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Major onahole makers

That’s one of our favorites. ToysHeart is in the onahole-making for quite long, releasing a wide variety of sex toys. Usually innovative, but with some hiccups. Opens internationally. Not everyday active on Twitter, but can respond in English Also: characteristics chart.

Magic Eyes ♥ Pretty decent onaholes. Targets exclusively otakus. Japanese website, no Twitter account but illustrator got one (can’t remember if he can English).

G-Project is one of many branches from Hokuto Corporation’s company Outvision, like PPP, and EXE. Variety otaku stuff (onaholes, pantsu, condoms, knee-socks, doll, ..). Great quality and price. Their website kicks ass, the english version isn’t up to date though. But they’re active on Twitter and can English. The brand PPP is having a blog and voice on Twitter.

RIDE Japan came up with some pretty nice stuff. Was previously known as “WAZ”. Sadly very few info about the company.


RENDS. Their products are usually very nice, and AFAIK they make the only onahole that got a TÜV safety certification. Kinda discreet company though.

Parody onahole ? Perfume of schoolgirl’s dirty panties ? Tamatoys. Very various products, usually low quality, and the company is kinda hidden. To access the website outside Japan, your web browser must spoof googlebot.

nipori gift“, aka under the brand Tokyo Libido or Toys Sakai. Always been around. Very variable quality.

Onahole vendors

Which shops can remove unallowed/unwanted packaging:

  • OtonaJP: request during order
  • Naughty Nippon: request during order
  • ToyDemon: request during order
  • CoolMaleSexToy: request during order
  • Motsutoys: drop-down menu during order
  • KanojoToys: request during order
  • J-List: add the optional 5$ service to the cart, more info on their blog

Great european shop located in The Netherlands, with many original toys.

  • website: www.motsutoys.com
  • payment methods: Paypal, credit card
  • shipping: Europe only
  • english speaking site
  • decent amount of onaholes, and it keeps growing
  • shop original onaholes found only there and on their american site
  • authorized shop to sell special brands, like KOKOS
  • very detailed review on some products
  • prices are a bit high, but you avoid possible custom fees (if you live in Europe)
  • discreet shipping, onahole package remove option in a drop-down menu when ordering

Motsutoys’ American shop, with many original toys available on both sites.

  • website: www.onahole.com
  • payment methods: debit card, Paypal
  • shipping: United States only
  • natively English website, USD currency
  • many shop original toys found only there and on their European site
  • discreet shipping
  • very cheap 15$ shipping

Japanese shop with lots of kinky products for everyone

  • website: www.kanojotoys.com
  • payment methods: credit card, bank transfer (Japan, Germany)
  • shipping: international (FedEx)
  • multi-language translated main interface (en, jp, fr, de, es, pt, it)
  • huge variety of products including “mainstream”, silicone dolls, and more niche
  • discreet shipping

Japanese retailer of various lifestyle products from Japan (books, figures, games, anime, snacks, candy, drinks, cosplay, apparel, accessories,…) and also adult products (toys, hentai, eroge,..). Located in Isesaki, Gunma prefecture.

  • website: www.jlist.com
  • payment methods: credit card, Paypal
  • shipping: international
  • english website
  • huge variety of non-adult products provide plausible deniability and discretion
  • good amount and variety of products, although very outdated products are still listed
  • prices tend to be quite high for sextoys, thus onahole-only shopping is expensive
  • a side-blog worth following for all otaku news

Japanese retailer of adult toys and products. Based near Osaka in the Kansai area. Huge variety.

  • website: www.otonajp.com
  • payment methods: credit card, SEPA wire transfer, Bitcoin and other crypto
  • shipping: international
  • sextoys for all genders
  • fairly good English
  • biggest onahole variety on an english onahole website
  • product requesting
  • very good prices on products
  • expensive shipping
  • discreet shipping, packaging removed upon request
  • many worldwide shipping options (airmail, SAL, EMS, sea)
  • content description can be customized upon request
  • TIP: shipping to the EU? check out of their sister shop Naughty Nippon has the product available!
  • currency displayed in JPY, USD, EUR, CAD, AUD
  • wishlist, gift certificates, points
  • TIP: worry about product packaging ? Request removal of it during order, in the comment box !

Sister-shop of OtonaJP, operating in Europe

  • website: www.naughty-nippon.com
  • payment methods: credit card, SEPA wire transfer, Bitcoin and other crypto
  • shipping: European continent
  • sextoys for all genders
  • fairly good English
  • good variety of onaholes
  • good prices
  • discreet shipping, packaging removed upon request
  • shipping from Germany using Post and DHL
  • TIP: worry about product packaging ? Request removal of it during order, in the comment box !

American shop with a wide selection of western and Japanese toys

  • website: www.toydemon.com
  • payment methods: debit card, Paypal
  • shipping: international
  • natively English website, USD currency
  • wide range of toys, including major Japanese onahole brands
  • payment recipient says “PDT, T-Demon, or T-Angel”
  • discreet shipping using USPS, Fedex
  • price matching service
  • free shipping within USA for orders over 35 USD with the cupon code “SHIPFREE”, and free shipping for orders over 125 USD without cupon code needed

American shop with a lot of masturbators from western brands

  • website: www.coolmalesextoy.com
  • payment methods: PayPal, credit card, Money Order
  • shipping: international
  • english speaking site (native language)
  • low variety of onaholes, but many western brand masturbators
  • payment recipient says “WZ COOL TOY”
  • currency displayed in USD
  • discreet shipping

Japanese version, almost any item – open a product details page, then link[はい]on the left before you can see the thumbnails.

  • website: http://www.amazon.co.jp
  • check out our blog post about buying adult toys from Amazon.co.jp !
  • you pretty much quickly see that there’s plenty of stuff, priced in ¥ but very cheap
  • without proper Japanese language knowledge, you pretty much rely on Google Translate to read titles, descriptions and comments
  • be aware of the import fees deposit: it can be significant, and is refunded only 60 days later!
  • TIP: normally access to details require validating you’re over 18. But we found a way to bypass this, and therefor we can provide direct links to product pages without the “curtain”
  • NOTE: we do not recommend buying from Amazon.com or local Amazon store:  there’s a significant risk to end up with a counterfeit product (Amazon stores items by UPC in common bins, and maketplace sellers can send out fake products), and of course the legitimate maker won’t honor returns of defective counterfeits. Read more about this at Dangerous Lilly

Other noteworthy shops:

Other otaku stuff…

HobbyLink JapanFigures, toys, dolls,..
Cuddly OctopusDakimakura covers (shop original), and related goods
DakimakuriDakimakura covers (shop original), pillows, and related goods
AmiAmiDakimakura covers/pillows, figures, goodies, adult toys,…
Ixu DevianceFigures, dakimakura, books, goodies,..
HobbyHeart(unofficial) Dakimakura, Bedsheets, T-shirts, Vibration speakers

61 Replies to “Vendors & Makers”

  1. You should add Dakimakuri and CuddlyOctopus to the vendors list as they provide the best dakimakura’s in EU and US for sure.

  2. hi guys, is it possible to ship it to a parcel shop instead of my home address, and can i pay the custom fee there (at the parcel shop)???

  3. Hi everyone i’m just leaving an evaluation about Kanojotoy.
    First and last order on this website. i have reveive my order a few hour ago.
    Let’s start by the package.
    My product were placed between 2 sheet of carton that were warp with paper kraft. Obviously i’ve receive the package hafl destroyed most of item were visible and one of the product was missing. Then thanks to French servicies i had to pay taxe and 1week delay with no possibility to complain ( merci chronopost), because you know “honahole” at least the one missing was the cheapest 6€.
    Before i decided to try this website i used to order my onahole on NLS Japan, great service, fast and discreet package but it is dead know.

    1. Yep, as a fellow French I can confirm: if you choose EMS shipping, then it’s domestically handled by Chronopost, and if the package is from anywhere outside the Schengen zone then it ALMOST ALWAYS taxed with processing fees, import duties and VAT.
      So, I’d rather choose “slow” Japan Post shipping, which is processed by La Poste, and rarely gets taxed when the value is below 100$ or so. In the end it may be delivered as fast, while saving money.

      And sometimes boxes suffer quite a beating… https://blog.onahole.eu/news/shipping-trouble

      1. Ems was the slowest shipping avalaible when i ordered =/ but you are right always chooosing the slawest shipping.
        In addition the order will not be display in your letter box du import duties it has to be delivered when you are at home mano à mano.

  4. So I was thinking about buying some stuff from Otona sekai. I was just wondering, what exactly do they remove if you request packaging removal? Is it something you recommend doing?

  5. Couple of minor updates for EU folks:

    Motsutoys does not seem to do packaging removal for most products. When I inquired they said it was only for very popular products and they would entirely re-package the product but in a blank box. (They also said they have not yet run into any issues with UK customs regarding original packaging)

    Another website to consider for UK / EU folks is Wanta.co.uk based in the UK (Northern Ireland) they have a decent selection and ship onaholes without the original packaging (it’s not an option, they just don’t ship with original packaging). The prices are considerably higher than Motsutoys though.

  6. I messaged otonajp 4 times and got no reply from them for 6 days now… They still havent processed my order yet after ive paid. what do i do?

    1. Trying to absorb their backlog, I assume ? Their recent announcements may have triggered unexpected work load ^^ Hold tight for a week or so.

      1. Someone even mentioned on 4chan that he charged back with PayPal after them not replying for 6 months… Im getting worried at this point. I tweeted Otonajp too yesterday, but still no reply from them even though they are clearly active on twitter…

        1. Sometimes they also don’t reply to us, reviewers you know…

          But rest reassured, once I waited for barely two weeks and emailed them, then they just told me that in my order one of the product was not in stock at their shop and they had 2 weeks delay to order it before shipping the goods.

          Check your order to see if that also happened to you.

          1. I ordered Puni Ana Dx and lotion first 2 weeks ago, but then I emailed them to add more items to my order. I accepted the payment request that they sent me via paypal a week ago for the extra cost. No reply since then…

        2. Hi,

          Don’t worry, it sometimes happens with OtonaJP. Sometimes it took them a few weeks to reply back to me, when I was discussing business with them.
          The shop’s owner told me that they have a lot of work, and are really really busy. Usually they ship the orders in 1-3 days, it’s a bit weird to have a shippment delayed, but I’m sure there is a reason.
          I have been buying from them since the shop opened, and there has never been a problem 🙂

  7. Im rather interested in ordering one onahole as well but im an extremely paranoid person. Like do you use your real name and address when making the order?

    1. Yes, but you don’t need to be paranoid. The only people who will see your name and address will be the vendors of the onahole shop, that’s it. The onaholes are shipped inside a cardboard box, and no one will know what’s inside. At the custom declaration paper that’s on the top, the vendors write stuff like “figure” “hobby kit” etc. When it gets delivered to your house, as long as your parents do not open your packages (you can follow the tracking number each morning and will know which day it will arive at your house), no one will know what are you getting. There are weird cases, in certain countries, like what happened to this person:


      I’m not sure if it was because of the country, but he had to go to customs to declare what’s inside the package. I doubt that is something that hapens often. You really shouldn’t worry and give onaholes a try!

  8. Kanojo Toys do packaging removal, you can request it via e-mail with order number, or in the comment box during order process.

  9. Hi. thanks for all the good information on this blog and yes it looks like nst is down. ToysHeart is always a favorite but I recently tried a new product from Tenga and they are always creative and have nice designs for their toys and lotions. I purchased from japaneseadulttoys(.)com and they offer a very large selection of sex toys and they ship in Japan and worldwide. They have everything on this site but not the largest selection of Japanese toys sellers but if you want to receive any adult toys popular in US (unfortunately the Shipping is not free to Japan) this is the online shop that seems to offer the most.

  10. Any info on the brands Kuudom and Genmu? I’ve seen their products popping up here and there…

  11. Please update NLS services. NLS/NSL service for the packaging are no longer wraped in Black plastic anymore as on 2015

  12. Hey, I’m trying to find a transparent doll (one extra one for the mouth) with 2 holes for inserts that I found recently. Do you know what it’s called or where most likely I can find it?

  13. Hi there,

    I saw the Meiki Cherry 2 on amazon and bought it few days ago and it came in a package with the label kokostoy. Is it an original? They are not listed here on your list and it is a korean manufacturer so if you know anything pls share with me 😀

  14. hey… just wondering, since i don’t have a credit card, is there i way i can get these onaholes? and if u are wondering… yes haha i’m under 18…but i always wanted to try these… Is there a way i can maybe mail one off cash checks or anything like that?

    1. Well.. they all accept debit and credit cards, most accept Paypal, some accept bank/wire transfers. J-List has a check/Western Union option, ToyDemon currently allows Bitcoin payments for international customers, but only Omocha Dreams allows cash-on-delivery (they only ship in Europe).

      If you only can pay cash then maybe you can try knocking at a local sex shop (making them get the product for you if they don’t have it) – but obviously they’re not allowed to serve underage customers, hope they don’t ask for an ID. Knowing where you from, it’s easier for you to wait ’til you’re 18 ^^

      1. Could be nice to have stuff like that in the list?
        Specifically, otonajp only takes paypal; and not direct bank transfers.
        Nor did they offer me credit/debitcard option either, did they for you? *
        Went straight to paypal for me, which I don’t want to do business with..

        Only realising that the icon in the banner already said as much right when i’m done figuring out my order (which took me since black friday fer cryin’ out loud) really ruined my mood :s

        Guess I’ll wait for another massive sale-fest to find another place that will take ‘good’ old bank money; might even end up buying from either omocha or motsu after all..

        ps: MotsuToys.com is the same company as MyTenga.NL, although their prices don’t synchronise perfectly so sometimes it’s worth checking out the other; that is, IF you’re going to pay jEU markup.

        *:yep, OtonaJP does all payments through PayPal. Unless you’ve got an account with store credit.

  15. i have placed orders on every site in past.
    i think the best customer support and discrete parcel was Kanojo Toys.
    they add new products every single day. always new.

    this is just my opinion. hope you guys find your best shops.

  16. Does NLS do discrete packaging? For example a label with just the names and no slogan. so in other words, as plain as possible no sex or adult on the box?

  17. It’s hard to find vendors for these products. I find a lot of sites but they tend no to ship around the world.
    From my journeys surfing the interweb, I totally agree that NLS are fantastic. Great customer service, cheap items and a massive range. My biggest problem thus far has been the contemplation of getting an ona-hip (or is it hip ona? P:), the prices are cheap for the items themselves on NLS but packaging skyrockets due to the weight. 🙁
    Sucks, the Puru-puru Finale had my interest peaked, I requested it on Kanojotoys but they listed the pricing for said item as about $120~.

    1. I would try to find a forwarding service that offers surface mail if you want really cheap shipping costs if you don’t mind waiting 1-3 months. Just as reference, my 11kg parcel cost me about 80$ from jp to U.S. and I bought from jp amazon for cheaper prices.

      1. I think I read about a forwarding service a while ago but it wasn’t as cheap, albeit I didn’t look very hard P: it’s a hard life, I tried ordering and getting shipped directly from Amazon JP too but the item I tried to order didn’t ship to the UK 🙁 I suppose I’ll have to compromise on paying higher fees if it means speedy/definite delivery.
        That is definitely a bargain delivery price though, (to enlighten regarding the final point in my first post) I recently decided to go all out and purchase the Puni Ana DX, it is near enough 3KG and cost a whopping $67 shipping (which is more than the item itself was). Although, I think the other issue with such high costs is that it makes customs more likely to inspect, which in itself could cause all sorts of issues xD

  18. Just as a note for those who want NLS to get stuff for you from other sites, NLS can only get you stuff that is not in their inventory. They said, “What we can prepare for you is only products that we don’t have in our inventory.”
    I tried asking them if they could get me Daydream Girls (03: Ai Kajigaya) since it’s listed as “discontinued” it but they still consider it to be “in inventory”. I’m going to try asking again if something discontinued can be considered to be in their inventory. Still a great site but a bit sad if that doesn’t work

    1. Administrator: ” ‘Discontinued’ means end of sale, that the manufacturer stopped producing the item. We are sorry but we cannot back order it for you from other shops.”
      Well that sucks, but at least they responded fast. Gonna have to try my luck somewhere else.

  19. There is another good shop you didn’t list:


    It’s a HK shop (also has a store in HK). Prices are usually a little higher than NLS but (normal) shipping is cheaper.

    1. “a little” ? Boy, they usually between Kanojotoys and Toydemon o_o I don’t think shipping can compensate that much.

    1. No, it’s exactly the same 🙂
      Only: in the Japanese version most new items have a video-review, “bundles” are available, more rankings, .. and overall the website is more colorful, with funny pictures.

      1. I think the Japanese version does have more stuff. I found the Tama Toys Nibutani hole on the Japanese site but not the English one, unless I just missed it?

          1. Coincidentally, JList pretty much ONLY have Tama Toys onaholes, hmmm. Tama Toys are pretty much hit or miss but the Nibutani hole looks decent and I wanted to get some other stuff from NLS as well. I dunno why they won’t sell these on the English version.

          2. I’ve purchased quite a few “questionable” items (so-called “parody” holes) from NLS and Kanojo and incurred no problems having them shipped to the USA. I’ve never seen even the most “questionable” items marked as “these goods cannot be sold” on the “english” version of nls (maybe they just don’t SHOW some of them on the english site when accessed from the USA?). But at Amazon.jp, on the other hand, most of the onaholes and related items I collect are prohibited to the USA, even the ones I can buy elsewhere and even from at least one US-based online retailer. (For instance, some very loli holes, like “Sakura Camel Toe”, Secret Twin Tales (v 1 and the new 2nd series), Tubomi, Puniana Deluxe, and several Tamatoys rori holes, among others.)

            I hesitate to mention the name of the US-based website that imports a few loli-themed onaholes to protect the company from undue scrutiny; their prices are necessarily slightly higher, accounting for having to import the goods in the first place, but their shipping domestically is very reasonable.

            1. What appears on your credit card statement when buying from Kanojo Toys? I like NLS for this reason but am not sure about Kanojo.

              1. From KTS FAQ:

                Q: How will the purchase be displayed on my credit card billing statement?

                A: Payments appear as paid to OctoTrade Co., Ltd. on your credit card statement.

    1. As cheap as NLS ? Maybe not 🙁
      I’m weekly checking out Kanojotoys and Toydemon, but neither have such prices (never did buy anything from them, can’t tell if good).

      1. Have you tried Daimaoh (http://daimaoh.co.jp/)? The website is all in japanese, but the price is pretty much the same as NLS, and they have their own original product (especially Busty Ai-chan, their top product)
        I don’t understand japanese, so I don’t know whether they ship their items outside Japan.. can someone please confirm me about this?

  20. You can actually purchase things from amazon japan using the shipping service tenso. They give you a address to send to in Japan then they send it to the address you give them when you sign up. I can vouch that they’re a reliable service. I can also upload pictures if there is questions on there packaging.

    1. Kind of a postal redirection service ? That’s good to know 🙂 Since Amazon’s so full of stuff I will try this out with some goodies import, see if it’s worth the extra shipping (I think it would still be cheaper than JList).

    2. Any updates regarding this? There are items only found on Amazon that I am intrigued by but they apparently do not ship the items to the UK.

      I have noticed your tip regarding NLS getting you requested items though, which will be a convenient back-up.

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