Kuma Buru pink

[shopLinks  kanojotoys=kuma-buru-pink-vibrator-wand-p-2455 amazonjp=”B00FKO9E3A” jpname=”クマブル” ] It was so nice reading your comments about my first video! A big thank you to everyone who shared their opinions and constructive feedback with me! Here are a few comments I have for those […] Read More

Kuma Buru purple

Cramps ? Your body is aching ? You’re exhausted after work ? MODE Design has created something for you ! Cute “shoulder massagers” ! [shopLinks  kanojotoys=kuma-buru-purple-vibrator-wand-p-2520 amazonjp=”B00FKO9J4E” jpname=”クマブル” ] No no really, see how much Tomoko loves getting her shoulder […] Read More

Airy Doll

Hey lads, o-genki desu ka ? Got something special to show you today.Blow-up dolls with printing for cheap, by MODE-Design !! Get yours while it’s hot ! Comes in three flavors: high-schooler, nurse and maid (missionary/lotus, doggy, cowgirl). Yes you’re […] Read More

Put in & Pull out Fairies

“mini” and “special”. Yet another onahole maker: MODE-design. Let’s see the tiny version, “mini”. Lacks of ribs or bumps. Doesn’t lack of suction effect. The internal structure doesn’t make it a “must-have”, the material seems ok, the size is convenient […] Read More