OtonaJP EU is now Naughty Nippon!

Great news for European onahole collectors: OtonaJP EU got rebranded and is now named Naughty Nippon! Aside a redesign of the store front, there are a couple other significant changes: while previous accounts remain the same and are imported, new accounts created on Naughty Nippon won’t work on OtonaJP (you’ll have to use separate accounts…


Akibafarm, a new onahole shop has appeared!

Hello guys, AnonymousD here. YES! Another international onahole shop! Well, not exactly an onahole-only shop, they also sell japanese snacks, doujinshi, cosplay, and souvenirs from Akihabara in general. But we are here to talk about the holes, or more exactly, the experience of buying them and how is the site in general. Check it out…


Mini reviews!

Hey guys, AnonymousD here. So we are implementing a new section on our blog, called “Mini Reviews”, where we will briefly give our opinion about onaholes we tried and that we don’t plan to write a complete review on. Make sure to check it out!


Ordering onaholes from

While getting onaholes as an alien living in Japan is pretty easy, cheap and fast, things get a bit more complicated when you’re not living in Japan. Depending on your situation, your options are: buying the products from a Japanese shop shipping internationally (with slower or more expensive shipping, and possible import duties and customs…


Melfi the little succubus!

From the demon world she came, eager to sharpen her nascent powers on young humans. Melfi the little succubus silently glides in the night sky over the sleeping city, sensing the pent-up lust of the unaware citizen, biting her lower lip she looks forward many feasts for the weeks and months to come. Who’s gonna…


“ONDO! NUPU” onahole giveaway!

Hello everyone, it’s the Onahole Review Team. We would like to announce MotsuToys‘ free giveaway of the onahole Akaihebi just reviewed, “ONDO! NUPU“! To participate, all you need to do is comment below, anything you’d like. Please comment just one time, anyone who comments more than once will be excluded from the giveaway. At December…


Where to find Faphero videos

Lately I haven’t kept myself updated about Fap Heroes and their creators, the community, the sources, etc. And by “lately”… I mean 18 months. I hardly ever go on Discord, 4chan’s /h/ , Tumblr pisses me off horribly, Patreon enforces their morals (closes down pages), and porn tubes like xHamster and Pornhub …. monitoring torrent…


PayPal cracks down on loli-themed products

PayPal. One may wonder the amount of power payment processors hold in business. And once a business wants to open online, it finds itself quickly stuck at a choice: abiding by PayPal’s rules, or risking to loose sales if customers prefer using this convenient payment method. PayPal is an intermediary. Customers can “load” money on…


Another onahole shop bites the dust?!

Storm and gloom, corpses and howls. As our friend InfernalMonkey blogged about: it seems like Otona Sekai went belly-up, without warn nor explanation, leaving customers hanging for orders who’ll possibly never be honored. Update: after a couple months, Otona Sekai seems unfrozen. Let’s wish them a streamlined business! Over the years, Onahole Review saw several…