Puni Virgin 1000

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Puni Viring 1000! Made by G-PROJECT! Time to get back with the loli onaholes! […] Read More

Ubujiru – Cool Mint

And there we go, after having reviewed Ubujiru and Ubujiru – Aroma Rose it’s finaly time to conclude this lolicious lubricant series with the Ubujiru – Cool Mint ! […] Read More

Ubujiru – Aroma Rose

Ubujiru has now become my new favorite lubricant. But unsurprisingly, Magic Eyes seems to have anticipated such a success for the first “regular” version of […] Read More

Ubujiru ~ AkaiHebi

Ubujiru, a lubricant made by Magic Eyes ! I initially got a sample from Myonahole, but which closed down meanwhile. And so in the end, […] Read More

Ubujiru ~ Cr4zyDuck

Have you ever dreamt about using some REAL loli pussy juice along with your favorite toys (onahole, hip and torso included ?) ? As a […] Read More

Puni Ana DX

In today’s article, I’ll finaly be reviewing THE most popular and famous onahip of the moment. Made by the awesome staff of EXE and aimed […] Read More