Venus Real (soft)

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all safe and keep having sexual entertainment during these troubled times 😉

Today let’s keep a closer look at one often-praised toy by quality maker TOMAX: the Venus Real, in “soft” version!

The Lilith Uterus being a very good toy (even my second favourite), I definitively wanted it’s big sister product, the Venus Real. As you may know, TOMAX produces small quantities of their products, and only a few authorized sellers exist around the world. Fortunately, Motsutoys is one of them. As you can see TOMAX toys tend to be significantly more expensive than other regular onaholes, and my expectations are proportionate to that.

Venus Real exists in various softness versions: rich soft, very soft, soft, regular and hard. Here, we have the soft version!


Something TOMAX really shines in is that “premium feel” boxing artwork, Venus written in a Japanese calligraphy style. Simple yet classy. Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty, is here represented as an angel in high heels.

Below the other sides of the box. Notice the stylized interior structure design, and… how the correct barcode version is displayed (despite “soft” being printed on the front side)

Over two years ago, when I reviewed the Lilith Uterus toy, I mentioned the sadness of TOMAX’s website. Well last year they significantly improved it. Far far from perfect, but much better. Still: not something you would so proudly print on the otherwise minimalistic box design for a premium toy IMO…


Inside the box, you’ll find the toy wrapped in a plastic seal, a small sample of “Insomnia” lubricant (about the right quantity for one use), and an instructions card.

And here a closeup of the instructions card, in Japanese and a rather correct English translation


Venus Real is a rather big handheld toy, with 170mm in length, 100mm diameter at the opening (70mm for main body), and a weight of 650g. It’s made in a soft skin-like TPE material, and for the soft version the material colouration is a light violet peach colour.

It’s close-ended, and features a vulva-like entrance sculpture.

Upon opening, the toy as a faint smell, which fades away over time.


As interior design, Venus Real has a slightly curved tunnel with mucosa-like walls of tiny wrinkles. It features a slightly tighter spot meant to simulate the G-spot, but lacks any suction cavity.

Many onahole connoisseurs praise the Venus Real as being particularly lifelike, and when taking a closer look at the surface of these walls you see where this comes from.

But on a purely masturbation practice this also has it’s limits: you really wanna use a thin lubricant in as little quantity as conveniently possible (or fine-tune with spit, even) so as to not drown these subtle wall structures into gooey lube. Also: the lack of suction chamber really takes away the snug feeling of the walls clinging around your glans when pulling out. That’s something Lilith Uterus does provide better.

But what Lilith Uterus lacks and is pretty convenient here is the padding, the thickness of the toy: the further your fingers are, the less you get of the “hand-wank” feeling, and the better you can underscore your fantasy.

All in all Venus Real requires a little bit of testing and optimization, especially to find out what kind of lubricant and in what quantity is just fine. Too little, and you’ll feel like pulling the toy with you as you pull out. Too much, and you’ll feel like penetrating a lazy slimegirl of some sorts (not that there’s anything wrong with that fantasy hey, whatever floats your boat).

As for me, I felt like it lacks a bit of “punch” to it, something a tad more towards the Nama Kanshoku Nen Maku. Perhaps the “regular” version would have fitted me better, attacking my dick with slightly more force while still retaining this melty-snuggly sensation.


For cleaning you can safely turn it inside-out despite it’s thickness, the material is well flexible enough and takes it just fine as long you turn it back into it’s initial shape before leaving it dry.

The usual recipe applies: flush away lube and stuff, rub clean with liquid soap, rinse, pat dry with a clean cloth, and leave to fully dry in the air. And for extra smooth feeling, you can apply baby powder to it’s external surface.


With Venus Real, TOMAX shows how well they master their production: once again, my toy came with zero noticeable defects. Aside the temporary light smell upon first opening, of course. It’s sturdy and made to last, no doubt about it. A loyal fap companion.

TOMAX toys are in limited supply at a limited amount of sellers and come with a significant price tag: at half the price, Magic Eyes is sometimes able to line-up similar sized products. Is it justified? Well, they are indeed quality toys. Rather to consider as a gift to yourself or your partner than something you’d bull-buy on a whim.

As for Venus Real in the soft version, it does the job: good overall design, putting a priority on realism at the expense of more stimulating features and sadly this is not exactly what I’m after when I use a sextoy. But of course you can feel differently!

Perhaps the regular version would approach more the sensations who brought Lilith Uterus pretty high among my favourite toys but… yeah, who knows ^^ It definitively took me several tries until I could figure out how to best bring out the sensations of the toy, so have patience and different kinds of lube to test around with. Yeah, that too is part of the exploration!

Venus Real (soft)
  • 8.6/10
    Appearance - 8.6/10
  • 6.6/10
    Sensations - 6.6/10
  • 4/10
    Price - 4/10


+ material quality
+ design
+ realistic
+ durability
– quite hefty price
– light out-of-the-box smell
– limited availability and stocks
User Review
7.38/10 (4 votes)

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7 Replies to “Venus Real (soft)”

  1. What is the best firmness for this toy? I heard soft is the most realistic but rich soft is way too bland to feel anything. Any ideas? And why does this toy get the rating of 6 when Uterus gets 9? Is it simply because Uterus is more stimulating? Do you find Venus to be the most realistic toy?

  2. Quick question I bought my First onahole just yesterday(Magic eyes La bocca) and it broke I poked a hole through. Any way to repair it or should i just buy a new one

    1. Was it at an upward angle coming out of the back?
      Seems to be a common issue with it. I was very disappointed with mine last barely 2 months or so.

    1. Mmmh, simply add a little bit of water or spit to Onatsuyu or Ubujiru 🙂
      Maybe Saliva of the Truth is just fine right off the bottle.

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