Nature Lubricant

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you another lubricant review, Nature Lubricant! MotsuToys sent it to me for review, and here it is! Alright, let’s […] Read More

Her Small Mouth

This is Her Small Mouth ! Of the cute catgirl, lovely made by N.P.G  😛 Bleeeh 😛 😛 😛 Screw you N.P.G, for this cute […] Read More


Finally ! I get to talk about Hidachitukko, the onahole N.P.G threw into the market with a few interesting features. It came third in the […] Read More

Foot Job Hole

This is N.P.G, releasing the first footjob sex toy ! The Foot Job Hole ! When it comes to sexual fetishes, Japan is always ahead […] Read More

Super Soft Declation! -Fuwarin-

Since , had some success, NPG strikes back with Super Soft Declation! -Fuwarin-. “Zettai yawayawa sengen! Fuwarin”.  “Fuwari” means “gentle”, “fuwafuwa” being used to describe […] Read More

Secret Twin Tales 2

After the popular , Tokyo Libido aka N.P.G had to come back with new twins. Pink haired ? I’m okay with this. As expected, the packaging […] Read More