Magic Face

Hello all once again, I’m WavyTurtle and I’m back after some time with another review. I’d tell you all the story, but it’s already on […] Read More

My Blow Job Slave

Blowjob, the sexual act of stimulating the partner’s penis by sliding it inside the mouth, and playing with the sensations by creating a suction. As […] Read More

Virgin Fella

Virgin Fella, that’s the onahole I’m reviewing today ! A-One’s best (blow-)job in loli fellatio ! [shopLinks  nls=41101  kanojotoys=2880 jpname=’ヴァージンフェラ’ ] Every once in a […] Read More

Maid in Fella

“My mouth ? Sure yes, goshujinsama !”, as your maid bends forward and welcomes you in her wet mouth. ToysHeart with a fellatio-onahole for all […] Read More

Her Small Mouth

This is Her Small Mouth ! Of the cute catgirl, lovely made by N.P.G  😛 Bleeeh 😛 😛 😛 Screw you N.P.G, for this cute […] Read More

Superb Fella 3

Fellatio onahole, by A-One ! You guess there are “Superb Fella” 1 and 2: Improvements. The packaging is pretty good, even if I’m not really […] Read More