Dear reader, Something happened with me these last weeks. You see, I love onaholes. I still have many onaholes. But.. one onahole.. it wants me to get rid of the others. Day after day, it clings tighter around me, and […] Read More

Squishy Sisters

Today is finaly the time for a new lolicious review of a very unique and special onahip designed by RENDS JAPAN. You’ve probably already heard of this brand through product such as the New USB Onaho Warmer, the A10 Cyclone, the VORZE […] Read More

Virgin Fella

Virgin Fella, that’s the onahole I’m reviewing today ! A-One’s best (blow-)job in loli fellatio ! [shopLinks  nls=41101  kanojotoys=virgin-fellatio-onahole-p-2880 jpname=’ヴァージンフェラ’ ] Every once in a while, I review an onahole made by A-One. You know, they have a tendency of […] Read More

Loli Puni Sisters

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you “Loli Puni Sisters“, an onahole made by TamaToys! Let’s get into the review! What do you prefer? Blonde lolis or blue-haired lolis? Or why not both? 😀 Loli Puni Sisters are two lolis […] Read More

Innocent Younger Sister

Like it’s sister product Sexy Elder Sister, Innocent Younger Sister is a redesign of one of ToysHeart’s “classics”. Aesthetics. Did the “moe / kawaii” characteristics evolve over time ? Because yeah, this onahole kinda deserved a refreshed packaging design: D-Don’t […] Read More

Fuwa Cyun W

Ladies and gentlemen, today let’s talk about the long-awaited Fuwa Cyun W, sent to me by NST ! Fuwa Cyun W has been requested by many of you since the March poll, and me too I kept an eye on […] Read More

Daisyuki Hold

Grabbing you, hugging you tight and clinging hard around you, Daisyuki Hold by ToysHeart and provided by NST ! You know, imoutos are cool. They say “onii-chan”, they grab your arm and play around with you. Who doesn’t want such […] Read More