Big Lolinco Virgo

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Big Lolinco Virgo! Made by MAGIC EYES!


Hoo boy! The Sujiman / Lolinco series is a popular one. I have tried one in the past, I think it was this one, but I haven’t reviewed it. I didn’t like it much, it was a bit too rough. But how is this one? Spoiler: damn good!
But let’s go step by step, as usual.


Here it is.

Neat presentation.


And the contents are the usual: the onahole and a small plastic bag of lube, good for 1 fap.


And the onahole.

Well, visually, it does have curves, but not much detail. It’s not ugly, but it’s kinda meh. The inside do look nice tho, that inner circle makes you think you’re in for a good tight stimulating experience (spoilers: you are!).

The overall shape is ok, and the size is good, it fills greatly your hand, it has a good amount of meat. I think somewhere around this size is what the standard should be.

So let’s see how it feels,


Spoilers: really good!

Now, this onahole is something different to what I’m used too. It’s firm and tight, but with the enough softness to not feel too rough. Getting inside is easy, and once you do, it feels really good. It’s a continuous soft stimulation, and it feels like you go through a bunch of… rings, or ribs, scraping the tip of your dick really nice.

When I first tried it, I thought of the cliche doujinshi phrase, and to tbf it applies quite well…

Sauce: 314616

But wait, there’s more. Where this toy really shines, is not in a normal fap… but during daki sex! If you’re new here and wonder what that is, basically you place the onahole on top of your dakimakura and hump it, imitating sex. It’s a confortable way to masturabate without using your hands, or to get in touch with your waifu 😉

During dakisex, this onahole feels a m a z i n g, it’s just so good. It squeezes you softly, shoving it with force is so much fun. When I use this onahole, 90% of the times I do it for dakisex instead of a normal fap. It’s that good.


So this sounds like a great deal, does it even have any drawbacks? Well, not really a drawback, but cleaning is a bit annoying. Being so tight, getting your fingers inside and opening the hole with just one hand can prove to be a challenge, so it will take you some time to properly clean it. Drying it is also a pain, I never really can get completely to the bottom with a microfiber towel, I have to use toilet paper, shoving it inside to reach the bottom and then removing it after it absorbs the water.


The price of this onahole is a bit bigger than your average onahole, maybe even double, but.. I’d say is worth it. In my opinion is a very solid purchase, especially if you’re into dakisex.

Big Lolinco Virgo
  • 7/10
    Appearance - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Sensations - 9/10
  • 7.1/10
    Price - 7.1/10


+ good size
+ beautiful insides
+ very stimulating experience
– a bit annoying to clean
User Review
5.59/10 (37 votes)

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15 Replies to “Big Lolinco Virgo”

  1. Fuck, it has been a great experience with this onahole, it is the first one I buy and if it has been worth it, although recently Im having a problem
    I think I had an “air bubble” and ended up bursting when I was cleaning and this made me now have a small leak, solcuions?

  2. Updates on wear and tear? Also is it cool if I link a discord I happened upon that talks about onas? I saw other commenters interested in this stuff.

    1. I haven’t used it too much but it still holds up, I’d say it’s a durable one.
      About the discord server… uhh sure I guess, we used to have an image board and a forum, but they’re now closed, so it’s a shame we don’t have a place for people to share stuff related to onaho. So I guess it’s fine to post it here 🙂

  3. The onahole of this series has never disappointed me. Recently I bought the Sujimankupa EX Virgin Rorinko and it surprised me. If you have a chance to buy it, I would also like you to review it (it is an onahole with a simulated uterus that is very interesting to me).

      1. I got it as my first onahole. Mate, using an onahole after using your hands for years is weird. It takes a good while to stop feeling weird and actually start feeling good lol. The cleaning thing was really something I probably should have read lol. I ended up cutting my micro fiber cloth into a thin strip and basically shoving it into the bottom. I’ll probably be buying silica packets to store with the onahole to help the drying while it lays hidden. But other than the fear that it’ll have terrible bacterial issues, it was really enjoyable.

        1. Congrats on losing your onahole virginity! Lol
          Yes, it was very awkward for me as well. It was long ago, but I remember it feeling really weird until it started feeling good. I’m not circumcised so the my sensitivity was very high and it was weird. But I remember my first time, I came in less than 2 minutes without even watching porn, haha. Once you start using onahos, there is not going back.
          This one is a bit difficult to clean than your average onahole yes, but try to keep it as clean and dry as possible, and as soon as possible, don’t leave it there for days since it will start smelling bad.
          Try using microfiber cloth, toilet paper, or other maintenance accessories like dry sticks or dry balls. Recently I bought the g-project ball and it might be a good option for this onahole, I’m still trying it so I don’t know how good it is.

          1. Nah it’s weird for me cause basically if I move too fast I get that thing that when I do like a fap hero or something and my dick goes numb and like just uncomfortable before cumming really fucking hard some time after, Idk but it’s probably cause firstly I’m not used to it and secondly it’s likely that since I normally just simulate the tip of my dick when fapping it’s probably not nearly as stimulating in some ways. Pity I’m currently not really in a situation where I can buy many to try out, after all I am still living with my parents and kinda made the decision to buy when I was horny as fuck, which is never a good mood to be in when making purchases lol. Kinda had serious post nut clarity like fuck that was a lot of money. But I can maybe get one more before my hiding implement is too small for any further toys, if I do end up getting any.

            Btw how fast does lube get used up and is there anywhere where I can chat with people like you, cause I wanna have better info on taking care of and also making choices for future toys.

            1. Ah I see.
              Yeah I get you, but still getting onaholes is a very good choice, I cannot live without them anymore. I also live with my parents and when I was younger and cared a lot about them seeing them I had a small black safe locked with a key. Probably your wardrobe would be the best place to put them.
              1 Bottle of lube lasts from around 1 to 3 months approximately, be sure to have plenty. The one sold in onahole shops is usually the best, but if you want quick delivery and sometimes cheaper price, try from amazon. I have tried a few, many are terrible for toys, but some are ok.
              Idk about a place to talk, I guess image boards, but hop in here in the comment section from time to time and we can talk 🙂

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