The Mouth of Truth Perorin (La Bocca della Verita)

Hey guys ! Today I’ll introduce to you a new onahole which is an update of the amazing Mouth of Truth, released a few years ago and which is still at this time the most sold onahole by Magic Eyes.

The difference is that this time it features a “perorin” molding, which means a shape where the girl is sticking out her tongue as if she was reaching out for licking and sucking your glans.

Just looking at the packaging is very exciting so let’s get this review started !


The packaging itself is really neat, even though it remains the regular type of box we are used to get from Magic Eyes with lots of pictures of the product itself and a cute 2D girl which I suppose the onahole is based on.

From the last picture we can clearly see the inner part of her throat which looks really inviting and quite more detailed as the former Mouth Of Truth in my opinion.

And finally a few shoots of the inner content, you can see that it’s safely wrapped in a plastic box and in plastic paper so it’s really a good point. Mine came in perfect condition, 100% smooth without any mark or tears so this kind of display is truly great.

The little sample of lube remains the same, just use some good onatsuyu lotion or Ubujiru if you love lolis like me in order to enjoy the toy at its best.


I don’t have much to say on the look of the onahole itself despite the fact that it is amazingly well molded with a very exciting shape and colors due to the double inner layer. You can clearly see her tiny pinkish tongue sticking out of her smooth lips as I said in the introduction. This is how you can recognize this version comparated to the original.

Personnaly I prefer the look of this one. The only downside is the ugly Magic Eyes logo as always…


This little maid is going to suck you dry, honestly. The feeling is so amazing, it’s like you are fucking a soft and squishy marshmallow ! That is mostly due to the tongue, which the original one didn’t really have. The fact that it’s sticking out like this kinda decrease the feeling on your glans. It’s not as agressive as it might had been for some people with the former version.

When your glans get passed through her tooth, you will only feel the one from above and not really those of the bottom since there is her tongue above. But they are still here, so it makes a really delightful feeling having her upper teeth rubbing your glans raw with the other through her squishy tongue.

In short, the sensation is a bit less agressive for your poor glans than the first version.

An other massive difference in feelings is the tightness of her throat. The first version didn’t really feature this, the main feelings were based on stimulation from the tooth and that was it, passed that I personnaly couldn’t feel anything.

While here it’s different. There is a very enjoyable vacuum that is being created once you get your dick deep inside her. Then in addition to the feeling of her tooth and hot squishy tongue you get this delightful sucking sensation as if she was trying to milk you out as quickly as possible by hitting all of your weak points.


Cleaning is not a problem at all it’s very quick and easy if you are used to onahole. Orherwise it might take up to 5 minutes max to wash and clean it properly.


For me this is an other success from Magic Eyes. They achieved to make the best even better with this onahole which I personnaly prefer to the original one regarding the shape, the molding, and the more balanced points of stimulation.

The only downside could be that she’s a bit more fragile than her big sister, since I already have some tears in the inner layer but only deep in her throat. So far the tongue and tooth are still pretty good and luckily it doesn’t change the feeling at all.

So if you are inexperienced with blowjob onahole or even if you already gave it a try with the previous version, this might be a really good addon to your collection.

I really don’t regret my purchase !

The Mouth of Truth Perorin (La Bocca della Verita)
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ Sensational stimulation + Exciting molding + Awesome Packaging + Easy to wash + Super cheap for what you get
– Inner layer is a bit fragile

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5 Replies to “The Mouth of Truth Perorin (La Bocca della Verita)”

  1. i was looking at getting a mouth type onahole so i was looking at this and Gokusen-Fella DX Yuna Ogura i was going to ask on the forum but i cant post on it so what one would you say is better

  2. I just tried this one today after it arrived on the mail.
    Damnโ€ฆthis thing made me cum super fast. The feeling is undescribible. I also own Lolinco Virgo which had a similar effect the first time i used it but now i can last longer with that one lol. I’m really excited to have a fapping session using both of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You forgot to mention little hole on the back, I’m pretty sure it was the reason the suction is more noticeable in this one compared to the original, almost everything is a step up, in the original it is impossible to put the my dick in unless I remove the upper teeth, I also notice that the teeth is kinda soft unlike the original. This is my favorite now, the simulation is tame compared to lolico but still better overall feeling.

  4. I’ve had this one for months…. it’s getting a little sticky after each use (but I got fleshlight renewing powder to spare). But my god, this thing still gives you the MAJOR S U C C

    Out of all the stuff I own, I blow the hardest to the following in this order:

    1) Mouth of Truth Peroin
    2) Virgin Age Admission Hard
    3) Puni Ana Spdx
    4) Sujiman Kupa Cocolo
    5) Succu Dry (this is a Fleshlight)

  5. Cheers for the review!

    I’ve been pretty hyped for the Onahole since I learned of its existence some time ago and this has re-wetted my anticipation. Been patiently waiting for MotsuToys to get stock, but I ended up cracking last week when I realised I needed more lube.

    Quick question; how does the tongue perform when compared to the Devil Blow Job 2 Ayaka Tomoda or similar? Usually, the tongue ends up bulging downwards, away from the underside of my dick and provides little sensation. I dare not go deep enough to get her to lick my balls for fear of tearing the end of the canal.
    I only ask as I have a thing about piercing the tongue of my Onaholes and want to try out a curved barbell.

    Cheers again bud.

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