Bangee Shake Ibocross

Hey internet people! Today let’s put one of RIDE Japan’s products under the magnifying glass: Bangee Shake Ibocross! Ride Japan has been milking the “Bangee Shake” concept for a while since the original product, notably releasing a hard version of […] Read More


Damn, I like Japanese schoolgirl uniforms. Hello everyone and welcome back for a new review of a Japanese sex toy, actually an onahole made in collaboration between RIDE Japan and Magic Eyes: Chibiman ! Collaborations between onahole makers happen sometimes, […] Read More

Cho-onaho Super Soft Masturbator

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting a new onahole review, Cho-onaho Super Soft Masturbator! Made by RIDE JAPAN! PACKAGING Let’s take a look at the box first. It’s a beautiful pink box, with lots of illustrations and pictures from the […] Read More