Dakimakura Onahole howto

You’ve got your favorite perverted dakimakura, you got some hentai for the mood, you also require: two towels (one big beach-towel style, one little “hand towel”), a good onahole (not too twisted, should be easy to insert) and correct lube. No you don’t directly fuck the dakimakura, you actually use it so that your onahole is high enough between your legs for missionary. The daki cover is therefor optional.

Step 1: fold the big towel, and place the daki “cute” side upwards

Step 2: bind the towel tightly enough

Step 3: turn the daki (ero side), and place the little towel between the big towel and the daki (give a good 5 cm space or your daki will get stained)

Step 4: place the onahole, lube well

Enjoy your experience!

(variations: replace the onahole with your favorite vibrator or dildo)

Laptops are good because you can rotate the screen the way it’s the most efficient: putting a screen on the bed wouldn’t face you, and looking at a big screen on the wall will feel painful to the neck.

Possible improvements include:

  • oppai (breasts) on the right place on the daki
  • a little perfume
  • sweet music

This kind of setup is also possible for couples (girl/boy-friend instead of daki), a very efficient and pleasant safe-sex for both (but don’t tighten the towels too much around the stomach).

Have fun !

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24 Replies to “Dakimakura Onahole howto”

  1. I will try this when my onahole get here:
    Today, I put a silicon flakes pillow in a bag like this:
    The bag is smaller than the pillow, then the assembly becomes firm like a torso. The feeling is very good.
    Then I’ll wrap the onahole in a towel, put inside the bag and close the exit as tight as possible.
    Hope it works!
    Thanks AkaiHebi 🙂

  2. Ohhh yes! So glad I came across this site! I have bought about 5 daki covers this year and never tried any onaholes. Will pick one up cheap with possibly a 3d daki cover for maximum effect! Maybe making a belt from similar daki material would enhance this more? I dunno.

  3. You can just bend that pillow into half and tie that with belt or something. Place your onahole between pillow. That will allow you various positions.

  4. Any recommendations as to a good dakimakura vendor? Specifically, one that’ll do custom orders for Hentai art depicting Lolis.

  5. Tried it out yesterday…
    it doesn’t get closer to the real thing and is in my opinion kinda training for it
    Thanks for coming up with such a great idea!
    Can’t wait to get a new hole to use this idea with!

  6. I haven’t (real) dakimakura yet (i had to remember to buy one but i forgot ^^’ ).
    And i am not sure it would be great with the last ona hole i have (just to remember, this is the “Puni Ana DX Onahole”) because it is quite heavy (more than 2kg).
    Besides, this onahole has 2 holes (3 if i include the hole who help to clean it without “reverse” it (not sure of the word between “” )) so, even if i could wash it, it could be better to haven’t to do that too many times.
    I don’t wanna try to test until sarting to seriously break it.

    Well, even if i always gentle, i couldn’t prevent a leak on my “HUG ME!! air pillow” just yetserday (it was saturday on the morning).
    I don’t if they made solid joins between PVC sheets (not sure if this is “sheet” but, about the item, you understand what i am talking about) but somewhere where there probably are too many stress, it riped (well, it’s only a single little hole).

    However, if i throw my 2 first onahole because they were broken (and, not really good to use it anymore), i will not throw this air pillow because… she is too cute ^^

    6 months i have it. maybe only 2 or 3 in my bed cumulated. Yeah, so many nights, and hugs.

    Time to decide if i order a dakimakura (maybe one draws by tinker bell, they are so pretty and cute ^^ ) or if i hesitate because those damn taxes and this long time to wait starting order until receiving it.
    But i take sometimes to consider it.

    Comments post after 1a.m. o’clock, french summer hour. (Well, i wanna see what post-time it will indicate even if i know ^^)

    1. Little hole in the Hug me air pillow ? Welcome to the club. Yours lasted pretty long, congrats 🙂
      For the dakis I hadn’t to pay taxes. So go ahead, buy your first before you’re too old to get a boner ! :mrgreen:

      1. Crazy cheap prices, more advanced material choice, many details, custom printing with no added cost (!), good and fast domestic shipping, possible payment with SEPA transfer (hell yeah fuck you Paypal), not subject to VAT (personal business registration), … and hell I could even pay him a visit, we’re not far away 🙂

        Bookmark, BOOKMARK !!
        AnonymousD I love you, let’s make love together and with our dakis, onaholes and all! 😀

        1. Ikeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *censored* 😀
          Lol, I did not knew about all those things he had, but I’m glad you like him, I really want him to grow cos his prices really are damn cheap for us Europeans 🙂
          And you’re welcome as well, aurelchan~

      2. putaiiiiiiiiiin, trop génial ^^
        oups sorry, too much french emotion lol

        And it seems it proposes many dakimakuras i could really love ^^
        I don’t mind if that is an official or not, if this is a nice picture (and chara-design too) i take it anyway ^^

        AnonymousD, je t’adore aussi 😉
        Thank you very much, merci infiniment, hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu 😀
        Dai suki ^^

        OK i calm down but i am really happy when somebody give such a website like the one you post ^^
        I’ll have many sweet nights when i’ll order and receive one of those dakis.
        For a long long time.

        Now, let’s choose one…….

        Aaaaah, i think i will die of happiness
        (same reaction of Tomoyo-chan imaginating Sakura-chan wearing hers cutes and cools battle costumes… even if i am not a girl [well, maybe i hope a gender swap on me for another life but, this is another story lol])

  7. Nice, I really like dakimakura sex, the first times it really drives you crazy, you almost don’t even need porn. Altough daki sex is damn good, I do not recommend it much. I’ve broken 2 of my onaholes because of it, because at one time, you’re gonna go hard, and the onahole is gonna break. I could repair one, but the other one is broken, still usable, but not very confortable the cleaning. I’d recommend or use a cheap onahole you don’t care much, or an expensive big/heavy one, which hardly will brake. I have not tested using the 2nd small towell, i just place the first, and lay on the daki, and my body is on top of the onahole, so it stays still, and I can rest more my body. And yeah, it’s very hard to look at the laptop while banging your daki, the best way I’ve found is placing it to the left (or right) side of the bed 😛
    And you can give us the source of that Kuroneko hentai 😀

    1. I was pretty damn sure someone would ask where I got the hentai from :mrgreen:
      Well it’s a Flash animation without sound, but it’s worth a look. Search “oi_test_mov24.swf” on Google.

      There are more Oreimo Flash of the same creator (Threefish), I’ve got 20 files. They’re all named “oi_test_mov-id-.swf” where -id- is a number from 2 to 29. Have fun hunting 🙂

      ps: what do you mean, “body on top of the onahole” ? Can you explain with a picture ? :/

      1. Oh, threefish, I know that guy already, he is doing some wonderfull job.
        A picture.. a bit difficult to take one or draw one,.. it’s my belly on the onahole, the onahole is lying horizontally on the daki, so in between my belly and the daki, the onahole is lying horizontally.

          1. What do you mean I’m not inserted on the onahole? o.O I do penetrate.
            Lol, looks like atari graphics xD, and yes, I’m like that.

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