? i dont know if try this one or the puni ana dx hard edition, im worried about if this one it’s too tight for me

    1. Don’t worry about that. There’s no problem with the boxart.
      I’m also from Spain, I bought it 2-3 months ago, from Motsutoys, with the original box, and, up until now, no police agents have come knocking at my door 🙂

  3. Thanks for the super fast reply. That makes me feel a little better about the purchase as I came right out the gate with a pretty expensive one. Outside of that though. It’s fantastic! Thanks for your help here and with your whole site really.

  4. what’s the difference betwen “Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo” and “Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo “SE””?????

    1. “Soft Edition”, I haven’t tried myself the soft one, but normally the outside layer is made of a softer material, it bends more and it’s more easy to squeeze, or the inside layer is made more soft, for a not too intense feeling.

      1. I just got my own Sujiman Kupa Cocolo, but I am not sure if it’s broken inside. Here is my question. When using the anal hole I will go in perfectly straight, but I can quickly see the outline of my member poking out in her back kind of off center. Almost as if the anal hole path is ripped inside and I am poking through and going down that inside rip, not following the constructed path. Does this sound possible for a brand new toy, or am I just unaware of how an onahole will look when being used and this is normal?

        1. Hi,

          I believe that’s normal, many onaholes have the same “problem”. I think it happens the same with my Cocolo, there are some onaholes which tunnels are thin on one side, and due to your penis being curved, it pokes toward the outside. It’s just the way it is, I mostly (always) use just the vaginal entrance.

  5. Just arrived for me (together with some Onatsuyu, and Ag+ powder.) I only expected to get my hands on it tomorrow, so I helped myself in the waiting – then some two hours later, I got the message from the delivery service that it was delivered at the pickup place, so I could go and pick it up. Oh well. I was not very much looking forward of our first meeting upon hearing this, feeling I’ve wasted an opportunity, sort of.

    Now let’s see. Heavy. Definitely so. It feels as if you were actually holding someone, to some extent anyhow. Had some three or four Fleshlights previously, all of them promising stimulation through the roof, etc., but I must say, this was definitely an added pleasure factor previously unknown to me. Feeling up the nipples felt like – well, nipples; they are tiny but well-defined. All the other parts are firm, sure a pleasure to get your hands on it, even when not using it. Warming it up is a nightmare – obviously one couldn’t microwave it, so next best thing was to insert the shower tube (sans head) and let it flow through. Inserting it anally worked without a problem (against all expectations, vaginal didn’t, even with that valve thing, it just wouldn’t hold in place.) So I let it sit there for some twenty minutes, and sure enough, it warmed up, but just superficially. It has such a bulk that evenly warming up would prolly need some 8h in a drying oven or something. Nevertheless, it was still pleasantly warm, so I got down to biz. Faphero style, since I still had my doubts that I could have a pleasurable time in such a short period.

    I was wrong. The whole thing, with just some four drops of lube (2 per each opening) provided a stimulation that a Fleshlight couldn’t hold a candle to. Entry was easy vaginally, somewhat more difficult anally, much like you’d expect, seeing the cross section. The relative lack of warmth was not a particular issue, grabbing it was an experience in itself, the small nipples cute as heck… front side, back side, I was done in a shamefully short 4 minutes or so, seems I need to practice more. Or maybe not apply so much pressure on the sides and the abdomen.

    And that brings me to the last bit – clean-up. Hand soap external/internal wash in my case, then a quick surface wipe with 70% IPA. Getting to its depths with a microfiber cloth is actually pretty doable if you’re using some rigid item to handle it with (toothbrush handle in my case.) Wiped until I couldn’t hear no more wet sounds upon shaking/pressing anywhere. The girl seems to have a powder fix though – to properly powder it needs some rather large amount of talc. It might have to do with the particular TPE that they are using, or just the “break in” period perhaps, but it sure needed a lot. Also, since I put it aside for a while before using it (my bad, just can’t get going with such biz when mother-in-law is still loitering about downstairs), I noticed that it left some oily (?) stains on the paper surfaces that it was put on. I’m sure it will improve with time.

    For anyone trying to get underwear for it (for whatever reasons – added contact drying is the idea in my case), I think that’s gonna be a challenge. Even 92/XS panties, which was the smallest that I could find on the first try about here, are a tad too large. I wonder if a friendly tailor could tweak it to size, but hm, bringing the “model” along might be a little edgy. Could try to hunt down some 86/XXS next time. Oh well.

    All in all, satisfied. Thumbs up to Magic Eyes, and also to ToysHeart. I have the feeling it’ll serve me for many more years’. ^,^

  6. I am curious, but how is the packaging when it arrives(with/without packaging)? is it in a standard cardboard box?

    1. Yes, every onahole is shipped inside a regular cardboard box, and inside is the onahole’s box (the one with art) wrapped in paper or newspaper, and sometimes bubble wrap. There is an option to ship it without packaging, which means to ship it without the onahole’s box, because the nature of the art (lolicon) could give trouble in some countries, like UK, Germany, Canada, etc. where the lolicon laws are more strict. I guess the onahole would be wrapped in a lot of paper, and placed inside the regular cardboard box. Btw, on top of the cardboard box there is no information that tells that inside is an onahole, the onahole shops normally type something like “hobby kit” or “figurine”. Hope it help ?

      1. yes thank you, if I want no packaging, do I have to select “choose an option” or what? it only has an option with packaging

            1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Before you add the onahole to your product, choose the option “without packaging” in the drop down menu.


              It seems the normal cocolo is out of stock for now, there is only the soft version available but I’m not sure if that will be a good one, you might want to contact them to ask if they’ll restock the normal version 🙂

  7. Nice review, I have decided to pick this one as my next onahole. Previously been using Fuwatoro 1000 pink but it is kinda too soft for me (still enjoying it anyway).
    Could you recommend me good lube to use along with cocolo? I’ve used pepe classic and wankers so far but maybe there is something better to try.

  8. Hey there, awesome review as always. I’ve been going through your reviews for the past few days and I think I’ve finally decided on getting this onahole. My biggest concern is cleaning as I’ve heard a lot of negative things about it, do you have any tips for cleaning this one? Maybe something I should purchase?

    Anyway, I don’t know if you still read your old comments, but I’d appreciate any help if you do see this soon. Thanks!

    1. Hello!

      Yes, I always read all my comments, just sometimes it takes me a bit of time to reply ^^’
      I don’t know what you heard about the cleaning, but for me it’s really easy to be honest, unless you have like a super-small space under the sink faucet, you should be fine. This onahole can bend where the lower back part is, I just use my fingers and it cleans well, the insides are easily accessible with a tiny microfiber towel too. I guess you could use this… , but I don’t really find it necessary.
      This is by far my most favorite onahole, so you should definetly get it if you can afford it, it’s worth 100% 😉

      1. Thank you so much for the quick reply. (It’s hard finding advice for this hobby.)

        Reading your comment really just might’ve been the last push I needed, because I was honestly just worried about cleaning more than anything. That being said, is drying this onahole a hassle? I could see some issue drying out the deeper part. Do you just leave it out a bit longer than normal onaholes?

        I think I’m going to purchase my Cocolo from OtonaJP since they seem to have the best price, so I might just get this water pump in case

        Once again, I really appreciate all your help. It’s pretty awesome hearing that this is one of your favorites when you’ve reviewed so many. ^_^

  9. Hello there!, I would like to acquire that product, but I have never bought on the internet 😀 // Do you think that i can buy this through “Amazon Japan” // I live in Peru. Thank you very much and apologize if my Ingés is not so good.

    1. Hola!
      Primero, no te recomiendo comprar por Amazon Japan si eres nuevo comprando por internet, AmazonJP sólo envía a Japón cuando se trata de juegetes para adultos, por lo que necesitarías usar un servicio Proxy (pagar a una persona residente en Japón que lo reciba por ti y luego te lo reenvíe).

      Te recomiendo las demás páginas, como OtonaJP, NLS, CoolMST, todas esas páginas hacen envíos internacionales (Las que llevan el avión al lado de la bandera), no debería haber ningún problema para Perú.

      La mayoría de páginas aceptan PayPal y tarjeta VISA, asi que si tienes una cuenta bancaria, puedes sacarte una tarjeta VISA en tu banco, simplemente pregunta como (diles que quieres utilizarla para compras online, para que la activen con uso online), y también puedes usar PayPal, registrate con tu email y puedes vincular tu PayPal con tu banco.

      Espero haberte ayudado 🙂

  10. I really wanted to buy this one, but in the end, decided not to. I’m not really into loli stuff – if only there was a way to ”cut” the boob section, so it doesn’t look like it’s from a very young girl, I’d get it.

    Not a wide variety when it comes to Eu vendors unfortunately.

  11. @DDK2
    Lolicon is literally the japanese word for pedophile. In western, lolicon is more for 2D as a real one would be a pedophile. Fantasy is pure fantasy after all. Until it’s done irl, whats the problem? I mean if its only towards 2D there is no harm at all. if it’s irl but helps them not do it, I say it’s a good thing lols.

    I decided to buy this onahole as my first lol. Thank you for the suggestion, that one seems pretty nice as well. For the fairy, closest to my fetish was the onaho fairy one but it showed it would make that bulge but in video it didn’t sadly. Also might buy virgin age admission next, as it seems really popular. Also can you do a review on Caution Tight Onahole? I’m curious on how tight that thing is hahaha.

    1. I really like your answer about the definition of being a Lolicon. That’s what I’m usually answering to people who treat me as a Pedophile.

  12. I love Japanese onaholes because they make wonderful products that feels better than any American brand which all feels the same. Only problem I have is that they often make these lolicon(not sure about the spelling but ykwis) products, which is a total boner killer for me. I try my best to respect everyone’s tastes but are there really that many pedophiles in Japan or is this some kind of trend??? It’s disgusting tbh…

    1. It’s a trend worldwide from some time :), due to the over sexualization of young girls in anime, the lolicon trend is quite wide nowadays. One thing to note, a person can be a lolicon only, or a pedophile only, or both, but lolicon is different that pedophile, a lolicon fantasizes sexually with 2D prepubescent-lookings girls (only drawn girls, no real), where a pedophile fantasizes with real life prepubescent girls. And yes, there are lot of pedophiles and lolicons in Japan, it’s more “trendy” or common to find them there. It’s ok if you find them disgusting, lots of people do, everyone has different tastes :P, but don’t worry, there are a lot of non-lolicon onaholes, you have a quite wide range to choose from :), here a few recommendations.

  13. Hey anonymousD, I’m new here so I still looking around for my preferred onaholes.

    Can you suggest some of the best for Loli, Fairy, and possibly uterus/womb penetration? Both from reviews and personal opinion would be great.

    For Loli something like this review seems great but also want to explore others before deciding.
    For Fairy I’m kinda looking for that “stomach bulge” like in hentai when used, to me that’s really arousing lol.
    Now the uterus/womb penetration ones I’ve looked at, they were not too clear on the description if it has that feeling of penetrating the uterus/womb.

  14. Hi, I’m thinking of buying this one, but I live in the UK.

    When shipping without the packaging. Does it mean just the box on its own? Nothing hiding it? so that everyone can tell what it is?

    I live with other people and would rather them not finding out what I have ordered.


    1. Hello. Good choice of opting to ship it to you without packaging, everyone from UK and Germany should do the same when it’s loli related content.
      I’ve never ordered onaholes without packaging, but no, the onahole will be inside a box. The onahole it’s inside it’s own box with the art and stuff, then inside a normal cardboard box where there isn’t any sort of drawings or text to show what’s inside. Shipping without the box basically means shipping without it’s original package, it will just be the onahole inside a blastic bag, an perhaps some air bubble roll around it to protect it. So only customs might open it and see what’s inside, but at your door it will arrive as a normal package, no need to worry 🙂

      1. Oh right, Thank goodness for that.

        I was gonna pass on this if it was what I thought it was like.

        First onahole like this, cant be too careful.

        Thank you.

      2. Hello! Thanks for your reviews!
        I’m wondering why in the previous post you wrote: “everyone from UK and Germany should do the same when it’s loli related content.” (you were talking about to buy Loli products without the box.)

        Is there some law restriction for Loli products in those countries??

        1. I’m not quite sure, I think there is a law for UK or something of the sort, I just know that in UK and Germany are very strict about the subject and they really don’t like loli stuff.

  15. Bought a Fleshlight few months ago, have barely used it since it didn’t feel all that great to me, too bland and couldn’t feel any texture (Surge Model).

    Would you suggest someone who didn’t like Fleshlight getting and trying Onahole? Currently looking at this model – ideally I’d love something tight but not too much, and with a decent amount of texture so it doesn’t feel like I’m rubbing my <3 against smooth surface.

    1. Well, I don’t know much about the “world of fleshlights”, but from what I understand they are basically onaholes without the anime/hentai things. Onaholes have a great variety of feelings and tightness, I suggest you to try a few and see. At first I started with a cheap 10 Euro fleshlight inside a plastic can and I loved it, from then I continued to onaholes and it was all great.
      As for something tight but not too much, this could be a few suggestions:

      Hope this helps, remember to visit the forums for more help!

      1. Thank you for reply! I was just wondering if I should go all out and get something more expensive, or not. I like the hands free double hole idea of this model :). It’s 130 Euro though, for that price I could go with two/three separate models instead, but I’ve no idea if it would be quite as fun as this bigger model :/.

        1. I think start with smaller onaholes first, to find their own beauty, after that, maybe getting a big one like this one, that way you’ll be more excited to receive it. For ~60 Euro, you could get 2 different onaholes (mid range, 15-20 eur each) + a bottle of lube, I recommend red cap PEPEE, I’d say go with that for a start, 60 euro is the best price to make the best use of the shipping and you’re more sure to avoid customs 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback! It’s always nice to hear more people’s experiences, that will help other people to decide if they want it or not 😀
      PD: I love it too <3

  16. What are your dick specs? Feel like this is important to know so I can judge if the experience will be similar. Otherwise nice review.

  17. Not going to buy it but i liked the review and allow me to say i like your Hip Onahole Drawer ^^

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