PePee Rubber and Lovers

Hey you perverts 🙂 As you well know, with sextoys or some sexual activities, lubricant is needed. The lubricant reduces friction and allows for smooth gliding of delicate body parts. On the Japanese market, one of the major water-based sexual […] Read More

PEPEE 360N (Orange Cap)

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new lubricant review, PEPEE 360N! Made by PEPE! Here we have another PEPEE lube! One of my favorite lubricant makers, so far the PEPEE lubes are some of the best I’ve tried. […] Read More

KYŌ Lube

“KYO Lube” ? I bet you guys have never heard of that brand before right ? I must say neither do I, but I recently learnt that it’s the actual lubricant created by Motsu Toy’s itself. Surpising isn’t it ? […] Read More