Apprentice Succubus’ First Job

Are you prone to wet dreams lately? Yes? Well, we may have found the culprit! Freshly arrived from the demon world, talented yet still clumsy with her powers: Tamatoys takes us on a bedtime journey with the Apprentice Succubus on her first tour in the human world! Don’t let your guard down, as this fiercely…


Silicon Nipples

Fucking a pillow feels good, we all agree on that right ? I mean, you don’t have the feeling of faping, you can choose the cover of your choice lolis are the best!Β and must of all YOU can decide which onahole you’re going to fuck ! All in all, it’s perfect ! So why do…

Blowup & Dolls

Insert Air Pillow

Using onahole is awesome, we all agree on that. But using those amazing toys with an air pillow is even better ! So that’s why japanese sex industry created this new and awesome product ~ The Insert Air Pillow by Tamatoys. I’ve always been using onaholes with my hands, as most of the people here…


The Dagashi Kashi Onahole

The Dagashi Kashi onahole is branded after every newfag otaku’s favorite candy-ass cum dump bitch Hotaru Shidare. Branding pros can make any diarrhea pile look good with boobs and glitter, so the age-old question deserves asking; is this hoe hole better than your deathgrip fist pump? Fuck yes. The Dagashi Fucking Kashi Onahole is the…


Fuwa Fuwa Leopard Handcuffs

My my, Tamatoys. Working hard to put anime girls on boxes for adult products, they surely did something for basic bondage needs: furry handcuffs. Handcuffs. It’s the most simple accessory for bondage games, restraining yourself or your partner (or both of you) and putting the wearer into submission. Tying the hands, tying the feet, or…


Glossy Tight Stretch Skirt

A little bit of this, and some of that, Tamatoys keeps making products to satisfy otokonoko (crossdressers) needs. Today, let’s talk about something simple: a stretch skirt. Feeling a bit genderqueer ? Are you into crossdressing ? Or just wanna explore a bit ? Or wanna dress up a doll ? Or just wanna dress…


Calcium The Hole

Deino + Tamatoys = this. P-Please sit tight. Details follow. We at Onahole Review love to crush the boundaries, shooting them with nuclear warheads and salmon cannons, fucking this shit world over for the fun of it, basically teabagging social correctness while shooting lasers from our nipples and shouting “yeehaw” as we pour non-diet coke…


Scent of a School Girl Love Juice

Hey buddies ! Today as my very first review, I’m going to be presenting to you a unique product made out by Tamatoys ~ Scent of a School Girls Love Juice. In fact, I didn’t plan on buying this product but since I had some free space in the package of my last order from OtonaJP, I…

Dildos, P-spot & Vibrators

First Experience Dildo

Hello everyone πŸ™‚ Today let’s review something different: a dildo, made by Tamatoys ! First of all: uh yes, there are some sextoys with anime packaging that are NOT onaholes, but they are pretty rare. Even more rare are sextoys with bishonen (handsome males) illustrations (I never even saw any yet). And that’s a shame….


PURE Joy Juice Lotion

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you the lube “PURE Joy Juice Lotion“, a lube made by Tamatoys! OtonaJP sent it to me for a review! First off, let’s take a look at the bottle. Oh, finally! A lube with an hentai/ecchi drawing, not just a few letters or something boring. This is the type…