Lilith Uterus Soft

Lilith Uterus, soft edition, made by TOMAX ! There are a couple products that are in my wishlist for years, and are not easy to […] Read More

Astro Piston

Hello everyone ! As masturbation technology brings us little by little closer to sexbots, one gotta be curious what the industry can provide already. Among […] Read More

Electric Deep

Once in a while, I get curious about electric stuff. The kind of toy you just have to turn on and then you can lean […] Read More

Metal Pick 4

Made by NLS, a collection of little metal sticks 🙂 How is that related to a sextoy shop ? You’ll find it out real soon… […] Read More

HEPS Otris

Today, let’s talk about the Otris, a masturbator by Korean company HEPS 🙂 Sometimes, on Onahole Review, we blog about products that are not Japanese. […] Read More