Onahole Review

Our little trip with Japanese sex toys


  1. Hey there I’m a first time buyer and was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of finding out whether loli onaholes are ok to import in US, specifically texas. Thanks

    • Should be okay in the US :)

    • Better to stay away from the box art’s that have odd art styles to them an avoid one’s that have heavy weight

      the heaver they are the more like likely in-bound custom security will open the box
      received one that had a ( this packaged was inspected ) “sticker” on it

    • 100% legal in the US. Pretty much every other country seems to snoop into what you’re ordering and assume the same happens in America. The only people who are going to see what you’re ordering are people in the warehouse that store it in the first place so they’ve already seen it and know that people order it.

      The number 1 product type at amazon warehouses are sex toys in the states. Loli art is 100% legal. There aren’t any legal loopholes or any BS like Canada has. The law specifically states that underage looking characters in explicit situations are only illegal when the picture or video in question looks so real that it can’t be distinguished between real or fake. So for example, photoshoping a real child in a pornographic way would be illegal, but not a realistic painting that you can tell is a painting even if it looks pretty real. The law is specifically this way so that people can’t create loop holes for doctored photos.

      So if you order loli hentai art, hell, crates full of it, it’s 100% legal. People who see it might judge the hell out of you, but you are doing nothing wrong both legally and morally (because they’re freaking cartoons, not to mention it’s one of the top 3 fetishes, hence teen porn being popular as well as the whole school girl thing. people who ate disturbed by loli are generally hypocrites, but I wont go any further into that)

  2. Hi,

    If price is no concern, what would you recommend as the hands down best hand held onahole? Thanks!

    • I would also like to find the answer to this question.

    • Perhaps the next question to ask is, ‘Do I want a small or a large toy?’

      1. If you want something that will get you over the edge quicker, smaller toys are usually better, since lighter weight means easier manipulation (you can stroke it rapidly).

      2. However, if you want something that feels more realistic, then larger toys might be better, especially since their weigh lends themselves to sexual positions, such as doing it from behind over the bed or on the table.

      3. Clean up: smaller toys are easier to clean. As for larger toys, those with flush holes are somewhat easier to clean. Larger toys especially need to be powdered adequately to keep their skins from attracting dust, lint, and hair, since they have much greater surface area exposed.

      4. Concealment: this is a major issue if you have to worry about someone accidentally discover a toy. Obviously, larger toys are harder to keep them tucked away from prying eyes.

      5. Other details: 1 vs. 2 holes, single vs. dual layer, with or without boobs.

      A quick list of small toys I have tried: Virgin Age Admission/Entrance, Sujiman Kupa Roa, Sujiman Kupa Lolinco, Girl in the Box, Lust Gimmick, and Secret Lover Himekano. Out of these six, I have liked Sujiman Kupa Lolinco and Secret Lover Himekano.

      I have also tried two larger toys: Kaitai Shinsho and Meiki Cherry 2 (has similar form as Ikappara Girl). Hard to say which one is better. Insofar as construction is concerned, Kaitai Shinsho is more fragile, but provides more stimulation and has a prettier appearance (because KS has boobs). On the other hand, insofar as realism is concerned, MC2 feels heavier and thus feels more realistic.

      • Get a small one. Only get a large one once you’ve experienced multiple onaholes. Make sure you get ones that you can see 360 degrees of because a lot of them are really crappy and flat on the bottom and are awkward for holding. like 70% of them are made for doggy style which is like, bleh, most people are probably sitting when using these things, not standing/kneeling. Who wants to do that when they’re trying to relax with their toy.

        • Yes … most of the larger toys are rather unwieldy, which, I think, can be pretty annoying.

          Regarding the two larger toys that I have used: between Kaitai Shinsho Moe Body and Meiki Cherry 2, the former is easier to use, because it is less heavier and narrower than the latter. I ended up using KS more often than MC2 for that reason. I have tried using them both while sitting on a chair and lying down on bed. I have not particularly liked using them while lying down on the bed.

          Unless the height of the bed (or a desk) just about matches the height of the groin, it is not going to be particularly comfortable using them while standing up and they are set on the edge.

          Cleaning up is the next most annoying aspect of owning larger toys.

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