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2012 July 5 AkaiHebi

Welcome welcome ! In this page we try to put as much info as possible about onahole makers and onahole vendors we know of. You can find a list of reviewed products in the Overview page, and since maybe this is the first time on Onahole Review you may want to read more info in the About page ! Enjoy !

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Onahole makers

toysheart That’s our favorite. ToysHeart is in the onahole-making for quite long, releasing a wide variety of sex toys. Usually innovative, but with some hiccups. Opens internationally. Not everyday active on Twitter, but can respond in English Also: characteristics chart. ToysHeart products







G-Project is one of many branches from Hokuto Corporation’s company Outvision, like PPP, and EXE. Variety otaku stuff (onaholes, pantsu, condoms, knee-socks, doll, ..). Great quality and price. Their website kicks ass, the english version isn’t up to date though. But they’re active on Twitter and can English. The brand PPP is having a blog and voice on Twitter. G-Project/PPP products
magic eyes Magic Eyes ♥ Pretty decent onaholes. Targets exclusively otakus. Japanese website, no Twitter account but illustrator got one (can’t remember if he can English). Magic Eyes products
alicestage-logo AliceStage exists since years, and makes very nice products themed around Alice in Wonderland. AliceStage products
ligre Ligre Japan is new on the market, they have ties to Try7’s adult lifestyle shop Nobunaga Shoten. Jumped into popularity with the Mermaid Hole. Has a voice on Twitter (Japanese only).
rends RENDS. Their products are usually very nice, and AFAIK they make the only onahole that got a TÜV safety certification. Kinda discreet company though. Large variety of products.
ridejapan logo RIDE Japan came up with some pretty nice stuff. Was previously known as “WAZ”. Sadly very few info about the company. RIDE Japan products
PRIME is a small company from Osaka we have very few info about. Has a Twitter account. PRIME products
A-one A-One does stuff of various quality. Sometimes releases parody onaholes. Slow progress. A-One products
npgtokyo libido




“nipori gift”, aka under the brand Tokyo Libido or Toys Sakai. Always been around. Very variable quality. NPG products / Toys Sakai products
tenga – we don’t need to go into details, so famous it got a page on Wikipedia. Overpriced. Vanilla. Tenga products
love cloud Just tasted a few, definitively not the best. Meh. Meeeeeeeh. *shrug* Love Cloud products
tamatoys Parody onahole ? Perfume of schoolgirl’s dirty panties ? Tamatoys. Very various products, usually low quality, and the company is kinda hidden. Website for Googlebot. Tamatoys products
arms Not much info about this company, mostly sells counterfeit products and dangerous-looking dildos/vibrators and a huge load of parody onaholes. Subcontractor for stuff. ARMS products



Onahole vendors

Quick view: ability to remove unallowed/unwanted packaging:

  • J-List: ❌
  • NLS: ✅ (checkbox during order)
  • otonaJP: ✅ (request during order)
  • KanojoToys: ✅ (request during order)
  • CoolMaleSexToy: ✅ (request during order)
  • ToyDemon: ❔
  • Motsutoys: ✅ (drop-down menu during order)
  • Myonahole: ✅ (drop-down menu during order)
Know this website for some time now. J-List (and the sister website without sex stuff J-Box) is quite popular
  • interesting side-blog (writer being J-Lists’ CEO Peter Payne)
  • associated website JAST USA for visual novels and eroge
  • various stuff, cloths, food, games, study, books, DVDs.. and sex stuff of course
  • perfect English website (native language)
  • sex stuff for everyone, good variety
  • at any moment, around 150 available onaholes
  • onaholes sold for a few months only, longer if big success, else not restocked
  • for a business in Japan, prices are rather high
  • shipping price normal, shipping method good
  • parcels with description “toys”, content wrapped in sort of manga newspaper

  • internal payment processing, debtor “JList”
  • after order, around 2-3 days until shipping (when stuff available)

New Japanese retailer of adult toys and products. Based near Osaka in the Kansai area.

  • sextoys for all genders
  • fairly good English
  • many onaholes and growing quickly
  • very good prices
  • product requesting
  • discreet shipping, packaging removed upon request

mihonshipping3 mihonshipping11 mihonshipping12

  • content description can be customized upon request
  • many worldwide shipping options (airmail, SAL, EMS) with tracking
  • payment processor Paypal or credit card, recipient “G l o b a l D e l i g h t J a p a n”
  • currency displayed in JPY, USD, EUR, CAD, AUD
  • wishlist, gift certificates
  • TIP: worry about product packaging ? Request removal of it during order, in the comment box !

nlsLooks old in it’s English version, but is totally legit.

  • sex stuff, only sex stuff, plenty of it, tons of it, enormous quantities !
  • sometimes hardly understandable English (native language being Japanese)
  • available onaholes ? more than 800… and they keep older items while adding more
  • very good prices
  • shipping normal, quite smart parcel planing (you pay shipping according to the weight levels, not number of items)

  • after order, around 1-2 days until shipping (when stuff available)
  • *shipping with JSP/e-Packet may take some time, depending on how full the mainline aircraft to your country are
  • *DHL and EMS shipping are faster, but obviously not cheaper
  • payment processor Paypal, direct card payment possible, recipient “2 4 B M O O N S”
  • TIP: when adding new items, NLS sells them with price 10% off during first week
  • TIP: change currency into JPY to save money, even with Paypal’s exchange fees !
  • TIP: looking for an item not sold on NLS, for example only available on Amazon ? Ask NLS (as comment after placing order, but before any payment), and they can proxy it specially for you
  • TIP: worry about product packaging ? Tick the checkbox during order to ask them to remove packaging (+ included CD if applicable)

amazonJapanese version, over 3800 items – open a product details page, then link [はい]on the left before you can see the thumbnails. Unlike “normal” Amazon, Amazon Japan sells and ships internally (not marketplace shit, and more strict origin control).

  • you pretty much quickly see that there’s plenty of stuff, priced in ¥ but cheapest
  • without proper Japanese language knowledge, you pretty much rely on Google Translate to read
  • shipping in Japan only (no international shipping for adult products)
  • TIP: normally access to details require validating you’re over 18. But we found a way to bypass this, and therefor we can provide direct links
  • TIP: with a forwarding/proxy service like Tenso or Yokatta or Big in Japan you can get your items outside Japan. Even better: you tell what you want and from where, and they buy it for you. But keep in mind there are substantial fees. Check all this wisely. Remember: NLS can get sextoys for you and add it in your order, if you ask them by comment after placing order and before any payment. Much cheaper and easy than other proxies.
  • NOTE: we do not recommend buying from Amazon.com or local Amazon store: often just resellers or Japanese stores, and should the product be shipped by Amazon there’s a significant risk to end up with a counterfeit product (Amazon stores items by name, not by seller or brand). Read more about this at Dangerous Lilly

Other notable onahole vendors around the world: KanojoToys, Otona Sekai, CoolMaleSexToy, ToyDemon, Motsutoys, Omocha Dreams

Other otaku stuff…

HobbyLink Japan Figures, toys, dolls,..
AmiAmi Dakimakura covers/pillows, figures, goodies, adult toys,…
Dakimakura Harem (unofficial) Dakimakura, Bedsheets, mousepads & Posters (retail)
Ixu Deviance Figures, dakimakura, books, goodies,..
HobbyHeart (unofficial) Dakimakura, Bedsheets, T-shirts, Vibration speakers


  1. You can actually purchase things from amazon japan using the shipping service tenso. They give you a address to send to in Japan then they send it to the address you give them when you sign up. I can vouch that they’re a reliable service. I can also upload pictures if there is questions on there packaging.

    • AkaiHebi

      Kind of a postal redirection service ? That’s good to know 🙂 Since Amazon’s so full of stuff I will try this out with some goodies import, see if it’s worth the extra shipping (I think it would still be cheaper than JList).

    • Any updates regarding this? There are items only found on Amazon that I am intrigued by but they apparently do not ship the items to the UK.

      I have noticed your tip regarding NLS getting you requested items though, which will be a convenient back-up.

  2. Hi is there any other vendor that is not listed here, cheap like NLS?

    • AkaiHebi

      As cheap as NLS ? Maybe not 🙁
      I’m weekly checking out Kanojotoys and Toydemon, but neither have such prices (never did buy anything from them, can’t tell if good).

      • i have seen some parody/anime related ones that are on jp sites but none at nls/kanojo. im afraid to order from those sites seeing as they might not ship it to where i am. like http://www.hotpowers.jp/goods/1-571.html has a good verity like nls but they have more i think

      • Have you tried Daimaoh (http://daimaoh.co.jp/)? The website is all in japanese, but the price is pretty much the same as NLS, and they have their own original product (especially Busty Ai-chan, their top product)
        I don’t understand japanese, so I don’t know whether they ship their items outside Japan.. can someone please confirm me about this?

  3. Does the japanese site for NLS have more stuff?

    • AkaiHebi

      No, it’s exactly the same 🙂
      Only: in the Japanese version most new items have a video-review, “bundles” are available, more rankings, .. and overall the website is more colorful, with funny pictures.

      • I think the Japanese version does have more stuff. I found the Tama Toys Nibutani hole on the Japanese site but not the English one, unless I just missed it?

        • AkaiHebi

          Oh ! You’re right. Many (most) parody onaholes just show up “These goods cannot be sold. ” on the english version.

          -> http://en-nls.com/pict1-34259

          No Haganai/K-On/Touhou/{insert Tamatoys parody here} for gaijins.

          Holy the fuck. Fucking shitty fuck.

          Understood. I need to add code to my price script. There’s no way I let NLS hide stuff just because it’s “too otaku”.

          • Coincidentally, JList pretty much ONLY have Tama Toys onaholes, hmmm. Tama Toys are pretty much hit or miss but the Nibutani hole looks decent and I wanted to get some other stuff from NLS as well. I dunno why they won’t sell these on the English version.

          • can i still order from the jap site and get it ship to NA?

          • I’ve purchased quite a few “questionable” items (so-called “parody” holes) from NLS and Kanojo and incurred no problems having them shipped to the USA. I’ve never seen even the most “questionable” items marked as “these goods cannot be sold” on the “english” version of nls (maybe they just don’t SHOW some of them on the english site when accessed from the USA?). But at Amazon.jp, on the other hand, most of the onaholes and related items I collect are prohibited to the USA, even the ones I can buy elsewhere and even from at least one US-based online retailer. (For instance, some very loli holes, like “Sakura Camel Toe”, Secret Twin Tales (v 1 and the new 2nd series), Tubomi, Puniana Deluxe, and several Tamatoys rori holes, among others.)

            I hesitate to mention the name of the US-based website that imports a few loli-themed onaholes to protect the company from undue scrutiny; their prices are necessarily slightly higher, accounting for having to import the goods in the first place, but their shipping domestically is very reasonable.

            • What appears on your credit card statement when buying from Kanojo Toys? I like NLS for this reason but am not sure about Kanojo.

              • From KTS FAQ:

                Q: How will the purchase be displayed on my credit card billing statement?

                A: Payments appear as paid to OctoTrade Co., Ltd. on your credit card statement.

  4. For Australia, you can also find a good selection of japanese toys from this website, at very good prices.

  5. There is another good shop you didn’t list:


    It’s a HK shop (also has a store in HK). Prices are usually a little higher than NLS but (normal) shipping is cheaper.

    • AkaiHebi

      “a little” ? Boy, they usually between Kanojotoys and Toydemon o_o I don’t think shipping can compensate that much.

  6. Just as a note for those who want NLS to get stuff for you from other sites, NLS can only get you stuff that is not in their inventory. They said, “What we can prepare for you is only products that we don’t have in our inventory.”
    I tried asking them if they could get me Daydream Girls (03: Ai Kajigaya) since it’s listed as “discontinued” it but they still consider it to be “in inventory”. I’m going to try asking again if something discontinued can be considered to be in their inventory. Still a great site but a bit sad if that doesn’t work

    • Administrator: ” ‘Discontinued’ means end of sale, that the manufacturer stopped producing the item. We are sorry but we cannot back order it for you from other shops.”
      Well that sucks, but at least they responded fast. Gonna have to try my luck somewhere else.

  7. It’s hard to find vendors for these products. I find a lot of sites but they tend no to ship around the world.
    From my journeys surfing the interweb, I totally agree that NLS are fantastic. Great customer service, cheap items and a massive range. My biggest problem thus far has been the contemplation of getting an ona-hip (or is it hip ona? P:), the prices are cheap for the items themselves on NLS but packaging skyrockets due to the weight. 🙁
    Sucks, the Puru-puru Finale had my interest peaked, I requested it on Kanojotoys but they listed the pricing for said item as about $120~.

    • I would try to find a forwarding service that offers surface mail if you want really cheap shipping costs if you don’t mind waiting 1-3 months. Just as reference, my 11kg parcel cost me about 80$ from jp to U.S. and I bought from jp amazon for cheaper prices.

      • I think I read about a forwarding service a while ago but it wasn’t as cheap, albeit I didn’t look very hard P: it’s a hard life, I tried ordering and getting shipped directly from Amazon JP too but the item I tried to order didn’t ship to the UK 🙁 I suppose I’ll have to compromise on paying higher fees if it means speedy/definite delivery.
        That is definitely a bargain delivery price though, (to enlighten regarding the final point in my first post) I recently decided to go all out and purchase the Puni Ana DX, it is near enough 3KG and cost a whopping $67 shipping (which is more than the item itself was). Although, I think the other issue with such high costs is that it makes customs more likely to inspect, which in itself could cause all sorts of issues xD

  8. Does NLS do discrete packaging? For example a label with just the names and no slogan. so in other words, as plain as possible no sex or adult on the box?

  9. Love you akaihebi

  10. i have placed orders on every site in past.
    i think the best customer support and discrete parcel was Kanojo Toys.
    they add new products every single day. always new.

    this is just my opinion. hope you guys find your best shops.

  11. hey… just wondering, since i don’t have a credit card, is there i way i can get these onaholes? and if u are wondering… yes haha i’m under 18…but i always wanted to try these… Is there a way i can maybe mail one off cash checks or anything like that?

    • AkaiHebi

      Well.. they all accept debit and credit cards, most accept Paypal, some accept bank/wire transfers. J-List has a check/Western Union option, ToyDemon currently allows Bitcoin payments for international customers, but only Omocha Dreams allows cash-on-delivery (they only ship in Europe).

      If you only can pay cash then maybe you can try knocking at a local sex shop (making them get the product for you if they don’t have it) – but obviously they’re not allowed to serve underage customers, hope they don’t ask for an ID. Knowing where you from, it’s easier for you to wait ’til you’re 18 ^^

      • Could be nice to have stuff like that in the list?
        Specifically, otonajp only takes paypal; and not direct bank transfers.
        Nor did they offer me credit/debitcard option either, did they for you? *
        Went straight to paypal for me, which I don’t want to do business with..

        Only realising that the icon in the banner already said as much right when i’m done figuring out my order (which took me since black friday fer cryin’ out loud) really ruined my mood :s

        Guess I’ll wait for another massive sale-fest to find another place that will take ‘good’ old bank money; might even end up buying from either omocha or motsu after all..

        ps: MotsuToys.com is the same company as MyTenga.NL, although their prices don’t synchronise perfectly so sometimes it’s worth checking out the other; that is, IF you’re going to pay jEU markup.

        *:yep, OtonaJP does all payments through PayPal. Unless you’ve got an account with store credit.

  12. Hi there,

    I saw the Meiki Cherry 2 on amazon and bought it few days ago and it came in a package with the label kokostoy. Is it an original? They are not listed here on your list and it is a korean manufacturer so if you know anything pls share with me 😀

  13. Hey, I’m trying to find a transparent doll (one extra one for the mouth) with 2 holes for inserts that I found recently. Do you know what it’s called or where most likely I can find it?

  14. Good afternoon all!

    Anyone ever use wants.co.uk?

  15. I’ve read the article – http://blog.toydemon.com/2014/12/video-review-meiki-real-masturbator/

    After that I’ve bought this toy and was fully satisfied. Meiki is great! 🙂

  16. Please update NLS services. NLS/NSL service for the packaging are no longer wraped in Black plastic anymore as on 2015

  17. Any info on the brands Kuudom and Genmu? I’ve seen their products popping up here and there…

  18. looks like nst is down forever. they had rare items that nobody else are selling.

  19. Hi. thanks for all the good information on this blog and yes it looks like nst is down. ToysHeart is always a favorite but I recently tried a new product from Tenga and they are always creative and have nice designs for their toys and lotions. I purchased from japaneseadulttoys(.)com and they offer a very large selection of sex toys and they ship in Japan and worldwide. They have everything on this site but not the largest selection of Japanese toys sellers but if you want to receive any adult toys popular in US (unfortunately the Shipping is not free to Japan) this is the online shop that seems to offer the most.

  20. Kanojo Toys do packaging removal, you can request it via e-mail with order number, or in the comment box during order process.

  21. Im rather interested in ordering one onahole as well but im an extremely paranoid person. Like do you use your real name and address when making the order?

    • AkaiHebi

      Uh.. yeah. Unless you get it delivered to a postal box ? ^^

    • AnonymousD

      Yes, but you don’t need to be paranoid. The only people who will see your name and address will be the vendors of the onahole shop, that’s it. The onaholes are shipped inside a cardboard box, and no one will know what’s inside. At the custom declaration paper that’s on the top, the vendors write stuff like “figure” “hobby kit” etc. When it gets delivered to your house, as long as your parents do not open your packages (you can follow the tracking number each morning and will know which day it will arive at your house), no one will know what are you getting. There are weird cases, in certain countries, like what happened to this person:


      I’m not sure if it was because of the country, but he had to go to customs to declare what’s inside the package. I doubt that is something that hapens often. You really shouldn’t worry and give onaholes a try!

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