Dear reader, Something happened with me these last weeks. You see, I love onaholes. I still have many onaholes. But.. one onahole.. it wants me to get rid of the others. Day after day, it clings tighter around me, and […] Read More

Knocking Up Press

Hi everyone, impregnation fetishists gather around because today I’m gonna write about Knocking Up Press, an onahole made and kindly provided for review by ToysHeart ! Packaging For packaging illustration, ToysHeart chose this young lady with large breasts whose innocence […] Read More

Mini Meiki: Haru

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you another onahole review, Mini Meiku: Haru! Made by KOKOS! I’m reviewing another onahole with 3DPD art! I mostly prefer an anime box art, but I don’t want to miss great onaholes because of […] Read More

Calcium The Hole

Deino + Tamatoys = this. P-Please sit tight. Details follow. We at Onahole Review love to crush the boundaries, shooting them with nuclear warheads and salmon cannons, fucking this shit world over for the fun of it, basically teabagging social […] Read More