Venus Real (soft)

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all safe and keep having sexual entertainment during these troubled times πŸ˜‰ Today let’s keep a closer look at one often-praised toy by quality maker TOMAX: the Venus Real, in “soft” version! The Lilith Uterus being a very good toy (even my second favourite), I definitively wanted it’s big sister…


Puni Ana DX

In today’s article, I’ll finaly be reviewing THE most popular and famous onahip of the moment. Made by the awesome staff of EXE and aimed to satisfy the lust of thousand of fellows lolicons over the earth, I’m truly pleased to introduce to you this super adorable girl : The Puni Ana DX. As some…


Squishy Sisters

Today is finaly the time for a new lolicious review of a very unique and special onahip designed by RENDS JAPAN. You’ve probably already heard of this brand through product such as the New USB Onaho Warmer, the A10 Cyclone, the VORZE A10 Cyclone SA or more recently the Rends Ona Apron. Actually this company is mainly focusing its…


Girl’s Dungeon

After two weeks of holidays and a short break on my reviews, I’m finaly back on track with this surprising and unique onahole from my favorite brand ever, Magic Eyes. There’s no denial that after having tried so many product from them, sextoys of other companies now truly feels to me like some vulgar pieces of…

Dildos, P-spot & Vibrators

PrideDildo Thick Rick

Hello hello and welcome on Onahole Review, I’m Akaihebi and today I’m talking about a sextoy of a kind rarely reviewed here: a dildo ! It is worth noting that few dildos are made in Japan, so the best quality products come from western countries. Pride Dildo comes from USA, and the product line includes…

Banned in Russia

Puni Ana SPDX

Over the last few years, OutVision (aka EXE) has truly achieved to find its very own place in order to satisfy the needs of a large and important otaku community craving for some more unique and well designed product. Let’s face reality. Barely everyone with a slight interest in the onahole industry should be aware that the Puni Ana…


Sujiman Kupa Setsuna

One more new product from Magic Eyes’ “Sujiman Kupa” (“Open My Pussy”) series: Setsuna ! Magic Eyes is well known in the onahole industry as a maker who comes up with awesome ideas (mandrake girl), wacky fetish toys (butts stuck in a wall) and risquΓ© “low-breast-fat” content. Sure Magic Eyes knows it’s business, but how…


Alice Dayo!

By lack of a better introduction, lemme say this: ALICE DAYO ! Oh boy, I’ve been sticking my dick inside onaholes from lots of brands for years, yet this is the very first product from AliceStage I’ve got. AliceStage is a company that has been doing adult products since long, and they gained a solid…


Cute Hips DX Dual-Type Onahole

Meat is murder, and Cute Hips DX by A-One Tokyo is the killer of boners. Weighing 1.1 kilograms, this grotesque slab of rubber is a so-called dual hole; this bitch got a pussy, an asshole, and a free-of-charge jizz exit-hole! Welcome, cucks and fappers, to Otaku Apologist’s review of Cute Hips DX Dual-Type Onahole! Before…


Shrine Maiden’s First Time

Finally, AkaiHebi releases an onahole review again ! And it’s no less than Shrine Maiden’s First Time, by ToysHeart ! Shrine Maiden’s First Time is part of a 3 onahole series featuring girls doing various jobs: shrine maiden (miko) slave waitress (like maid) erotic cabin crew (flight attendant) Each of them featuring different internal structures….