Virgin Fella

Virgin Fella, that’s the onahole I’m reviewing today ! A-One’s best (blow-)job in loli fellatio ! [shopLinks  nls=41101  kanojotoys=virgin-fellatio-onahole-p-2880 jpname=’ヴァージンフェラ’ ] Every once in a while, I review an onahole made by A-One. You know, they have a tendency of […] Read More

Nekomimi Maonyan

Konnichiwa, kouhais! I am The Otaku Apologist, The Hentai Hustler, the cum-obsessed writer-entrepreneur running My market research has shown that cat girls are pop. Ergo, here´s my review of Nekomimi Maonyan, a cat girl onahole! PACKAGING The package is […] Read More

Ag+ Lotion

You know, the best toy is worth nothing without a good lube. When it comes to water-based lubes, Japan made quite a few with great quantity/price performance at best quality. They’re unmatched. And, they aren’t shy for innovations, especially not […] Read More

Superb Fella 3

You guess there are “Superb Fella” 1 and 2: Improvements. The packaging is pretty good, even if I’m not really into busty women. Comes with a little bottle of lube. The material is good and the overall structure is well […] Read More

Hunter Girl series

Tentacle monsters are quite common in hentai series. But almost always, you notice that the tentacle monsters “take care” of girls only. Almost. From my (huge) hentai collection, I’ve one or two shows where the one being raped by tentacles […] Read More