Virgin Fella

Virgin Fella, that’s the onahole I’m reviewing today ! A-One’s best (blow-)job in loli fellatio ! [shopLinks  nls=41101  kanojotoys=2880 jpname=’ヴァージンフェラ’ ] Every once in a […] Read More

Loli Puni Sisters

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you “Loli Puni Sisters“, an onahole made by TamaToys! Let’s get into the review! What do you prefer? Blonde […] Read More

Innocent Younger Sister

Like it’s sister product Sexy Elder Sister, Innocent Younger Sister is a redesign of one of ToysHeart’s “classics”. Aesthetics. Did the “moe / kawaii” characteristics […] Read More

Sexy Elder Sister

New design for one of ToysHeart’s classics: the Sexy Elder Sister ! Refreshing the packaging of an onahole is a good idea if the onahole […] Read More

Fuwa Cyun W

Ladies and gentlemen, today let’s talk about the long-awaited Fuwa Cyun W, sent to me by NST ! Fuwa Cyun W has been requested by […] Read More

Daisyuki Hold

Grabbing you, hugging you tight and clinging hard around you, Daisyuki Hold by ToysHeart and provided by NST ! You know, imoutos are cool. They […] Read More

Twins Panic

Selected by you and sent by NLS, here is PPP’s Twins Panic onahole ! Ooooh damn. When I saw it hitting the market, I was […] Read More