VORZE A10 Cyclone SA

Oh man. RENDS. It’s made by RENDS. If you ever cross someone saying that “Japan isn’t the most advanced country in this world”, you’ll have to inflict them a slap across the face, or worse. Look at what they did to polish your dolphin increase masturbation pleasure.


The guys at RENDS, they try. They experiment. They’re innovators. They made A10 Cyclone, and collected feedback. Then they returned to their sketchbooks, and created the next thing. When the VORZE A10 Cyclone SA was released and sold on NLS, I suddenly felt goosebumps down my spine. It’s that kind of devices that make you taking a step back, looking from where the onahole industry comes from, and where it seems to go. Congrats, this is a milestone along a one-way road.

How did I got involved ? Well, on a totally unrelated subject, NLS proposed it to me, taking care of the shipping and all… and there it was !

Thank you DHL guys for not crushing the box

The first problem appeared right away: how do I store that big piece ? By stuffing my “under review” stuff in the secondary drawer, I somehow managed to store it safely in the primary drawer. Couldn’t unbox right away.

box content
The thing with the “Master”-hole

When the time was right, I finally found myself holding something big and exciting in my hand:

“shoulder-massager” for penis-carriers

First things first: checking if it’s a genuine. A hologram sticker saying “RENDS” tells you so, exactly like the Windows license on the side/under your PC, but without product activation. Also: short notice in Japanese and English.

rends hologram
seems legit
  • use enough lubricant when you play
  • use VORZE smooth lubricant A10 Cyclone SA
  • official masturbator
  • be aware of pressure of your play file
  • do not use more than 20minutes continuously
  • use with stable position by holding right

I think it’s trustworthy Engrish advice. I’ll emphasis about it later. The A10 Cyclone SA is made in plastic, but luckily for your crotch, the contact zone is a softer pad, so you don’t carve a blood circle around your dick.

rubber ring

And so it came with this “Master hole”, you need to choose one and there are different types for different stimulations (Master, Vortex, Infinity, W-Flap, Spiral, Crystal). Well of course you can just use these holes as standalone onaholes, without the electrodaemon that spins it. These holes are okay-ish TPE cocksleeves, they do have a significant smell, they’re kinda NPG-grade. As you can see, they have… wings ? on two “wings”, there are holes where you attach it to the rotation chamber. So if you ask if you can use any onahole with the A10 Cyclone SA, the answer is no. You have to choose one of those special sleeves.

inner sleeve
inner sleeve2

The bundle includes a DVD, smooth lube, the plug, the USB adapter and a notice in Japanese that could be important but that I can’t read so this is a bit troublesome but oh well let’s try and hope it all goes well and after a few tried I honestly confirm that my dick hasn’t turned blue nor was pulled out and twisted around, so blablabla.


As I’m fingering just above, the power cord is for Japanese outlets. Works with US-outlets too, voltage range is 100-240V with 50-60Hz frequency. If you don’t live in Japan or the US, you will need an adapter. Just a plain dumb plug adapter, that’s a $5 investment.

ac adapter

Plug the other shit in, and the battery starts loading. Because yes, the A10 Cyclone SA has a rechargeable battery, exactly like your smartphone. The green light says “I’m connected to your stuff and grabbing power for our next play, sir”. While of course you can start playing right away, while loading.

Tomoko helped me out with the charger
Tomoko helped me out with the charger

Inside the DVD, you find 4 files:

dvd content

A notice in PDF, the player installer, a porn sample and it’s patterns file sample. So you get started nicely. The player is compatible with Windows systems up to the version 10 “tech preview”, but since the driver isn’t included to the kernel, you will have trouble using it with MacOS emulator or Linux Wine. It shouted something weird to me:

wine error

EDIT: Techperv is developing a program for Linux, check it out ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Smartphones nowadays have Bluetooth connectivity, but no plans for iOS/Android apps. Yet ? So I just went with Windows 10 tech preview, not caring about the included spyware since I installed it on an old PC just for the A10 Cyclone SA, maybe by my fault Microsoft will include the drivers for electric masturbators like A10 Cyclone SA or Custom Maid 3D into the Family edition. Right, ma’am ?

sample video
“yes, we’ll have lots of fun with Windows 10 Family Edition and -oh, I feel something hard down there~”

The included JAV porn movie is in HD, and… you want tags, right ? โ†’ PoV, asian, bigtits, censored, handjob, blowjob, deepthroat, cowgirl, inverted_cowgirl. Nothing too wild in the pornsphere, 37 minutes of fun ๐Ÿ™‚ But just so you know: the VORZE itself has 7 rotation patterns you can select with the buttons on the top (each pattern it’s own color), you don’t have to use a CSV with matching porn.


setup instructions

Now that everything’s set up and ready, let’s put some lube, connect the USB adapter, a second later the VORZE is connected with the blue color (it’s Bluetooth technology), you launch the player, load video and control files, and click “play”. Problem: you slide your dick inside once it’s hard, and Mrs Pornstar already started rubbing my pants, making the Cyclone slowly turn clockwise, then counter-clockwise.. I manage to push my half-boner inside, and yeah it’s a nice tickling sensation. Things get a bit faster once Mrs Pornstar pulls down my underwear, then she gets her head above, and lets some of her spit fall on my penis. The Cyclone does a quick “clockwise-counterclockwise” to imitate a twitching. Good, really nicely done !

"oh it feels so good, honey~"
“oh it feels so good, honey~”

In fact, all the program is based on “build-up” rotating, and fast, surprising rotation changes. It doesn’t get too boring. It’s supposed to be precise on 1/10 seconds, yet I sometimes noticed a small delay between what’s happening on screen, the timecode in the CSV, and the actual action of the Cyclone. In rare occasions, the Bluetooth connection is lost, and it takes a second to reconnect during which the VORZE stops working. I don’t know if it’s the VORZE’s fault, or just Windows fucking around it’s USB ports.

You remember A10 Cyclone ? Maybe saw A10 Piston ? They’re LOUD like child toycars and laserpistols ๐Ÿ˜€ There’s just no way I was able to use the A10 Cyclone if not home alone. But: this VORZE A10 Cyclone SA is much much much less noisy. I mean: the sound it makes at max speed and the intensity can be easily mistaken with the whirring sound of a PC cooling ventilator. Just put some calm nature background music, and you’re safe. Total approval.

About the lube: not all kinds of lube should be used with it, RENDS has developed many different lubes lately, among them is the smooth lube, that isn’t very sticky and makes as good as no foam at all. With other lubes (even the depicted Peace’s), after your playing, it may look like you just made whipped cream of lube and semen. Not great. So: smooth lube with the Cyclone. Water-based, always. It’s really good for that job ๐Ÿ™‚


The maintenance. With the first A10, it was a pain. With this one, all it takes it to take off the magnetic cap, pull out the rotation chamber, unclip it, take out the sleeve, and wash the sleeve with clear water. Easy. Fast. Efficient. Lemme kiss the engineers.

About the price: wow. That hurts quite badly. You wanna know what costs the most ? Usually it’s the battery. The VORZE is a funny toy for rich boys, or a huge investment for poorer boys. Aside the price, what you really have to look after is the shipping, and very likely custom taxes if not bought locally. Sure it’s an unique product allowing awesome experiences with your porn videos, but really make it worth. Like, Christmas gift to yourself. Another solution: buy one together with friends, each one of you buying it’s own sleeve. Each one keeps his own sleeve (hygiene, STDs,..), and you share the rest.

Sharing, oh I wanna have some words about that ๐Ÿ™‚ Because I asked them if they have (or plan) a website where visitors can share their CSVs, so everyone can download the CSV matching to a porn movie. The answer is no. If you wanna have a CSV for your porn, you have to randomly search it on the internet in the hope someone uploaded it somewhere, or do your own. That’s a bit sad. Could it at least be shared with a specific hashtag on Twitter ?

Doing a CSV is easy with Excel, LibreOffice Calc, Google Docs or even a plaintext editor. But it takes long. If you really wanna do something fun, it’s a long work. That’s why not having a central database to share custom CSVs is sad, the few who do CSVs end up not being able to share with everyone, when people could have been reworking it, improving it, commenting it.

EDIT: there’s now a forum on RealTouchScripts !!!

โ™ซ Bass-Cadet – Vasemman Aivopuoliskon Halvaus

All in all, the VORZE A10 Cyclone SA is a big step forward on the path to illusion-sex brain implants. The little downsides are: no sharing platform for CSVs, no support for non-Windows systems (think smartphones/tablets !), the smell of the sleeves, the full notice all in Japanese (thanks to the pics !), and the price. Definitively gonna take good care of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

VORZE A10 Cyclone SA
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 4/10
    Price - 4/10


Stunning experience, huge potential, Japan, and expensive

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59 Replies to “VORZE A10 Cyclone SA”

  1. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to connect the A10 Cyclone SA plus to a PC with bluetooth without the wireless adapter. I tried everything on this forum but I cannot seem to get it working with a PC. I can get it working with my phone via bluetooth but not my PC so I was wondering if I needed the wireless USB dongle for it to work. Thanks

    1. Hi! This is the same Ken as the comment above yours. I got mine to work recently on Windows 10 (since I procrastinated in getting that Bluetooth adapter) and here’s what I did to get my Vorze +Plus to start moving.

      1.) Buy a Bluetooth Adapter that supports BLE (tbh, I just bought a normal one and had no idea it needed to support that).
      2.) Install Intiface Desktop from here (https://intiface.com/desktop/)
      3.) During Installation, it will ask for the need of certificate signing if you use something outside of Google Chrome. I use Firefox so I went though with the certificate generation.
      3.) After installing and starting Intiface-Desktop, go to Settings > Version and Updates > Get Updates.
      4.) After Updating, go to Server Status, Start Server (Check off Insecure Websockets if using Firefox like I was).
      4.) Install ScriptPlayer from here (https://github.com/FredTungsten/ScriptPlayer/releases/download/1.1.0/ScriptPlayer-Release- )
      5.) Open ScriptPlayer. Click File and load a script and a video (You can use AkaiHebi’s Faphero files found here on this page).
      6.) Click Devices > Buttplug/Intiface > Connect. (This will connect the ScriptPlayer to Intiface to help find the Vorze+).
      7.) Then turn on your Vorze+, click Devices > Buttplug/Intiface > Scan for Devices. The Vorze+ should light up Blue and be ready to go! Just lube up and hit the play button!
      **For the last step make sure the Vorze+ isn’t paired to your PC. If it is, make the PC forget the connection.

      If you want to try your Vorze+ with more Fapheros, you can visit (https://github.com/FredTungsten/Scripts/tree/master/Fap%20Hero). Click any of the script files for the videos you want, then click “Raw” to view the script’s code and press Ctrl+S to save the code as a script for ScriptPlayer.

      Hope this helped!

      1. I followed your step and its working but the final one “Scan for device” is not working after my 2nd try. It just rotate for a bit disconnect the device then im not able to connect to it again.

  2. So, I bought the Cyclone A10 Plus but I didn’t get an installation DVD. I’m having a hard time finding old scripts to sync this device to my computer to test out the Faphero.csv. So far I’ve downloaded the Vorze Player Helper to sync it to a player but nothing happens with my device. The software seems to be working but the Cyclone itself doesn’t move. Do I need a Bluetooth adapter for my PC?

    I also installed the Vorze Player but it doesn’t seem to work with Windows 10 and I can’t afford to downgrade to Windows 8 or 7 at the moment.

    The only thing i got from the packaging was a few QR codes for the Dimension Player and a free sample video to use the Cyclone+ with my smartphone. While the sample video works and is neat, I’d really prefer to make my own maps and sync to my own videos but I don’t seem to have that option. all I can do is buy additional synced videos and I don’t want to do that given how expensive this toy is already. (Also just really want mechanical hands free Fapheroes already, that’s the whole reason i bought this damn thing).

    Oh, and the additional Vorze Smooth Lotion drys out rather fast. Warm rub burns on the D after 10 minutes hurts man. I think a longer lasting more viscous Tenga Wild/Real Lotion would be way better for this.

    1. Uh yes the Vorze most certainly requires a wireless adapter to plug on the computer. But I expect it’s drivers to be compatible with Windows 10, their drivers package got updated last June.
      I get your confusion: you got the Cyclone A10 SA +Plus, which has the ability to connect over Bluetooth with a smartphone.
      However the one I reviewed, Cyclone A10 SA, doesn’t. It comes with a dedicated wireless USB adapter for computer though, which is sold separately for the newer model….

      Here the relevant user guide: https://www.vorze.jp/wp-content/themes/vorze/download/A10cycloneSA_guide_en.pdf

      1. Sorry for panicking with a wall of text. I just didn’t know where to look for help at the time. Well, it happens i can get the Vorze Player from the official website to work now. Originally it kept saying i was missing mfc110.dll even though i had it installed already. All I needed to do was install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 for 32 bit (vcredist_x86.exe). Now i can load the script and video using the player and have a grand ol’ time!

        I did have to buy a Bluetooth Dongle since my PC doesn’t have the option to connect Bluetooth (to control the Vorze) otherwise and the physical cable that came with the Vorze doesn’t seem to connect as a driver but more as a charger.

        Everything works! But i do have to ask, did you code the entire csv file with Microsoft Excel by hand and watching every minute over and over or did you use a program like OneTouchScripter?

        1. Oh for that CSV a spreadsheet software is hugely overkill: I kinda wrote it on-the-fly in a basic text editor while video was playing at slow speed, then adjusting rotation speed based on the general intensity or event in the video ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think I have everything installed correctly but I can not get it to work. HELP PLEASE

  4. Why did they mention “do not use more than 20 minutes in a row” ?
    Is that for health reason or to avoid the motor overheating ?

  5. Hey,

    I bought this based on your review, and I can say its fucking AWESOME!. However, when using it the Hull keeps opening, if that makes any sense lol

    I dont know if you have the same problem, so I have to stop what ever im doing and lock it back in.

    Any ideas or suggestions??

    thanks :))

        1. Yeah I see, it’s a pretty common problem apparently with the spring. Try reinforce with rubber band.

  6. Anyone know where I can find another power adapter? My end broke and I am having a helluva time trying to find a new one.

  7. “different types for different stimulations (Master, Vortex, Infinity, W-Flap, Spiral, Crystal)”

    Do you know what the largest sleeve is? I got the Vortex, and it hurts even with plenty of lube. Hope that wasn’t several hundred dollars out the window.

    1. Largest ? All sleeves are same length.. Widest you mean maybe ? That would be Infinity I guess but IMO the sensations would be.. almost nonexistent ? Have a look at the -W- Flap sleeve. Should make a good “rolling tongue” stimulation ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Large as in total volume, yes, length can’t be changed much, but it’s the width that’s the major problem.

        I will try the Infinity then. Even when I take the black plastic out, the thing looks like it’s about to explode when I put my wiener in. Thinking about using a knife (or drill?) on the Vortex sleeve to make it wider. I won’t be using the Vortex for anything else, so …

    2. Maybe it is a problem of size, I dunno. But as I said in my earlier comment, I had a problem with RENDS’s lube. For me, something less sticky and less quickly evaporating improved things considerably. Something you might consider before giving up, unless it really is just too tight.

      1. I use normal K-Y jelly, and plenty of it. What type of lubricant do you use. Water based, silicone based?

        1. I’ve been using one called Onatsuyu. It’s pretty nice. One can also find it on Amazon as “Best Soup Japan”. Sounds silly, but “onatsuyu” literally means “masturbation juice/soup”. It’s pretty nice. Doesn’t evaporate too quickly. Can’t compare to K-Y, I’m afraid.

          As a general rule, one should use only water-based lubes with many sex toys, including onaholes. Both oil-based and silicone-based can have destructive reactions.

  8. Awesome ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Hopefully Techperv merges your improvements. If not… how about a collaborators repository for better maintaining ?

    1. Not sure what you mean. For my part, I’ll consider contributions from others, either through GitHub or by email (address in profile and on commits), or they can run their own forks. If there is sufficient interest that greater organization makes sense, or I decide to drop out of this, I’m sure something can be done.

  9. This is pretty nice. There are a few *input* device onaholes (for games and interactive videos and such) but *output* devices seem strangely rare, or I just haven’t looked in the right places? Was too bad about RealTouch (never got to try that), but this is nice too. Next step should be both in one device!

    First impression: Damn this thing is *huge*. Heavy too, and takes some force to get inside, *after* fully lubed. But minor complaints. My biggest problem: the lube. Is it just me, or does it dry up faster than you can say, “Damn, its gonna twist my cock right off!”?

    So, despite instructions’ admonition to the contrary, I used something else. My favorite: Onatsuyu. Worked much better. Best? Maybe not. But I thought I’d put this out there, in case others find it helpful.

    Built-in movement modes are okay, but synced to video is *far* better. On that note, kudos to AkaiHebi for that Fap Hero CSV. I wonder, did you ever try to sync to the stroke cues? Not the same as actual stroking, but worth a try perhaps. But maybe that’s too much for the interface. Or just too intense.

    1. So, I thought the Linux vorzemplayer was in need of a few fixes and improvements, so I implemented them. I tried to get in touch with techperv, but no dice. So I’ll just ask here if he’d like to take a look at the changes and possibly respond to them. I submitted a pull request.

      For everyone else, you can see my fork at https://github.com/Crewmen/vorze

      * Made joystick axis and buttons configurable, since not everyone has the same joystick/controller.
      * Added commands to record and play back files “stand-alone” (i.e. without needing MPlayer to be running). I saw a couple posts of “no-video” files, so this would make them a bit more convenient.
      * Added a switch to disable Vorze output, for testing and other purposes.
      * Neater console output.

  10. How does this handle a western sized penis? According to the sleeve dimensions given by Queen Cat I’m a good 6cm over spec.

    1. Length isn’t really an issue. The most sensitive part of a penis is the frenulum, which is that wrinkly bit attached to the underside of the glans. For those who haven’t been too badly butchered at birth, that is. The rest of the foreskin comes in second, and after every bit of that would be the glans itself. So the insert is long enough to do its job.

      Width, however, is going to be a problem for larger guys. I’m about 54mm wide and 160mm in total girth. The plastic tube with the insert won’t stay closed with me inside it. As a result, the sides of the inserts (the ridge with holes that are supposed to be sandwiched between the plastic tube halves) extrude outside during operation and get chewed up. The rear part stays inside still, so it does get rotated, but it’s probably not as responsive as it should be near the front.

      As a rough guideline, I’d say if you fit inside the cardboard tube of a roll of toilet paper, you won’t have any size issues. If you don’t, then you should start worrying about running into my issue.

      1. I’m having the same issue, the interlock of the plastic tube comes undone at the side of the opening. If I don’t stop and put it back together quickly it can wreck the insert. Think it depends on the insert you use as well. Some have a smaller inside opening, and some are wider inside without you in it. Need to pick ones that are very open to start with if you have larger girth. I also find it easier to use with the magnetic cover off so I can tell if the plastic tube opened right away. No issues with how deep it is, there should is enough room for pretty much any guy to get stimulation where it counts.

  11. I’m guessing not, but is this compatible with Fleshlight sleeves for a further degree of awesomeness? Running Fap Hero on this while being tested with the STU sleeve would be one hell of a workout for my cock.

  12. Where can I get this in USA less than $400. I only see it on this website coolmalesextoy.com for preorder
    I want it now

    1. Hi mr smith,

      Its all in Japanese words and I dun seem to understand.

      Can u post a tutorial on how to link with vorze A10?


    1. It turns ! The VORZE turns !!
      Nice job, really nice start ๐Ÿ™‚ As of now, lots of commands are missing, but rotation direction and speed are successfully transmitted to the Vorze. Didn’t test on Ubuntu/Mint though, maybe the USB works better there.

      1. Well, the USB connection (as well as the CSV files) only support passing through rotation and direction. Any patterns you’ll have to develop yourself; I may even add some way to do that. I’m still developing the software; eg I’ve recently added joystick support which should theoretically enable making CSVs in a way that’s easier than dicking around in Excel.

        1. I was taking a shot at getting it to work on OSX. I managed to get everything to mostly work except the joystick code, which was very Linux-specific. I did have a weird issue where sometimes it would fail to start up the motor and then other times (running the same code) it would work. No idea what’s going on there… I’m not sure I have the patience to do the rest of the work required to diagnose the problem and I’m not really a hardware guy.

  13. Hey AkaiHebi,

    I run a forum (www.realtouchscripts.com) where users post up scripts for the Realtouch. Now, that the Realtouch is no longer supported, I might open a section for .csv files for the VORZE. Also, if anyone can translate the japanese help file on the vorze.jp to english, I would be indebted to you.


    1. Oh a public forum, that’s a good framework to share scripts and comment ! Let us know if you open a VORZE section and I’ll add it to my review ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. >eah… the leak of content ist terrible :(… please at a vorze section… and I will start to create csv. files… and share them

    1. It’s really different. The stimulation itself is low, but the fact that you are not “actively fapping” messes with your mind quite a bit. For me it’s extremely easy to fantasize getting a blowjob from an anime girl under my desk, when I’m sitting there.

  14. Man it’s so expensive but i really want to try it ( with faphero T-T )
    Then again we see that the japanese are our friends since even with the shipping cost added you pay more than 200 dollar less than if you bought it in the US.

    I know that they have to make some profit considering they import it but chargin 500 dollars ( not counting the additionnal costs) for somethings that costs 251 is nothing but thievery in my opinion.

    Oh and NLS deliver super fast even with slowest option i get my items in one week tops

    Btw will you write an article on the Exposition that took place in Japan like your friend InfernalMonkey? Would be good to have your take on it.

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