Sujiman Kupa Lolinco

Sujiman Kupa Lolinco, aka Sujiman Kupa Rinka or Open My Pussy! Lolinco. Or Lolinko. Magic Eyes with their famous… wide spaced eyes. Our friend Infernal Monkey reviewed it too, make sure to read it 😉


“H-Hey darling, this is the best day of my life !”


She looks like Kirino. Really. Years after starting to fuck with her, it’s finally time to get married !


Material is Magic Eyes’ actual TPE mix, dual layered and stuffed with silver ions (Ag+) to kill all the bacteria and stuff.

As usual, comes with a little one-time bottle of lube, a plastic wrapping. And it’s sticky. And smelly, you know… give her a good soapy shower before the wedding night. Let’s dig in !

For a first preview, the structures are a bit worrying. Yes your new bride is by far not a virgin, look at all the scares and rips in her vagina. I’m not very sure how long it takes until you spread these cracks on both sides.

It’s pretty nice to slide between her puffy pussy lips and feeling them “hug” your shaft, as you push inside the opening. One first big rib. A second one, smaller. Some space to take your breath. The small ribs, and finally the tiny ribs. And at the bottom a kinda unspecial stuff. The hole getting tighter and tighter, it’s pretty nice to do “little strokes” when reaching the bottom. Now if you wanna keep stroking all your dick with the big ribs at the begin, hell you won’t last long*

*I barely last 30 seconds at “normal speed” after 2 days without cumming ~ wth is wrong with me ?! Or is it just the onahole who wants it to end fast ?

So yeah, stimulation-wise it’s a pretty good one ! The packaging is a bonus to me. About the material, I’m a bit deceived. Yes I got used to Toys Heart’s and RIDE’s stuff, but please, Magic Eyes, do something about the out-of-the-box smell. And put some more efforts for the inner layers: my Lolinco starts showing tearing at the hole after about 10 uses. I wasn’t too rough for the cleaning though. To clean, you really just wanna put it under water flow, don’t even attempt to turn it inside-out unless you don’t care about ruining the inner layer.

Treat her well, and she will love you long time. Be a brute, and it will end in tears.

Sujiman Kupa Lolinco
  • 9.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9.5/10
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


Feels great, that little bride ! But use her carefully, she’s fragile…

User Review
3.52 (33 votes)

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63 Replies to “Sujiman Kupa Lolinco”

  1. I saw on the web that there is a Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo and another Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Extra Virgin. And the pics on the extra virgin one look way better than the normal one. Is this Extra virgin one better?

    1. They typically take a couple days to ship orders for products that are in stock, use the DHL tracking link to follow your package once it’s shipped. If DHL has trouble making the shipping, contact OtonaJP support. Also check with OtonaJP if they did receive the payment: one of my SEPA payments took 10 days to reach them, I blame that on banking controls. But the order got shipped 2 days later anyway, regular shipping delay.

      ⚠️ Also just for the record: allegedly them not sending the order is a breach of contract, a civil litigation you can seek repayment for, or a court order to force fulfilment of contract. However your comment, if false, is defamation. Make sure to have all context information (when was order placed, when was the order paid (and how), when was the order confirmed, any proof that they indeed not fulfilled their part of the contract) as to support your claim that they “never send”.
      Keep in mind all they need to provide in defence is the absence of received payment (as said, banks can slow down the process), or the shipment slip and the fault goes on DHL for somehow loosing the packet… and you for the then constituted defamation offence. Worse yet if you did receive your order (even later on), or if you aren’t even a customer of OtonaJP.

      Or one can interpret this literally, and it only takes one other OtonaJP customer to testimony having paid their order and successfully receive their order to disprove your comment, making it a de-facto defamation OtonaJP could use against you to seek moral damages indemnification in court.

      Contact support to check current status of your order and request refund if necessary

  2. Hi im new and trying to buy this and i need a tight one with nice sensation …mine is around 13cm is this the right one?

  3. bought this after i broke my papakiki sora onaho (gotta say realistic skin material is kinda weak)(yes i am a bit above average size of asian)… the first thing i noted is the entrance hole tore itself… is it supposed to replicate hymen or something? i scare i have broken it

      1. oh ok… gotta say i am new to this, and i bought baby lotion instead of powder (should have read a lot more before buying things)… is that ok?

          1. its water with slight oil from vege… yea its start to sticky a bit but after i applied full corn starch baby powder it seems ok…

  4. Hey, ive been really troubled as to which version of the lolinco to get. There is the original then there is the Virgo version. Ive seen reviews and they say the virgo feels good but its really tight(how much tighter is it than the lolinco?). Lastly im still perplexed as to whether the virgo version has greater durability jst because it is a newer version(but I am having my doubts since it is tighter than the original).
    Please give me a reply whoever is free. Thanks for your time 🙂

    1. I heard that the Virgo is not much an improvement from the original not that its bad or anything its says its more long lasting and bigger I would go for the original imo

  5. Hi,awesome review. I just got mine for few weeks ago and been using it for quite while.
    how do you fix the hymen?
    mine starts to rip open and I’m afraid that that the damage would get worse if not fixed.(sorry for my bad english)

  6. Hi, thanks for the review of each help to make a choice. “Sujiman Kupa Lolinco” or “Seventeen Bordeaux” which is better?

  7. first 6 usages, the entrance tore on both ends, and the 2 holes on the inside tore as well, infact i felt them tear when i was not moving it, sort of just peeled creating a crack on both holes… i think it was just way, waaay too tight, the first couple usages where so tight infact that i could not finish inside it at all, and it was almost painful

  8. Well, I just used lolinco for the first time. It does look and feel great. The stimulation is very different from other onaholes that I tried because of the harder inner layer material, but man, is this thing delicate. Small dick loser here (probably around 13 cm or less) and after one usage the hymen is destroyed, and the outer labia has small two small tears at the top and the bottom. I wonder how soon before the whole thing falls apart =/.

    1. I have noticed the same pattern of wear and tear from Lolinco, as well as from other toys like Sujiman Kupa Roa, Kaitai Shinsho, and Secret Lover Himekano. In each case, the edges along the labia give away first, although this does not seriously affect internal sensation. Also, more wear and tear take place if rough-treated during cleanup. This is the case even for someone who does not have a large member like me, so I can only imagine how much more damage can result if the user has larger member.

      A larger, single-layered toy like Fleshlight is more durable and accepts larger member, but it lacks the kind of sensation most Japanese onaholes provide.

  9. Hi,
    Just got my Lolinco yesterday and of course had to try it. Overall experience was great but unfortunately as careful as I tried to be, I already see slight tearing in the opening…any recommendations to prevent further damage to it? And any suggestions for a similar toy that may be more durable and not tear on the first try? Thanks…

  10. Hey, I have the 17 bordeaux and am looking for a new onahole now. would you recommend this one or virgin admission?

  11. Arrived today…
    i think i might have gotten addicted to it, cant wait for tonight so i can give it another round
    i bought a pack in amazon that comes with a big bottle o´lube and some sex toy cleaner, a very nice pack imo

  12. I ordered it yesterday via Amazon germany and am all too excited about it.
    Can’t wait for it to arrive, i hope it lives up to the hype i have been building up these past days while reading the reviews from users
    hopefully i wont have any problems with the shipping and such, anyone got experience with ordering it via amazon Germany?

  13. Hi,
    Thanks for the review. Considering it has been quite some time since you purchased this, how’s the durability? I am thinking of getting a tight sleeve which could be very stimulating. I am considering this or virgin age admission. Which is more tight and stimulating? I can see that both has different strengths: while I am intrigued by the hymen in this, virgin age has even lower dimensions and could be tighter. What is your suggestion? Also, your opinions on Tong GGO and Meiki zxy please? Thank you.

    1. Still had a session with Lolinco the other day, it’s been some time 🙂 My Lolinco shows tearing at the entrance, the joint between the “labia majora” and the hole has a cracking. It didn’t get MUCH worse since the review.

      Lolinco is more stimulating, Admission is definitively more tight and “penis-squeezer”. I’ve no opinion about Tong GGO and ZXY, sorry.

      1. Thanks for the immediate reply. How is the tightness in this? Any suggestions for Anal sleeves? Also, regarding ordering, do you order from NLS? What about the import tax and other surcharges? I live in the US by the way and I understand that you are not. Still, have you had to pay any taxes and if yes, on what occasions? Any idea about US’s situation? I’m sorry if I am asking a lot of questions. Since you seem so knowledgeable, I thought it would be easier asking you. 🙂

        1. I’m from the US and order all my stuff from NLS and I’ve never had to pay import tax or other surcharges. As I understand it there is a fee in the EU for orders over a certain value.

          1. Thank you. You’ve never had any import tax for any orders? Even if the price is more? I most probably will end up ordering for around 150-200$ worth and was wondering if they had a set amount or weight after which they charge tax for imports. Any answers would be very much appreciated.

            1. Hmm…the largest order I’ve ever placed with them has been for $111. I didn’t get charged any extra fee, but I try to keep the weight down so I can use e-Packet shipping.

            1. I’ve never tried DHL, but it might be cheaper to make 2 smaller orders and ship them via e-Packet if you’re ordering a lot of smaller items.

              1. Thank you. From what I’ve read on the internet so far, it seems like e-packet and EMS should be fine if the prices are less. It is said that there is still that chance of having to pay for customs if the package is too big or too attractive.

                However, DHL seems to charge a “handling fee/ brokerage + customs (if there was any)” for declaring customs and going through the process of it. So do a lot of other couriers. I read that if it arrives through USPS, there will be no handling charge or brokerage. So, I am going to stay away from DHL and do as you suggested. The only drawback is that it seems like it will take 3,4 weeks to arrive. I hope this helped you for a change. 🙂

                How has your experience been with e-packet? How much time does it take to arrive? Is it being delivered by USPS in US ? I guess it should be.

                1. Thanks for the info! I’ve never had any problems with e-packet. It takes NLS 1-3 days to ship your order (unless one of the items is out-of-stock or special order, in which case it takes an extra couple of days to get your stuff) and 10-14 days to arrive after the shipping date. It’s delivered through USPS and your local mail carrier will probably just leave it on your porch. You can sign up for email and/or text message notices through the USPS website once you receive your tracking number (it may take a day or two for them to add it to their system though). I like doing this so I know where it is and to get notified the morning before it arrives.

                  NLS actually has a nifty delivery date calculator on their site to give you a good idea of how long it will take if you place an order right now:

                  Slightly off topic, but I would recommend putting in a request to have the packaging removed if you are ordering something with especially young looking characters on the box ( There is a slight possibility that customs will check the contents of your package. I’ve heard it’s unlikely here in the US, but you can avoid trouble just by having it shipped without the box. The shipping label lists it as a “Figure set”, but you can ask them to change it to whatever you like (Note: DHL requires an accurate description, so it would have to be listed as sex toys if you have it shipped through them…).

                  For more info on NSL’s shipping practices:

                  1. Thank you. I already had viewed their shipping info but USPS alerts is news to me. I don’t know how to or where to ask them to ship it without the box. If we did so, wouldn’t it be all banged up when it arrives? Or do they replace it with another cover? I am getting Virgin Age Admission and I was wondering if the cover would be a problem while it reached customs. Any ideas where to request that?

                    Yeah. DHL seems more and more problematic. I had already decided to skip them. USPS seems like the best bet.

                    P.S: The Cover.


                    1. Since she’s fully clothed and not in a particularly suggestive pose, I don’t think you’ll have any issues with that. Although I can’t see all sides of it, the packaging doesn’t seem to be nearly as problematic as Her Small Mouth
                      (, but if you want it shipped without the package you can simply write that request in the “Send Message Box” during checkout. I have yet to make such a request, but as I understand it they wrap the contents of the original package in bubble wrap and pad the sides with crumpled paper ( Onaholes are fairly durable, so it should be fine (

            1. Beware of Amazon, especially “shipped by Amazon”. They may store legit onaholes together with ripoffs in their warehouses.

  14. Ordered this as my first Onahole on the 23rd of January on Amazon, received today. Was so excited for it today, had to jerk myself twice before it even got delivered.

    I have to say, it is simply amazing. Im not large by any means, so I find Fleshlights way too big. This is just right, I can reach the bottom and its beautifully snug around me. It feels so soft, and Im amazed at the materials heat retention. The curve to it overall is very comfortable to hold on to as well.

    The video is slightly deceiving, as it is smaller and larger at the same time then it looks.

    I agree completely that its difficult to clean, spent longer cleaning then using today. So far no tearing as far as I can tell,

    If this is a good indication of how Magic eyes does things, Im going to be ordering Roa and/or Rina from the Open my pussy series. Soon.

  15. I think Lolinco’s interior space is similar to that of Girl in the Box, except that the former’s cavity feels tighter due to the presence of two entrances (one after the other). A user with longer member would be able to take advantage of the sensation provided by its more complicated interior. On the other hand, someone with a thicker member might find it a bit too tight.

    In terms of exterior size, Lolinco is somewhere in between Sujiman Kupa Roa (narrower) and Girl in the Box (wider). So, if you have no problem holding onto SK Roa, then holding onto Lolinco should not be a problem.

    Lolinco’s only downside is that it is more difficult to clean.

  16. Been looking for a new onahole to play with. So far owned only Sujiman Kupa Roa and Mouth of Truth, which got pretty boring now. Both of them still in good condition after 8 months of usage. Now I just ordered this product and looking forward to it’s “tightness.” Can’t wait to see how it goes.

    Just curious if you’re familiar w/ those fleshlight anal. Is it as tight as those?

    1. Maybe its just me, but it feels pretty tight, close to anal but has like those 3 gates shown above. The lube that come with the box is not enough lube o_O

      1. I think Lolinco requires more lube than onaholes with simpler interior like Sujiman Kupa Roa, Virgin Age: Entrance/Admission, and Girl in the Box, because the former’s more complicated interior results in having greater surface area.

  17. I wanted to get this but How tight is Lolinco really? Some people say then Lolinco is a dick bully, are they exaggerating? I’m about 6.5in, looking for something that feels better and is tighter.

  18. I’ve got a Fleshlight (never use when I got the Tenga) and Tenga, but I’m looking to try something new considering this or La Bocca Della Verita, how do those compare to the Tenga in terms of tightness and sensation?

      1. Sounds good, they look more tight from the pictures I’ve seen. I’m leaning towards the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco, maybe I’ll get the La Bocca in a future purchase. I wonder if I’ll look back on the Tenga when I purchase these.

    1. I started out with all kinds of tenga toys and the tenga eggs also, these I tried:
      – Geki-Fera Vacuum Aika 7/10 (blowjob)
      – Kupa roa hard 9/10 (onahole)
      – Taimanin Asagi 8/10 (onahole)
      – My Neighbor Girl 8/10 (onahole)
      – Gokusai Uterus Onahole 5/10 (onahole)

      this is my opinion and tenga changed my life so good, I hope this helps you out.

  19. Hi there, I bought this from NLS based on your review, and I have to say it is an amazing toy!

    My one question is, how can I get it to properly dry out when I clean it with water? There always seems to be water in it somewhere that i can’t reach with a cloth + finger, and turning it upside down on a towel which works for the 17 bordeaux doesn’t for this one since it is so tight it closes itself.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    1. You can try to collect more water with a swab or something… I usually just let it dry “head down”.

  20. This was my first on a hole, and I did enjoy this as a first experience. But I had the problem of sticking out when I thrusted too far, eventually leading to a hole. In my opinion, this onahole has its limitations in terms of durability and length… And is it logical too say it was too soft, not rippled enough, not very tight and could have been longer?… Not trying to give the impression that this onahole is bad and that I’m moaning, but in terms of personal situation (I have a foreskin), I would love to find an onahole to match my preference so I don’t waste more money, just trying to find the perfect one. I’m thinking I might try the seventeen ones, can anyone point me in the right direction? Weird but fun hobby this is!

  21. Ok i can at least say it in french. J’ai craqué pour elle ^^ (mostly means “i just fell in love with her” if it isn’t “i fell for her”).
    Well i don’t know if it will be tighter than my 2 first onaholes (i threw both of them one year ago or more because too damaged) or my puni ana DX (still undamaged and i didn’t use it often. Maybe 20 times, i didn’t count ^.^’ i got it one year ago).

    So i ordered Lolinco on NLS (because cheaper than Kanojo Toys), it will probably take 2 weeks or 3 starting today until i receive her. I also take an A Clean (i don’t want to tear her by turning it inside out when i’ll wash her) and a toy bag to store it.

    This my first order on NLS.
    If everything goes well, i’ll “get married” with her on my birthday ^^ (or before or after. better before than far after ^.^’ ).

    1. OK, it’s my “wedding” day because, i finally received Lolinco today ^^
      That was quite fast although i selected e-Packet.
      I guess there aren’t too much order to shipped since we, in France (and many other country too), are still in summer holidays.
      But anyway, i played with her and that was good.
      I think it will be better in other moments when i get more excited, perhaps XD

      Then, i washed her and used the A Clean.
      I used some soap too (outside and inside) without turning it inside out.
      Do you really think this is good enough ? Even without soap ?

      Beside, i cannot dry all the inside, i use only a towel but cannot reach the deep parts with it.
      Even if there is Ag+ , i hope that will not matter ^^’
      I think i still better wash her before i spend others sweet moments with 🙂

  22. Hi!
    i was just last june in japan and found this, it was ne newly realesed and so i brought one with me
    and waited for your review 🙂
    sadly mine started ripping from her pussy to her ass the 2nd time and on the 4th or 5th alongeside the back 🙁

    as you said: very fragile, but the feeling is really nice, what i dont see you mentioning is that she as some kind of spine in the back wich feels really good to hold too.

  23. Hi!

    I’m new to the world of Onaholes and I’m not sure of which Onahole I want to/should try first.
    Could you recommend one I could carry around and one first-timers won’t have a problem with? (Preferrably a tight one).

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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