Autumn: Naho-chan back to school !

Fresh and genki for a new school period ! While Naho-chan already left school to start foreign language studies, she still enjoys grabbing her seifuku ( 制服 ) uniform from Yorokobitani junior high school, and running around with her randoseru ? ( ランドセル ) from elementary school ! This brings back so much memories of…


Summer: Naho-chan and the Suikawari

Summer in Japan is very hot and damp. With mid-term exams at school coming to and end, Naho-chan and all her friends (including the Onahole Review team) decided to go to Tanoshiihama by train, and having fun together at the beach. Naho-chan got so excited to show everyone her new summer swimsuit with ribbons !…


Spring: Naho-chan and hanami

Winter is slowly coming to and end, days are getting longer, snow is melting, warmth and love start to fill the air ! The city of Yorokobitani has a great park with lots of cherry trees, Naho-chan always loved to go there with her friends for hanami ? ( 花見 ), the traditional cherry blossom…


Halloween: Naho-chan is coming for you !

Trick or treat ! Watch out: Naho-chan’s not the average kid knocking at your door, she’s very hungry and something tells me she’s not only after candy… This new “Naholloween” design and wallpapers has been created by RenRen, the artist of the team and great friend of ours 🙂 Also, RenRen’s up for commissioned work…


Chibi Naho-chan for the ‘About’ page !

Quick news: I just updated the About page, replacing the pictures used for the sections by RenRen‘s newest drawings of chibi Naho ! RenRen was already working on another project, but immediately started drawing Naho with all those different outfits and situations, I’m very very impressed by the result and RenRen’s gorgeous speed and talent,…


Naho-chan goes summer !

Summer, finally ! New season, new banner, new stuff ? First of all: RenRen’s new Naho-chan drawings for Onahole Review ! Here with stronger contrast: And here a cropped wallpaper for your smartphone: Enjoy and don’t forget your sunscreen 🙂


New banners by RenRen !

RenRen-sensei, our beloved moe artist level 100, just finished an awesome work on Naho-chan the mascot to create two new banners for the blog and Twitter+Tumblr profiles ! Bonus, here as wallpaper: I’d like to publicly thank RenRen for all the amazingly cute drawings and genius ideas 🙂 Please follow RenRen’s Pixiv and Twitter for…


Christmas Chaos

Christmas ! A magical word for children, a period of intense stress followed by a family festivity around food for adults. Starting at Christmas, the days get longer ’til summer. What better moment to celebrate the return of sunlight, bringing joy for children and strengthening bounds with the ones you love ? The sextoy industry…